Who has the best printable gift bags?

I warned y’all my Christmas crafting wasn’t finished😉. Squeezing all those holiday projects into 30 days is just too hard! So, we’re going to forget about dates and deadlines and have fun making a few seasonal miniatures for our dolls regardless of the month. Hey, if Hobby Lobby can celebrate Christmas in July, so can we! What post-Christmas craft are we working on today? Printable Gift Bags!Read The Post

It’s that time of year, folks! Time to break out the red and green lights, twinkling yard ornaments, and the box of Christmas tree bulbs. At least, it used to be. Instead of Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, all we hear now are politicians’ cries to cancel Christmas altogether!Read The Post

Doll Craft: How to sew fabric pumpkins for the dollhouse.

Last year I didn’t make a single Fall craft. Heck, I barely eked out a Christmas craft! The holidays simply flew by too fast. Well, that’s not happening this time around because today we are making mini fabric pumpkins for our dollhouses!Read The Post

Dollhouse Decorating Part 2 Feature Image.

Welcome to Part 2 of our Dollhouse Decorating series! Today we’re heading back inside Tink’s Treehouse to install the window trim, baseboards, and crown molding.Read The Post

Doll Craft: DIY Doll Books.

Welcome to Pixie Dust Doll’s official guide to making doll books! Books are the ultimate dollhouse decorations. They make the scene so much more interesting and lifelike. They can also hint to your doll’s personality. Does she like mind-bending mysteries? Or maybe she’s a romantic who enjoys happily-ever-after endings?Read The Post

Dollhouse Decorating: Tink's Treehouse Part 1

As you saw in our last post, Tink’s Treehouse is being seriously redecorated (something she is not happy about). Don’t get me wrong–the Treehouse is adorable just the way it comes. Still, I think I can make it cuter, cozier, and a tad whimsier. So, I’ve disassembled the entire thing and am in the process of turning it into the ultimate fairy abode.Read The Post