Decorating Tink’s Treehouse Part 3

Yay! Part 3 of our Dollhouse Decorating series is finally ready for viewing–and it’s only a month behind schedule🤣! Hey, better late than never, right?

In this video, I’ll show y’all how I turned the treehouse’s lower balcony into a bedroom, plus we’re going to start moving in Tink’s furniture and other trinkets. Are ya ready!

Enjoy The Show!

This was recorded (and should’ve been posted) last month, which is why I set out some fall decorations. Little did I know I should’ve put up a Christmas tree instead!

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  1. That’s so nice that you rescue cats! I’m a bit of a cat person myself. And I get it about crafts getting away from you–time just flies by! I’m exited to see them nonetheless.
    ~That Doll Girl

  2. That looks AMAZING! All of her things are so cute–I especially love the vintage and farmhouse styles. For a suggestion, maybe a little garden or window boxes (or flower boxes? What do you call it?) would be cute!
    By the way, her cats are so cute! They kind of look like those little kittens you were (are?) taking care of. Also, I can’t wait to see what Christmas crafts you’re doing this year. They’re always so original!
    ~That Doll Girl

    1. Author

      Glad you liked the post! Yes, we love farmhouse style around here. Our house is decorated that way (at least the finished parts are), so most of Tink’s decor is inspired by our own walls, shelves, etc.

      Window boxes are a great idea! In fact, I saw a couple at Hobby Lobby the other day that would look adorable. Guess I ought to pick them up next time I go shopping😉.

      Yes, Tinkerbell’s kittens do resemble my own—several of them😆. Since her life often mimics mine, I’ve decided she rescues kittens too.

      I’m afraid our Christmas crafts will be a little late this year. I had, like, five or six planned out, but time got away from me. I still intend to make at least one Christmassy post, though…even I have to publish it after Christmas.

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