Disney Animator Doll Review–Elsa And Rapunzel!

Today I am doing a review of Elsa and Rapunzel from the Disney Animators’ Collection.  The Disney Animators’ Collection is a series of 16″ dolls, designed by Disney, that portray the Disney Princesses as toddlers.

A Disney Animator Doll Review

Those who know me know that I am partial to teeny, tiny, fairy-sized dolls and not usually interested in dolls over 12″, but the Disney Animators’ Collection has definitely won me over.

Disney Animator doll: Tinker Bell.
Of course, my first Disney Animator doll had to be Tinker Bell:

And now I’m pleased to announce that Elsa and Rapunzel have joined our dolly family!

Just so you know, Elsa came from the Disney Store while Rapunzel was purchased through Amazon.  I’m telling you this because I heard that some of the Disney Animator Collection dolls bought from Amazon were (somehow?) not legit and, therefore, one should only buy directly from the Disney Store.

So far I have not found this to be true–Rapunzel seems just as authentic as Elsa.

So, without further ado, meet Elsa and Rapunzel!

Disney Animator Doll Review.

Disney Animators’ Collection is written on the front of the boxes along with the doll’s name.  There is also a sketch of a toddler version of the doll’s character on each box front.

Sketch on Disney Animator doll box.

On the back of the boxes, there is a bit more info about the illustrators and some additional drawings.

Image of Box Backs.

For the most part, the boxes looked identical, except that Rapunzel’s box did have a little damage at the top.

Image of damaged top.

Okay, enough with the boxes—let’s free the dolls!

Here are the girls partly de-boxed.

Unboxing Disney Animator dolls.

As you can see each doll has a little plush friend.  Elsa comes with a stuffed Olaf (he is missing his nose which I find a little odd?) and Rapunzel has Pascal.

Disney Animator Dolls: Elsa and Rapunzel.
Elsa and Rapunzel finally out of their boxes!

They are able to stand on their own fairly well, especially if they’re wearing shoes.  Their dresses are made from satin and have lots of detail.

Disney Animator Doll Elsa Outfit.

Elsa’s outfit consists of a jumper, undershirt and a pair of tights.  The shirt is an “icy” blue color with a small collar and puff sleeves.  The jumper is a darker blue and has lots of detail.  I believe the design printed on the dress is considered a “fleur-de-lis”.

Underneath her dress, Elsa wears light blue tights and little black shoes.

Disney Animator Doll Tights.

The same flower that is printed on the fabric of her dress is also painted on her shoes.

*Warning–naked doll pictures coming up!

I don’t usually photograph my dolls without clothing (why embarrass them unnecessarily?), but I feel that in order to have a complete review it is unavoidable.

I was impressed when I saw that tissue had been wrapped around her body to prevent staining.  Then I took a closer look and saw it:

Blue stain on Elsa's body.

Yep, the dark dye in Elsa’s dress had prevailed. There is a small blue spot where the dress was touching her vinyl body. Oh well, I guess a stain isn’t life threatening so I won’t fret too much about it.

Besides the little spot on her torso, the staining really isn’t bad.  In fact, I believe that spot is her only stain.

Disney Animator Doll Review: Elsa.
Finally! All dressed again!

Before I move on, let’s take a quick look back at her outfit.  Her satin dress with puff sleeves and flowery details.

Disney Animator Doll Elsa Dress.

The undershirt and jumper are sewn together so the dress comes off in one piece. A strip of velcro is sewn to the back of the dress to hold it closed.

The tights are a light blue, knit fabric and cover Elsa’s legs and feet.

Blue Doll Tights.

And of course, the shoes.

Disney Animator Doll Shoes.
Elsa’s face looks slightly more mature than the other Disney Animators’ dolls which I think is nice.  You really get the feeling that she is older than the others.

Close up view of Elsa.

Here is a back view of Elsa:

Back view of Elsa.

I have her dress undone so you can see the dress’s velcro closure.

Her hair is braided into a simple braid.

Disney Animator Doll Elsa Braid.
The braid is a basic three-strand braid–no fancy French braid, which I am fine with.  However, I feel that at some point I will tie a little bow or ribbon tied at the bottom just to fancy it up.

Image of Elsa's Headband.

Elsa’s headband can be removed (it also secures in the back with velcro), but comes loosely attached to her hair with black thread.  I haven’t decided yet whether I will cut the thread and remove her headband.  I’m sure at some point I will.  It just seems so perfect right now I hate to ruin it.

One last point on Elsa is her skin tone.

Here is Elsa’s skin compared to Tinker Bell’s and you can see that Elsa’s skin tone is a bit lighter.  I think this is kind of neat and keeps with her “ice queen” theme.

Now, my Sister (the Rapunzel aficionado) insists that there is a lack of Rapunzel love going around and requests I do a thorough review of her for all the Tangled fans out there.

Again, here is Rapunzel out of her box:

Disney Animator Rapunzel Doll Review.

Check out that hair!  Rapunzel’s hair is obviously the longest of all the Animators’ Collection dolls.  It actually goes past her feet.

Although I like the way Rapunzel’s hair is done, it did have a few flaws. After de-boxing Rapunzel, Sister disappeared with her and didn’t come back for a while.

Since I was busy taking pics of Elsa I didn’t think too much about it.  When she came back though she informed me that, apparently, Rapunzel came with a significant amount of gel or glue or…something?…in her hair.  While she was able to brush most of the “gunk” out, I feel at some point we will still need to wash it.

Review of Disney Animator Rapunzel doll.

Unlike Elsa and Tink, Rapunzel does not have shoes. She comes barefooted, which I think is utterly ADORABLE!

Her dress is a pink satin material.

Disney Animator Doll Rapunzel Dress.
The bodice has light pink ribbon sewn to the front with gathered, pink and purple striped sleeves. The skirt of the dress has two layers and is a magenta color. Like Elsa’s, this dress also has a strip of velcro in the back.

Sadly, Rapunzel had a bit more staining than Elsa.

Purple stains on Rapunzel's body.

If you look closely you can see the faint purple marks laced across little Rapunzel’s tummy.  I cannot remember if Rapunzel had tissue wrapped around her or not, but I feel like she probably didn’t and that is why her stains are worse than Elsa’s.

Now let’s get Rapunzel redressed so we can start styling that beautiful hair!

Disney Animator Rapunzel doll.

At this point in the photo shoot Rapunzel’s hair was getting a bit unruly so Sister put it up in a fishtail braid.

Disney Animator Rapunzel doll with fishtail braid.

Since I can’t really style Tink’s hair (it’s in a permanent bun) and I don’t have the guts to take out Elsa’s braid yet, Sister allowed me to have some fun with Rapunzel’s hair and attempt a waterfall braid.

Rapunzel With Waterfall Braid.

I got a little carried away…

Rapunzel With Fairy Bow.
…and added a fairy bow much to Sister’s chagrin 😉

Disney Animator Doll Rapunzel Review.

Close Up Look At Rapunzel.

I just love the Disney Animator dolls’ expressions.  Rapunzel looks curious yet shy in my opinion.  Her little freckles are absolutely adorable!

Of course, we can’t forget Elsa and Rapunzel’s little friends:

Disney Animator Doll Plush Olaf.   Disney Animator Doll Plush Pascal.

Both Olaf and Pascal are lightly stuffed and sewn from satin fabric. I hate to be overly picky, but part of me thinks they could have done better on these guys.  I mean seriously, where is Olaf’s nose?  He seems….incomplete.  Even though I’m not crazy about either plush, between the two I like Pascal better.

Well, I guess it’s time I wrap this post up with a few final pictures!

Our Disney Animator Dolls.

Tink is thrilled to have sisters!

Disney Animator Doll Elsa.

Doesn’t Elsa look pretty!

Oh, what’s that?  Is she holding a super cute tsum tsum?

Elsa holding Phillipe Tsum Tsum.

Why yes she is!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this review and seeing pictures of our own darling trio of Disney Animator dolls.

Review of Disney Animator Dolls.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing your thought in the comment section!


  1. We love them too! My favorites so far are (obviously) Tink, Elsa and Rapunzel, but I also really like Pocahontas.

  2. Yeah, I can totally see why Rapunzel is barefoot. That is actually one of my favorite things about the Disney Animator's collection–they are presented just as the princesses would be as toddlers. Olaf just seems naked without his nose! You're right though…since he doesn't get the carrot till later, it is more authentic.

  3. Regarding Olaf's missing nose. If I remember correctly, Olaf doesn't get his nose until later in the film when Elsa and Anna are grown up and one of Sven's carrots is donated to Olaf. (Sven then spends most of the film trying to steal it back.) So it would make sense that the Olaf that comes with toddler Elsa wouldn't have a nose. Also, Rapunzel's not having shoes also makes sense in context, since she spends the entire film barefoot.
    Signed, Treesa

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