How To Make Miniature Christmas Villages

The Christmas countdown has begun!  Seriously, I’m having a hard time accepting it’s December already.  It seems like Fall just flew by.  I didn’t even have a chance to whip out any Thanksgiving crafts!

Well, I’m not about to make the same mistake with Christmas (it is my favorite holiday after all).  So let’s start decking our dollhouse halls with some miniature Christmas crafts!

Now, I’m willing to bet you all know how to make a miniature Christmas wreath and Christmas tree.  Heck, you don’t even have to make them.  You can buy them at Hobby Lobby for less than $5!

Tinkerbell showing image of miniature wreaths.

So, why don’t we create something a little unique?  Something like…

Miniature Christmas Villages!

How To Make Miniature Christmas Villages For Your Dollhouse!

This craft is as easy as it gets.  All you need are some stickers and basic craft tools.

Supplies Needed:

  1. A sheet of mini, Christmas-themed, puffy house stickers (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby).
  2. 5 mm thick white craft foam.
  3. Scissors or an X-Acto knife.
  4. Glue (optional).
How To Make Miniature Christmas Villages For Your Dollhouse:

DIY Miniature Christmas Villages Graphic 1.

DIY Miniature Christmas Villages Graphic 2.

DIY Miniature Christmas Village Graphic 3.

DIY Miniature Christmas Villages Grpahic 4.

DIY Miniature Christmas Villages Graphic 5.

I recommend using an X-Acto knife if at all possible.  Scissors tend to crush the foam, but the X-Acto blade cuts crisp, clean edges.

Also, it’s important to keep the knife straight when you’re cutting; otherwise, the houses won’t stand on their own.  A few of my houses bit the dust because I tend to hold mine knife at an angle.

Tinkerbell with miniature Christmas villages.

That’s it, friends!  You just made miniature Christmas villages to set on your dollhouse shelves or fireplace mantel!

Miniature Christmas Villages For The Dollhouse.

I love this craft because it’s both ridiculously simple and super adorable!  The little buildings remind me of the saltbox homes seen in primitive style decor.

Barbie Doll Christmas Craft: Miniature Village.

I used puffy stickers here because I like the dimension they give, but regular stickers would work too.  The key to making them stand on the shelves without help is using thick craft foam.

Tip: Try to choose stickers with mostly straight lines. You don’t want to spend all day cutting around a bunch of nooks and crannies😉.

You can also use stickers to create other dollhouse knickknacks, like cookies.  I used Christmas tree and snowflake stickers, tan craft foam, and cardstock to make mini gingerbread and sugar cookies.

DIY Doll Christmas Cookies.

Now it’s your turn!

What are your favorite dolly Christmas crafts?  Tiny decorations, presents, or sweets?


  1. OMG! Thanks this is so help full! I was looking of google for ceaft ideas and then rememberd that my fav doll bloger should of posted by now. and you did! this is so cute. bc/ right now out barbie mansion(aka my sister’s room) needs some holladay chear! btw you chould make hot coco and coffie mugs. oh and also these would be so cute for my doll house!!! keep crafting! 😆 Ps happy holadays.

    1. Author

      I’m so glad you liked this craft😁! I’m working overtime to get another posted right now. It should’ve been done already; alas, I got sidetracked.

      Anyway, yes, we can most definitely whip out some hot cocoa and coffee mugs (I’m sure Tink would love that😉). There are a ton of Christmas/winter crafts I still want to make, so, even though Christmas is nearly over, I plan to crank out a few more over the next month or so.

      Happy Holidays to you too and have fun decorating your doll mansion!

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