Welcome back to another Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors doll review!  Last week we met the newest member of the Secret Warriors, Ghost-Spider.  Well, today we’re checking out the team’s leader: Daisy Johnson (aka Quake). Daisy Johnson was another Marvel doll at the top of my wishlist; but (as you all know) my doll list is rather long, and I wasn’t ready to pay full price for her.  Luckily, I didn’t have to because Sister found both Quake and Ghost-Spider on clearance at Target.  Their original retail price is $24.99, but she found them marked down to $7.48.  Pretty good deal if you ask me! Now,Read The Post

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over my twenty-plus years of living, it’s that life never goes as planned.  For instance, I intended to post this review last week but couldn’t because my mother was in the hospital.  What we thought was a perpetual stomach bug turned out to be a case of undiagnosed Crohn’s disease. She ended up having emergency surgery and staying in the hospital for a solid week.  I tried to write but couldn’t.  My mother and I are very close, and I have a hard time focusing when she’s sick or in pain.  So, I decided to wait until she wasRead The Post

Captain Marvel has joined my doll universe!  Last month (January 2019) Hasbro released four Captain Marvel dolls in preparation for the upcoming Captain Marvel movie.  Today we’re going to look at one of those dolls: Captain Marvel Starforce! I found all except the Cosmic Captain Marvel at Target in the same section as the Marvel Rising dolls.  Of course, I couldn’t leave without one😉.  I debated between Captain Marvel and Marvel’s Goose and the Captain Marvel Starforce doll for a good 30 minutes (decision-making isn’t my strong point) before finally choosing the Starforce doll. The Box: This doll has a very basic box.  The frontRead The Post

I’m sure you’ve noticed my doll collection revolves mostly around Disney and Ever After High.  I’ve yet to review an actual Barbie, and the doll clothes I buy or sew are always for a Disney or Ever After High character. Well, that’s because I don’t collect Barbies. Oh, I love Barbie!  I just don’t love some of the changes made to her in recent years.  The new Fashionistas are fantastic.  Their diversity and uniqueness are amazing, and I get the urge to buy one every time a new line is revealed. What holds me back?  Their cheap, unarticulated bodies. Seriously, I’d have a lot moreRead The Post

Doll Review: Spring Unsprung Lizzie Hearts.

I hope you’ve got some time to spare because this is one looong review!  You might even consider bookmarking it for later. As you all know, I prefer crafting my own doll rooms, accessories, and whatnots and typically don’t buy doll playsets–well, except for that beautiful castle I’m still working on.  It’s not that I don’t like playsets; I just don’t need them.  Plus, playsets are often more expensive, so I like to avoid the extra cost and focus on just the doll. However, even I, the playset snob, couldn’t resist Spring Unsprung Lizzie Hearts and her spellbinding, book-shaped dorm room! Mattel released five versionsRead The Post

Doll Review: Mirror Beach Ashlynn Ella.

Mirror Beach Ashlynn Ella has long been on my doll radar.  I first saw her on another doll blog.  As I scrolled down the pages, admiring all the lovely pictures, this pretty girl popped into view! I was smitten!  She looked so different from my current Ashlynn Ella (Epic Winter) that it took a few moments before I realized they were the same character. While I still like Epic Winter Ashlynn, I’m tired of trying to color coordinate outfits to match her pink legs.  Working around the bright color is such a pain I usually end up putting my sewing box away or switching toRead The Post