A Fairy Feast—Make Food For Your Barbie Dolls From Craft Foam!

Let’s do something different for today’s post (give everyone a break from plastic canvas) and make some miniature meals for our 12-inch dolls!

How To Make Doll Food Using Craft Foam

This is a really fun DIY project that works great for Barbie and similar sized dolls.

How to make Barbie doll food from craft foam.

Hobby Lobby rarely puts their dollhouse miniatures on sale, so (except for a large box of Coca-Cola) the fridge in the Dream Camper has been relatively empty.

Since I couldn’t let my fairies starve, I decided to create food for them using craft foam.  Here is how I made these tiny doll vittles:

Craft supplies.


  • Craft foam (not the thick size)
  • Scissors
  • Glue–I used craft glue, a glue stick, and hot glue.
  • Bottle Caps–or anything that resembles a doll plate
  • Hole Punch
  • White Puff Paint
  • Glitter
  • Modge Podge

How To Make Pizza and Breadsticks For Barbie Dolls:

We’ll start with making the pizza slices and breadsticks.

  • Using brown and yellow craft foam, cut out four triangles–two from brown foam and two from yellow.  The brown foam will be the “crust” of the pizza and the yellow will be the “cheese”.

    Cut pieces of brown and yellow foam to make doll pizza.

  • Cut the yellow pieces slightly smaller than the brown ones.  That way some of the brown pizza “crust” will show once they are glued together.

Foam pizza measurments.

My “crusts” happen to be about an inch long and an inch wide at their widest point.  However, there really isn’t a specific measurement you have to stick to.  I usually just eyeball the size of my foam and if it looks proportionally right when compared to my dolls, I use it.

  • Next, using a glue stick, glue the yellow foam to the brown:

    Craft foam pizza.

    Now your pizza crust has cheese on it!

  • Cut two more, thin strips of foam.  These are going to be the back edges of your pizza slices.  Cut them to fit along the back edges of your pizzas.

    Cut strips of foam for pizza back.

  • Glue these small strips to the back side of each pizza–on top of the brown “crust” foam and right behind (but not on top) of the yellow “cheese” foam.

Craft foam pizza for dolls.

Now let’s make some pepperonis!

Cut circles from red craft foam to make pepperonis.

  • Using your hole punch, cut a few circles out of red craft foam.  Then glue these circles onto your pizza slices.

Doll-sized pizza slice.
Voila! A pepperoni pizza fit for a pixie!

Since no pizza plate is complete without breadsticks, I whipped up a few breadsticks to put with the pizza slices.  These are really easy to make!

Doll-sized breadsticks.

  • To start, cut small strips of tan craft foam.  Again, I didn’t measure these out.  I just cut them to what seemed like an appropriate size for a Barbie-sized doll.  Using a toothpick (or something similar) make little indentions in your foam strips without cutting all the way through.  You don’t want to slice the foam.  You just want to make marks in it.

Since these are already looking like breadsticks you can either stop here or….

Miniature breadsticks made from craft foam.

…top them with a little glitter!

  • Rub a little glue over your breadsticks then sprinkle with a bit of gold glitter.  The glitter makes them look like they’ve been seasoned with parmesan.

To keep from losing them, I glued the breadsticks and one pizza slice into a bottle cap using a hot glue gun.  I bought several of these silver bottle caps from Hobby Lobby and they seem to work really well as doll plates.

Craft foam doll pizza.

  • For the final step, cover your pizza slices and breadsticks with a thin coat of Modge Podge.  The Modge Podge does two things:  It fully adheres your foam pieces together and gives your craft foam a protective coating, making it more durable.

Dolls with craft foam pizza.

That’s it!  You now have two delicious slices of Pepperoni Pizza and three Breadsticks to serve your dolls!

How To Make Iced Cinnamon Rolls For Barbie Dolls:

  • To make your Cinnamon rolls start by cutting a piece of brown craft foam 2″ long and about 1/2″ wide.

    Cut brown craft foam for cinnamon rolls.

  •  Use your glue stick and smear glue all over your brown foam strip.

Apply glue to craft foam strip.

  • Now, roll up your foam strip.  You may need to add a dab of hot glue at the end of your roll to hold the foam in place while the other glue sets.

    Roll craft foam into a cylinder.

  • Using white puff paint, “ice” your cinnamon rolls.  You don’t have to be precise–just sort of drizzle the paint over the cinnamon roll tops:

    Use white paint for icing.

This is what your Cinnamon Rolls will look like with their icing:

Craft foam cinnamon rolls for Barbie dolls.

 You can leave them like this or….

How to make cinnamon rolls for Barbie dolls.

….top them with a dash of brown glitter or even real cinnamon!

Do this while the puff paint is still wet.  Since I didn’t have any brown glitter on hand, I sprinkled a pinch cinnamon over the tops of my rolls.  Now your doll’s cinnamon buns smell as good as they look!

  • Let the puff paint on your cinnamon rolls dry completely.  After they are dry, place them in a bottle cap and glue them in place:

DIY doll food.

  • Don’t forget to add the Modge Podge!

I wasn’t sure how this craft was going to turn out, so I ended up taking photos of just the pizza, breadsticks, and cinnamon rolls.  The other dishes I made (but forgot to take pictures of) were a salad and two sandwich plates complete with chips.

I’m pleased to report that the fairies are thrilled with their new menu choices:

Easy DIY doll food.
Let’s eat!

I really enjoyed making these doll-sized entrees and coming up with different food ideas and hope you have fun coming up with different food ideas for your own dolls using craft home!