Let’s Decorate The Dollhouse For Christmas!

It’s that time of year, folks! Time to break out the red and green lights, twinkling yard ornaments, and the box of Christmas tree bulbs. At least, it used to be.

Instead of Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, all we hear now are politicians’ cries to cancel Christmas altogether!

Seriously? Do they truly believe the American people will go for that? I don’t think so. No, my family and I are determined to have a joyous time in spite of the hardships.

And Elsa and I thought we’d bring some of our Christmas cheer to the dolliverse by sharing a few miniature holiday decorating ideas with you!

Let's decorate our dollhouse for Christmas!

In my last post, I mentioned having an unfinished doll room. This is that room:

Unfinished doll room.

It’s a slightly altered version of My Froggy Stuff’s BTS Dynamite Room.

I admit I know nothing about BTS and built this room more for its unique layout than theme.

The room is quite large, measuring about 19″ across by 20 1/2″ deep and 16″ tall.

The little alcove in the back isn’t part of the original design. It’s a happy accident that occurred because I wasn’t paying attention when gluing the back walls together.

I kind of like it, though, and think it will make a cute closet, reading nook, or even a cubby with shelves for my dolls to display their own tiny collectibles.

But I’ll decide what to do with that area later. For now, let’s focusing on turning this into a cozy Christmas space!

Frosted Windows:

The first thing I’m going to do is “frost” the windows so we can’t see through them.

How do we do this? Easy peasy, my friends! All we need is a little plastic and hot glue.

Supplies Needed:

  • A sheet of thin plastic (such as plastic from toy packaging).
  • A hot glue gun.
  • Plenty of hot glue sticks.

Make Frosted Windows For Your Dollhouse Using Hot Glue.

This is a great addition to any doll room, even those that aren’t winter themed. You still get plenty of light, and there’s no need to fret over the background since the windows are obscured.

Frosted windows in a doll room.

Now let’s work on the Christmas tree!

Decorating The Tree:

Since I don’t feel like donning a mask and racing through Hobby Lobby, I’m upcycling a miniature tree we had on display in our living room. (Yes, we leave some of our Christmas-themed decorations out year-round😉).

Miniature Christmas Tree For Doll Room.

The tree I chose is almost 17-inches tall, which is too big for the room.

So, I grabbed my wire cutters, pried the tree out of its original, blocky base, and clipped an inch or so off the stem to shorten it.

I then cut a new base out of 1/2-inch-thick foam board, covered the foam board in wood-grain duct tape, and glued the tree to that.

Elsa with mini Christmas tree.

Here is a pile of Christmas doodads and trinkets I’ve gathered over the years.

Christmas-themed miniatures for the dollhouse.

There are chenille stems, a snowflake garland, fairy lights, tiny candy canes, wreaths, and lots of random beads. With a holiday hoard like this, we shouldn’t have any trouble decking out our doll room😉.

I say we start with the fairy lights!

Use fairy lights for your miniature Christmas trees.

Fairy lights are an excellent way to brighten up a dollhouse or room. They’re the perfect scale, and if you get a battery-powered strand (like mine), there’s no need for plugs and outlets.

After wrapping the lights around the tree, hide the battery pack under the skirt, and you’re good to go!

Wonderful! Now let’s dig up some ornaments.

Beads for miniature Christmas ornaments.

Yes, beads are perfect mini ornaments! And these maroon and white ones look very festive.

Hanging the beads is super simple. Just string them onto thin cord or wire and drape them across the tree’s branches.

Okay, so I may have miscalculated the number of beads I had. My strand only reaches halfway down the tree.

Still, a short strand is better than no strand at all, right?

Besides, we have plenty of other knickknacks to fill in those blank spots.

Shank buttons are another great bauble to hang on your mini tree.

You can glue them directly to the tree, string them on cord (like we did for the beads), or hang them individually using wire. Because there’s a good chance I’ll want different ornaments next year, I attached mine with wire.

Use buttons to make ornaments for your doll's Christmas tree,

I purchased this bag of mini candy canes at Hobby Lobby about six weeks ago for about $1.50 (they were 50% off). I think they’ll look super cute on our tree.

After clipping off the little loops at the top, Elsa and I hung all the candy canes on the tree.

Well, most of them.

For a recycled project, I’d say our little Christmas tree is looking pretty good!

Still, it feels like something is missing.

Ah, yes! A topper!

My first choice would’ve been a tiny angel or star; however, I don’t have either of those things.

So, we’re going to keep it simple and top our tree with a red bow.

Decorating a miniature Christmas tree for the dollhouse.

Our Christmas tree is done! Let’s get it in the room!

Wrapping Things Up:

Here is our finished tree in the doll room:

Oh, dear! It looks like the tree skirt is too wide. Unless the tree is dead center in the room, the skirt rumples against the wall.

You know what this means? We need to make a smaller skirt.

Easy No-Sew Miniature Tree Skirt.

Believe it or not, this no-sew tree skirt is a very quick craft. The most time-consuming part is waiting for the iron to heat up and glue to dry.

I recommend Fabri-Tac for most no-sew projects. It’s strong, heat resistant, and dries faster than other fabric glues.

Before bringing the tree back in, I added a few other holiday flourishes to the room.

I used my favorite photo mounting tape to hang a foam board shelf over the back window.

Because this tape is so lightweight, I don’t have to worry about ruining the wall if I decide to remove the shelf later on.

Now we have a place to display the cute miniature Christmas villages we made last year!

A miniature Christmas village display for the dollhouse!

I also hung a white wreath ornament on the door, using a tiny piece of scotch tape.

Finally, I set the tree back in the room.

Decorating a doll room for Christmas.

It’s not the most ornate house, but I think it looks pretty fantastic! It’s got a tree, a wreath, and a shelf with tiny winter villages. What more could a doll want?

Oh, right—a sofa (I guess that is kind of important).

Since the crocheted sofa I was working on flopped, we’re going to use our old faithful plastic canvas couch.

I had to scoot the tree over a bit to accommodate the couch. Luckily, everything fit just fine with room to spare. I was even able to add a small coffee table with a plate of cookies and a latte!

Now my dolls have the perfect place to celebrate Christmas!

Decorating A Barbie Room For Christmas.

I sure hope you all had fun seeing this room come together for the holidays. Elsa and I sure had a blast decorating it!

Now it’s your turn!

What’s your favorite way to decorate for Christmas? Do you love dazzling light displays or prefer something more minimalistic? Personally, I adore Scandinavian or Hygge style.

Elsa's Christmas Doll Room.


  1. I hope you had lovely Christmas and New Year celebrations. My eldest daughter spent Christmas Eve night and some of Christmas day with us, and New Year’s Day, Mr. BTEG, my younger daughter and I went to his sister’s house to spend the day. It was all fun.

    I like your new doll room! Doll rooms with slanted roofs are all the rage right now, so I guess I’m going to have to get around to making one. Did you use foam core for yours?

    1. Author

      Thank you!

      I know—houses with slanted or (as I call it) “gingerbread-style” roofs are so fun. The house Sister and I grew up in had a room where the roof angled in like this and it was super cute.

      Yes, I did use foam board/foam core to build the room. It’s so much easier to work with than cardboard and holds up better.

      Glad to hear y’all had a good Christmas😁! We did as well. It was quiet, but that’s normal for us (we have a small family). In fact, I’m working on a Christmas haul post right now😉.

  2. I love it! Your room looks great, the nook is great, love that brick paper and the Christmas decorations are really cute. Merry Christmas!!!

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