My dolls’ wardrobe is slowly improving. Fiona’s medieval-style dress is done, Bianca has a new outfit, and I even managed to whip up a cute shirt for Petra. However, the shoe situation around here is still lacking.Read The Post

Grab a snack, doll friends, because today we are opening 5 Surprise Foodie Mini Brands! What are Foodie Mini Brands? Foodie Mini Brands are tiny replicas of popular fast-food meals and drinks. They are manufactured by Zuru—the same geniuses behind Mini Brands, Mini Toy Brands, and Mini Fashions—and are currently everyone’s top choice for doll-sized munchies (though MGA’s Miniverse Make It Mini Foods are pretty popular too).Read The Post

What’s up, everybody? I hope y’all are ready for some miniverse multimedia because we’re doing something we haven’t done in a really long time—a video review! Friends, allow me to introduce the newest members of our miniverse, Barbie Signature Looks Dolls #13 and #18!Read The Post

We’re finally opening Mini Fashions Series 2 by Zuru! This second wave of Mini Fashions began trickling into stores last November. At least, they trickled into every store except those near me😒. I later learned that those Mini Fashions were accidentally released and shouldn’t have appeared until mid-December.Read The Post

Welcome, friends, to our annual Christmas craft! Hey, you know I can’t be pinned down by dates. Besides, it’s not December 25th yet. There’s still plenty of time for a little yuletide fun! And this year we’re doing something totally unique. We are making holiday shirts for our dolls using our own custom-designed fabric!Read The Post