Unboxing Cave Club Dino Baby Crystals

Grrr…I just suffered a tremendous craft fail😡. For the last several days, I’ve been working on a fold-out sofa for a doll room I made but never furnished.

Since I’m somewhat under the weather and don’t have the energy to pull out and put away a ton of craft supplies, I decided to try a crocheted sofa. I know crocheting doll furniture sounds weird; however, the pictures on the pattern looked great. Unfortunately, the directions were not.

After six evenings of crocheting, pulling out stitches, then re-crocheting, I’m back to where I started—except now there’s a skein of yarn in the trash. (Trust me, it was unsavable).

Anyhow, I need a crafting break, so I thought we’d open a couple of surprise toys that have been sitting on my craft table for too long:

Dino Baby Crystals

from Mattel’s doll line, Cave Club.

Dino Baby Crystals Photostory 1.

Aw, Tink, don’t be such a fuddy-duddy!

I picked up these Dino Baby Crystals back in August, shortly after getting Emberly and Roaralai. That’s right. They’ve sat unopened for nearly three months😱!

Normally I would’ve bought more than two; however, these are pricier than most mystery boxes, costing about $9.99 per egg. So, I limited myself to only two.

I found mine at Walmart, but they are also available at Target and Amazon.

Dino Baby Crystals Photostory 2.
Dino Baby Crystals Photostory 3.
Dino Baby Crystals Photostory 4.

Thank you, Emberly and Roaralai, for that egg-cellent explanation. Why don’t y’all hang around and help us open them?

Dino Baby Crystals Photostory 5.

Awesome! Let’s get started!

Unboxing Cave Club Baby Dino Crystals!

Here are the Dino Baby Crystals still in their packaging:

Unboxing Cave Club Dino Baby Crystals.

The packages are oval-shaped with colorful doodles of the characters and their pets bordering the top and sides.

Since the front and back are transparent, we can clearly see the capsule holding our mystery animal.

Each Dino Baby Crystal egg has four surprises.

Aside from a short note saying we’ll find four surprises, there are no clues on the packages hinting at who’s inside.

Dino Baby Crystals Photostory Image 6.

It’s been so long since I looked at Cave Club that I have forgotten the different species we might get. So this unboxing will be as much a surprise for me as it is for you (unless, of course, you’ve already opened a couple yourself😉).

Here are the Dino Baby Crystals out of their packages:

Cave Club Dino Baby Crystals Unboxing and Review.

The containers holding our baby dinos look like a crystal/egg hybrid.

The bottoms (or shells) are light purple and have a bumpy, dimpled texture. There are prehistoric designs such as saurian footprints and ammonites around the shells.

About halfway up, the eggs turn into colorful crystals.

Opening Cave Club Dino Baby Crystals.
I have the pink and teal crystals.

The crystal caps come in three different colors: pink, teal, and purple. They are semi-translucent with lots of glittering “shards” poking outward and upward.

Now that we’ve thoroughly examined the packages and crystal eggs, why don’t we crack them open and see what’s inside!

Dino Baby Crystal Photostory 7.
Dino Baby Crystal Photostory 8.

Inside our first crystal egg were four sparkly bags, a catalog, and some instructions.

Inside each Club Dino Baby Crystal egg are instructions, a catalog, and four bags.
Dino Baby Crystals Photostory 9.

The catalog is made up of twelve circles, all of which are connected.

Nine of the circles have pictures of the Cave Club pets. The other three tell us how many animals are in the series and the type of accessories we’ll find.

Dino Baby Crystals Catalog.

According to the catalog, there are nine pets:

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • Pink Triceratops.
  • Giant Sloth.
  • Saber-toothed Tiger.
  • Green Triceratops.
  • Apatosaurus.
  • Wooly Mammoth.
  • Pet Rock (Seriously?).
  • A Plesiosaurus.

And the extra funsies are:

  • A clip.
  • An accessory.
  • Slime or sand.
Dino Baby Crystals Photostory 10.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for that Plesiosaurus. She looks absolutely precious!

Dino Baby Crystals Photostory 11.

Alright, girls. Let’s open those bags already!

Dino Baby Crystals Photostory 11.

Our first baby dino is…

Unboxing Dino Baby Crystals: T-Rex

A T-Rex!

Dino Baby Crystals Photostory 12.

This tiny T-Rex is mostly mint green. Her claws are pink, and she has purple spots on her back.

Cave Club Dino Baby Crystals: T-Rex.

She’s also poseable! Her head, arms, and legs all move!

Cave Club Baby Dino Crystals are poseable!
Baby Dino Crystals Photostory 13.

Our second surprise is a hair clip.

Baby Dino Crystal T-rex with hair clip.

The clip is bone-shaped with a chunk of bright pink bristles tied to the top and a peg at the bottom.

All we have to do is push the peg into the hole on our T-Rex’s head, and voila:

Cave Club Baby Dino Crystal T-Rex with pink hair clip.
The world’s first haired dinosaur!

At first, I thought this was a really weird accessory. Dinosaurs with hair? What was Mattel thinking! But then I realized this is probably a crest, not a lock of hair.

Dino Baby Crystal: Hair or Crest?

Lots of birds have crests (tufts of soft plumage) on top of their heads. Since there’s evidence that some dinosaurs had feathers, it wouldn’t surprise me if this hair clip is actually a crest clip.

Baby Dino Crystals Photostory 14.

It looks like the third bag has a chew toy for our baby Rex (who I guess Emberly has named Pebbles).

Baby Dino Crystals Photostory 15

The toy is a bright pink caveman. If you look closely, you can see stitches and patchwork on him, sort of like a rag doll.

Baby Dino Crystals Surprise T-Rex Accessory: Caveman Toy.

He is also covered with black and white flecks, and I can’t tell if those are purposeful or just a sloppy paint job (I lean towards the latter). Either way, I may repaint him because the flecks detract from his cute homemade appearance.

Okay, Tink. Where’s our next bag?

Dino Baby Crystals Photostory 16.

Tink was right–we got slimed!

Cave Club Baby Dino Crystals Green Slime.
Dino Baby Crystals Photostory 17.

Whoa, girls, drop the slime already!

This gooey substance may appeal to younger audiences, but it’s not my cup of tea. So, it’s going bye-bye.

Dino Baby Crystals Photostory 18.
Dino Baby Crystals Photostory 19.

Our second egg has the same contents as the first: a catalog, instruction booklet, and four bags.

Cave Club Baby Dino Crystal Egg Contents.

Since we’ve already read the catalog and instructions, I say we go ahead and start opening bags.

Dino Baby Crystals Photostory 20.

I can’t believe it! We found the Plesiosaurus! And she’s just as darling as I imagined!

Cave Club Roaralai with Plesiosaurus.

Except for a purple splash on her back, our baby Plesiosaurus is turquoise all over.

Cave Club Dino Baby Crystal Plesiosaurus.

Her flippers rotate, so she is articulated (though not as much as the T-Rex).

This Plesiosaurus can rotate her flippers.

Aw, man—there are a few white paint splatters on her pupils. That’s unfortunate😕.

Paint flaws on Plesiosaurus.

Luckily, I can fix it. A touch of black paint will hide those imperfections and give our plesiosaurus clean eyes.

Dino Baby Crystals Photostory 21.

Our next bag held another bone-shaped clip.

Tink holding clip.
Dino Baby Crystals Plesiosaurus with pink clip.

I could see land dinosaurs having feathers and crests, but aquatic ones? That seems a bit far-fetched. Maybe I’ll donate this clip to Emberly and Pebbles?

Dino Baby Crystals Photostory 22.

Oh, I didn’t realize you liked it, Roaralai. Of course, you can keep it! Little Nessie is your pet, after all.

This is it, folks! We’re down to our last two bags!

Dino Baby Crystals Photostory 23.

Uh, let’s not. Like I said, slime isn’t my thing, so I think we’ll skip this bag. Sorry, Roaralai.

Dino Baby Crystals Photostory 24.

That’s right. Now rip open that final bag and show us what’s inside (I bet it’s some kind of pet toy😉).

Dino Baby Crystals Plesiosaurus Accessory.

It’s a pair of green floaties!

These look like the inflatable arm floaties kids wear when learning to swim.

Dino Baby Crystals Photostory 25.
Dino Baby Photostory 26.

Tink is right. I’ve never seen a whale or seal wear floaties! However, Roaralai makes a good point too.

At any rate, I think they are awesome accessories. I wonder if they’d fit small dolls, like Chelsea?

Although they’re too loose for Tink, I still believe they’d work on other 4-5″ dolls with larger arms.

Well, my friends, we’ve opened all the bags! I hope you enjoyed this unboxing and photostory.

Cave Club Dino Baby Crystals Review.

While I tend to favor realistic-looking figures (like Schleich, Safari, and Papo), I can’t help being in love with these Cave Club cuties. In fact, I’m tempted to drive back to Walmart and buy five or six more!

The only thing stopping me is the price. In my opinion, $9.99 is a bit expensive for a mystery toy. The chance of finding duplicates is too high.

Dino Baby Crystals: T-Rex and Plesiosaurus.

For that reason, Pebbles and Nessie will likely be my only Dino Baby Crystals. That’s okay, though. It just means they’ll be extra special!

Cave Club Dino Baby Crystals Unboxing And Review.

Now it’s your turn!

Which mystery toys do you like to collect? Would you pay $9.99 even if it meant getting doubles or even triples?

Drop a comment with your answer, and don’t forget to like and share this post!


  1. I was thinking that you should name the Plesiosaurus Nessie, before I scrolled down and found that you had! Craft projects often go awry. I’m knitting a baby blanket for a friend who is due on December 24th, and I had to throw away quite a bit of yarn that got unravelly when I had some problems getting started. I do dislike it when someone else’s directions still leave things going cattywampus, though.

    1. Author

      Yes, Nessie is the default name for nearly all my plesiosaurs🤣!

      Ah, the plague of unraveling yarn—I know how you feel. I’ve had to restart many projects because of it or because there’s a knot joining the yarn in the middle of a skein😒.

      I’m going to retry the sofa at some point (I must defeat it!) and am considering posting clearer instructions once I do. I just need to look into copyright laws first. I think it’s okay because the pattern is super old. Still, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

      Good luck on your blanket! I’m sure it will turn out lovely😉.

  2. If you don’t mind cheating the system, I’ve heard there is a way to avoid getting duplicates of the Dino Baby Crystals. There’s a site on the Blogger platform called Veni Vidi Dolli where a blogger named Lori has not only posted reviews of a number of blind bag collectible toy lines, but has also been compiling package codes. There was a post back in August that told you where to find the code on the Dino Baby Crystals and also listed known codes and their corresponding Dino Babies. Hope this helps.
    Signed, Treesa

    1. Author

      Thanks for the tip! I will definitely be using it (I’m cool with cheating to prevent doubles😉).

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