Do you know what today is? That’s right! It’s time to spice up Elsa’s apartment with bedding, wall art, accent pieces, and anything else we can think of! And, even though Thanksgiving has already come and gone, I’m going to take this opportunity to use some of my favorite harvest-themed crafts and trinkets.Read The Post

Doll Craft: The Farmhouse Apartment.

Does anyone else struggle with unfinished doll crafts? I sure do! Seriously, how hard is it to complete one task before jumping ahead to the next? For me, impossible! Well, that’s got to change. I’m determined to wrap up the half-baked rooms, furniture, and whatnot scattered about our house so I can move on to new ideas. Which craft am I tackling first? A little project I like to call: The Farmhouse Apartment!Read The Post

Does Tink have a lot of clothes? Yes, she does. I make her new outfits pretty regularly…and I think the other fairies are kind of jealous. Sewing these itty-bitty dresses is a bit trickier than sewing for Barbie, but the end result is well worth the effort. And it looks like Tink’s colorful garb has caught the attention of one of our readers because we’ve received a request for a tutorial showing how I make these tiny garments.Read The Post