How To Make Doll Books

Welcome to Pixie Dust Doll’s official guide to making doll books!

Books are the ultimate dollhouse decorations. They make the scene so much more interesting and lifelike. They can also hint to your doll’s personality.

Does she like mind-bending mysteries? Or maybe she’s a romantic who enjoys happily-ever-after endings?

Since they are such great props, I’ve been hard at work creating a boatload of Barbie-sized books for my miniverse and yours. When all is said and done, our dolls will have a wide range of titles from every genre to choose from. It’ll be like an online bookstore for dolls! 

Belle with miniature book.

Most of the books are classics, like Little House On The Prairie, Jane Austen, and Sherlock Holmes, but I’ve also thrown in a few wild cards😉.

However, I doubt anyone wants to read a “How To Make Doll Books” tutorial every time I upload a new printable. That would be sooo repetitive (especially considering the number of books I plan to create). That’s why I’ve decided to write this “master guide” and refer to it when I publish new mini books.

Now, are you ready to get crafty? Head over to our Printables page and print out the book of your choice so we can get started.

Doll Craft: The ultimate guide to making books for Barbies and other 12" figures!

All of these books are 1:6 scale–just the right size for Barbies and other 12″ dolls or figures. As of right now, the titles to choose from are:

  1. Murder on The Orient Express.
  2. Little House On The Prairie.
  3. The Templar Treasure (by Riley Poole).
How to make doll books.

Yes, National Treasure fans, I’ve created a miniature version of Riley Poole’s book: The Templar Treasure!

Miniature Templar Treasure Book.

This book took the longest to design but was totally worth it. I love giving my dolls ultra-unique things, and this definitely fits the bill!

Supplies Needed:

Doll Books Master Guide: The Supplies.

To make these doll books, you will need:

  • Book printable from our Printables page.
  • White Cardstock.
  • A pointy tool for scoring lines.
  • Scissors and/or an X-Acto knife.
  • Glue: A glue stick for light gluing plus spreadable glue for binding the pages and attaching them to the cover.
How To Make Doll Books:
  • On regular computer paper, print out your favorite book from our Printables and Freebies page. There are instructions for how to print our printables on the page.
Doll-sized books.
Which one will you choose?
For this tutorial, I am making Little House on The Prairie; however, you can watch me make The Templar Treasure in the video at the end of this post. (I wasn’t joking when I called this a master guide😉)!
  • Cut out the template next to the book cover and glue it to cardstock or a recycled cereal box. We will use this to turn our books into hardbacks.
DIy Doll Book: Glue Cover template.
  • Set the template aside to dry and cut out the book cover.
DIY Doll Books: Cut out cover.
  • There are lines along the cover’s spine and tabs.
DIY Doll Books: Lines on cover.
  • Gently score the lines using a pointy tool such as an awl or the tip of a mechanical pencil (without the lead, of course😉).
DIY Doll Books: Scoring lines on cover.
  • Crease the lines down the spine, and fold the tabs to the inside (don’t glue them down yet).
DIY Doll Books: Fold tabs and spine.

The template for the cover should be good and dry by now, so let’s cut it out and glue the pieces into the cover.

  • Glue the large rectangles to the front and back sections of the cover and the narrow rectangle to the spine.
DIY Doll Books: Glue template inside cover.
These cardstock inserts will strengthen our book and make it easier for the dolls to hold.
Don’t forget to leave a little space between the rectangles!
  • Finish the cover by folding over and gluing down the tabs.
DIY Doll Book: Fold over tabs.
DIY Doll Book Cover.

Aw, our tiny Little House on The Prairie book is so cute! Now let’s add some pages so our dolls have something read.

  • Cut out the six strips of pages from the printable.
DIY Doll Book: The pages.

It’s hard to see because the print is so small, but every page is filled with real words. Some even have pictures!

The Classic books have the same text as their life-size counterparts. The one-of-a-kind titles (such as The Templar Treasure) have movie quotes and excerpts from Wikipedia.

  • After cutting out the strips, score the vertical lines separating each page.
DIY Doll Books: Score and fold pages.
  • Then fold the pages accordion style.
What is an Accordion Fold?

An Accordion Fold is a method of folding a paper zig-zag style to create several connected panels that are the same size. The paper is folded back and forth multiple times into a Z or M shape. Brochures are typically folded in this manner.

  • Rub a generous amount of glue over the backside (white side) of the page strip. Do not glue the first and last rectangles–just the middle ones.
DIY Doll Books: Glue middle pages together.
  • Re-fold the pages (white sides together), leaving the first and last pages loose. We will use these to add more strips and also attach the pages to the cover.
DIY Doll Books: Glue backside of pages together.

When you’re done, you should have a small stack of pages with writing on both sides.

  • Now grab the second strip and glue the first page to the end of the stack you just finished.
DIY Doll Book: Glue first page of each additional strip to last page of previous one.
  • Continue folding, adding, and gluing the rest of the pages together. Remember to leave the last page of the final strip free.

Once you’ve finished, your booklet should look something like this:

DIY Doll Book: Finished pages.

Before sticking on the cover, we need to strengthen the spine and “bind” the pages together.

  • Spread a thick layer of glue over the back of the pages to create a binding.
DIY Doll Books: Binding the pages.

I like using Wood Glue for this step because it’s super strong and flexible; however, any PVA glue will work.

  • Set the pages aside till thoroughly dry.
DIY Doll Books: Bound pages.

Once dry, you should be able to flip through the pages without tearing them or having them fall out.

Only one more step left, my friends: Putting on the cover!

  • Spread glue over the inside of the cover, paying extra attention to the spine area. We want those pages to stay put!
DIY Doll Books: Spread glue over cover.

You can use any glue you like for this part. I switched to Tacky Glue because I wanted something that was spreadable and dried clear.

  • Press the stack of pages into the cover, laying the very first page over the inside of the cover’s front and the very last page over the back.
DIY Doll Books: Gluing the pages to the cover.
  • Clamp the book and set aside to dry.
Finished DIY Doll Books.

These books are now ready to be displayed in the dollhouse or given to your dolls to read!

A Quick and Easy Doll Craft: Miniature Books!

I hope you and your dolls enjoy this super fun craft (mine certainly are😉).

Want to Watch?

Click the play button below to see me make a mini version of The Templar Treasure!

Now it’s your turn!

Are you all reading more during this time of quarantine? I sure am!

Right now, I’m reading The Voyages of Dr. Dolittle. I’ve seen both the 1967 film and the recent one (starring Iron Man) but have never read the book, so I decided it was high time to check it out.


  1. Thank you for the tutorial, Amanda. 😀 I might end up some copies of some of my favorite books for my dolls.

    1. Author

      Glad to hear you like the tutorial and printables! I haven’t had time to work on the other books I plan to create due to a hoard of doctor visits😒. Thankfully, most of those are behind me now, and I’m looking forward to getting back to fun things (like crafting😉)!

  2. Your tutorial is great! I have plans to make a bunch of 1:6 sized books, as the theme for the Pullip convention I was going to is themed “The Haunted Library,” and I was going to turn in a diorama for one of the competitions. Well, I still am going to do those things, but the convention has been postponed until next year. 🙁 I guess at least that gives me more time to make my diorama. I am planning on purchasing a few book templates from Etsy, but for filling a couple of bookshelves, that’s way too expensive a route to buy them all! Anyway, you’ve given us a very useful tutorial, and giving out a few templates to start with is a great help.

    1. Author

      That’s a shame about your Pullip convention being postponed. This wicked virus is trying to ruin everything😡. But, like you said, at least you’ll have more time to finish your diorama. I bet it’ll be spectacular!

      Yes, I noticed how pricey the mini books on Etsy are. I saw some as high as $15 per book. While, I’m sure they’re well worth it quality wise, using them to fill a library would be costly.

      I’m so glad you like the tutorial! Providing friendly help and resources is my main goal!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your mini book making tutorial with us. I used to make small books for my dolls house but I never had any writing on the pages, so my poor dolls house family were starved of their reading material….can you imagine being given a bunch of lovely books only to find that the pages inside are blank!!! Poor things!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. Author

      My dolls would probably start drawing on the pages if I gave them blank books🤣!

      I remember the first mini books I ever made were mere squares of cardboard wrapped in colored paper. Boy, have I come a long way since then! Still, it’s not a bad method, especially if you’re crunched for time and/or supplies.

  4. This is an excelent tutorial! You sure put a lot of effort in this post. I’ve wanted to make doll books for a while, but as for now I need to focus on making a big scene and furniture such as a couch or a coffee table. However, I will keep an eye on any future book printables from you.

    Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week.

    1. Author

      Thank you! Designing these little books took some patience, but the results were well worth it. I’m excited to get started on the next set.

      I know what you mean about needing big scenes for doll photography. The average box room is just not big enough for wide shot photos. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  5. Where do you get the cover images for your doll books? I’d hate for you to get in trouble for distributing something that’s under copyright.

    1. Author

      You can find the images for the Classic books on many websites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc). The Templar Treasure book I designed myself using stock images. I don’t believe I’m violating any copyright laws because there are multiple Etsy shops selling mini books with these exact same covers.

      I appreciate your concern, though. It’s always better to be safe than sorry😃.

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