We’re finally opening Mini Fashions Series 2 by Zuru! This second wave of Mini Fashions began trickling into stores last November. At least, they trickled into every store except those near me😒. I later learned that those Mini Fashions were accidentally released and shouldn’t have appeared until mid-December.Read The Post

Welcome, friends, to our annual Christmas craft! Hey, you know I can’t be pinned down by dates. Besides, it’s not December 25th yet. There’s still plenty of time for a little yuletide fun! And this year we’re doing something totally unique. We are making holiday shirts for our dolls using our own custom-designed fabric!Read The Post

Do you know what today is? That’s right! It’s time to spice up Elsa’s apartment with bedding, wall art, accent pieces, and anything else we can think of! And, even though Thanksgiving has already come and gone, I’m going to take this opportunity to use some of my favorite harvest-themed crafts and trinkets.Read The Post

Wow, I can’t believe it’s almost October! What happened to August and September? The past few weeks seem a solid blur of errands, housework, and…being sick. Ugh, it’s true. After dodging it for two years, I was struck by the miserable Covid virus😱. For a solid week, I ached, ran a fever, coughed my guts up, and suffered one helluva migraine that eventually landed me in the ER.Read The Post