Our Very Late Christmas Craft

Are you ready for our long-overdue Christmas craft? I hope so because this is one very special project!

I’ve made a lot of Christmas crafts over the years. Whether it’s hanging wreaths off doors or making tiny toys to set under a sparkly tree, I have a blast celebrating my favorite holiday in the dolliverse.

But, this year, I wanted to do something less generic and more reflective of why Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year. In other words, I want to focus more on Jesus and His birth than sparkly baubles (Nothing against sparkly baubles. I have quite a few myself😊).

So, are ya ready to see what’s on our craft table today? Then grab some crayons and colored pencils because we’re making:

Miniature Bible Verse Coloring Books for our dolls!

Let's Make A Mini Bible Coloring Book For Barbie Dolls! pixiedustdolls.com.

This project is crazy simple. If you skip the coloring, you can literally make it in less than ten minutes.

The book is constructed similar to the hardbacks in our ultimate guide. The only difference is that we won’t be gluing a cardstock template inside the cover.

How To Make A Miniature Bible Verse Coloring Book:

Supplies Needed:

Supplies for miniature Bible verse coloring book.

Step 1: Print out our mini Bible coloring book printable on regular computer paper.

Step 2: Use your favorite coloring supplies to color the pages and cover.

Step 3: Cut out the cover and page strips.

Step 4: Carefully fold the lines down each page and the cover’s spine.

Step 5: Take your first page strip and glue the backsides of the two middle pages together, leaving the end sections free.

See our DIY Doll Books Ultimate Guide for a more detailed example of how to assemble miniature books.

Step 6: Glue the beginning page of the second strip to the last page of the first strip to connect the two rows.

Step 7: Repeat step 5 on the second set of pages (glue the backsides of the middle pages together). Remember to leave the ends loose!

At this point, you should have a tiny booklet with pictures on the front and back of each page.

Now, we can glue on the cover!

Step 8: Rub plenty of glue over the entire back of the cover. Starting at the front, wrap the cover around the booklet, lining up the edges with the pages as best you can.

Give the glue a few minutes to dry, and you’re done!

Why did I name this mini Bible coloring book Scripture Scraps?

Scripture Scraps is a blend of the words scripture and scrapbook. Before Bible journaling was a thing, my mother and I created “Bible scrapbooks” for friends, family, and friends of family. We filled 6X6 scrapbook albums with pictures of Bible verses alongside cute graphics that we designed on our computer. We called our creations Scripture Scraps.

So, this miniature Bible coloring book is based on those original albums.

Seriously, I am in love with these mini coloring books—and not just because I designed them. No, I simply enjoy art and think it’s fun to incorporate my hobbies into our miniature world.

Elsa and Tink clearly agree with me because they spent all day coloring their favorite Bible verses.

Mini Bible Coloring Book For Barbie Dolls.

I’m kinda jealous.

That’s a great idea, Tink! We can resize these pages to make our own full-sized coloring book.

Bible Coloring Pages For You!

Supplies Needed:

  • Full-sized Bible Coloring Pages from our Printables and Freebies page.
  • Scissors.
  • Crayons, colored pencils, or markers.
  • A 6X6 Scrapbook Album.

Step 1: Print out our Bible coloring pages onto cardstock. You can use regular computer paper; however, cardstock is more durable.

Step 2: Color the pictures using colored pencils, crayons, or markers.

Make your own Bible coloring book.

As you can see, my cardstock has pictures on both sides. Creating a double-sided page is super easy. After printing one of the printables, just flip the page and reload it before printing the next. I recommend printing a test page to make sure the paper is positioned so the images line up.

Step 3: Cut out your pictures and slide them into your scrapbook album.

And that, my friends, is how you make your own Bible verse coloring book!

I had such a great time working on this project I almost didn’t get it posted. I couldn’t stop coloring and designing new pages to color! There are eight pages so far, but I’ll be uploading more in the near future (maybe for Easter?). When all is said and done, I want this whole scrapbook filled with Scriptures and pretty pictures!

Now it’s your turn!

I hope you had fun coloring with Tink and me today, and I especially hope you have fun making some mini Bible coloring books for your own dolls (and one for yourself)! If you do make this craft, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram so Tink and I will see it.


  1. I also think Elsa’s little cat is adorable. I’ve seen it at Hobby Lobby–I love those little animals😁 What’s its name?

  2. So Elsa has new living space, and I like the afghan in Christmas colors that Tink has on her bed. I love brass beds. 🙂 I think I still have a bed like that somewhere. I hope that I do. Looking forward to seeing a more detailed guide to Elsa’s new place.

    1. Author

      I love Tink’s Christmassy bedspread too. It was originally supposed to be a throw draped across Elsa’s couch; unfortunately, the yarn I chose was too bulky and the blanket didn’t hang well. So, I turned into a bedspread for Tink (which she’s thrilled about).

      I’m glad everyone likes Elsa’s new home. I’ll definitely give y’all a tour of it soon😉.

  3. That’s so cool! I love that you are sharing the reason for the season. I might make one for my doll! Also, I noticed Elsa has a new apartment! Did you use the My Froggy Stuff tutorial?

    1. Author

      Glad you liked the coloring books😁! You should make one. Tink and I are already working on another (we have a new pack of markers to test out).

      Yep, Elsa has a new house! The old one was a little big, so I repurposed it into a folding doll room. And, yes, it is a My Froggy Stuff room (the Apartment with Fall Decor). I’ll be showing it off very soon—just have to finish that doll-sized Murphy bed😉.

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