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Hi, everyone!  For the next two posts, I thought I’d show off some of the outfits I’ve designed for our Disney Animator dolls.  This first one will feature Tinker Bell and her adorable, pink, fairy dress!Read The Post

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Today I am doing a review of Elsa and Rapunzel from the Disney Animators’ Collection.  The Disney Animators’ Collection is a series of 16″ dolls, designed by Disney, that portray the Disney Princesses as toddlers.Read The Post

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Meet the newest addition to my tsum tsum collection, Elliot from the live-action Pete’s Dragon film! Along with the highly anticipated Beauty And The Beast tsum tsums, the Disney Store released medium and mini Elliot tsum tsums for the live-action film, Pete’s Dragon.Read The Post

Doll Craft: Plastic Canvas Doll Case Inspired By Frozen

We’re back with another Plastic Canvas post!  I know—didn’t I just write a plastic canvas post?  Yes I did.  However, I’d like to go into more detail about customizing the case instead of just going with whatever the pattern calls for. And what better example to use than our Frozen Inspired Plastic Canvas Barbie Doll Case!Read The Post