Opening 5 Surprise Foodie Mini Brands!

Grab a snack, doll friends, because today we are opening

5 Surprise Foodie Mini Brands!

What are Foodie Mini Brands?

Foodie Mini Brands are tiny replicas of popular fast-food meals and drinks. They are manufactured by Zuru—the same geniuses behind Mini Brands, Mini Toy Brands, and Mini Fashions—and are currently everyone’s top choice for doll-sized munchies (though MGA’s Miniverse Make It Mini Foods are pretty popular too).

I’ve opened countless Mini Brands, but this is my first adventure with Foodie Mini Brands, and I’m eager to check them out.

Ah, the answer to that is simple. Our miniverse has no restaurants. Not even a small coffee house. So, until we do, the bakery has to be multifunctional.

Besides, hot dogs and hamburgers aren’t the only things on the Foodie Mini Brand menu. There are also cookies, shakes, and sundaes.

Yes, sodas are a must for any eatery😉.

Okay, I can’t wait any longer—time to get these globular packages unwrapped!

We're opening 5 Surprise Foodie Mini Brands!
Foodie Mini Brand Capsule 1:

Here are my four Foodie Mini Brand capsules:

It can take months for stores around here to update their toy aisles, but I got lucky and found these in stock at all three of our local Mini Brand retailers (Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and H-E-B) shortly after their release.

The two on the left are from Walmart, and the two on the right were bought at Hobby Lobby. The capsules were about $9.00 each, bringing my grand total to around $38.00.

As you can see in the picture below, Foodie Mini Brands are bigger than regular Mini Brands.

Yep, Mini Brands Series 4 is in our future!

They have bright pink plastic wrappers decorated with restaurant-themed graphics. The Foodie Mini Brand logo is on the front, and the sides have bits of text hinting at what we might find.

Alright, Tink, rip off that wrapper!

The capsules pop apart, giving us 5 bags and a Collector’s Guide.

As always, we’ll start by looking at the guide.

Foodie Mini Brands Collector’s Guide:

What an impressive lineup! I counted 72 foods and food-related items.

The minis are divided into four categories: Drinks, Mains, Snacks and Sides, and Food Court (aka the accessories).

Most of the foodies are common, but there are a few super rare ones, plus Collector’s Case and Food Court exclusives.

And let’s not forget the ultra-rare Frozen Moments!

While finding a Frozen Moment would be amazing, I don’t really need a sloshing drink or suspended mozzarella stick. For now, I’d rather have the common minis, like the drinks, Subway sandwiches, and desserts.

Oh, we for sure want the accessories! Even if they are a bit small, I fully intend to use them in our bakery—particularly that soda machine.

Bag 1:

Our first mini foodie is:

A footlong Subway sandwich!

This is the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Subway Sandwich or SOCT.

Tink, please. You and I may prefer a meatless Veggie Delight, but I’m sure the other dolls would like something more substantial.

The sandwich is about 2 1/4″ long, which is a decent size for Barbie.

One half shows a heap of saucy meat squares and lettuce tucked between two sub buns, and the other is wrapped with a Subway sticker.

I’m curious to know if the meat and veggies continue past the sticker, but I’m not ready to sacrifice my foodies just yet. We’ll save the experimenting for the inevitable duplicates.

Bag 2:

Inside bag number 2 is:

Yay! We got a Sonic Drink! The Collector’s Guide doesn’t give this drink a specific flavor, so we’re saying it’s our favorite: Coke Zero.

The soda is about 2 1/4″ tall from the bottom of the cup to the tip of the straw.

The cup is white, has Sonic’s logo on the front and back, and a red straw. It’s lidless and brimming with cola and crushed ice.

I believe the cola and ice are resin.

Drinks are at the top of my wishlist, so I’m super happy we found the soda. In fact, I wouldn’t mind having two or three of these.

Tink, you little thief! Give that back!

Hmm, three sodas might not be enough. Maybe I should shoot for four?

Now then, where is our next bag?

Bag 3:

So, we found our first accessory—a Hardee’s paper sack.

This isn’t the most exciting accessory, I know, but it’ll look cute holding our dolls’ lunches. And I’m not opposed to using it in the bakery either. We just need to flip it so the logo doesn’t show.

Voila! A generic paper sack!

Bag 4:

Our fourth foodie find is a Hardee’s Rise and Shine Coffee.

The cup is white, with a red band at the bottom and a black lid. It has Hardee’s Rise and Shine written on both sides, along with a graphic of a scoop and coffee beans and a “contents are hot” warning.

Thank you, Tink. That’s probably a wise move since there’s bound to be a fight over this sole cup of joe. My dolls need their morning caffeine😄!

Alright, let’s open our last bag.

Bag 5:

I can’t believe it! We found the Hard Rock Cafe Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae!

Standing at around 2″ tall, this is a sizeable dessert.

It’s served in a clear margarita glass, so we can see all the yummy layers.

We’ve got the brownie at the bottom, followed by a couple of scoops of ice cream, some whipped cream, nuts, a drizzling of fudge, and a cherry on top.

The toppings somewhat obscure the ice cream, but you can still see the outline of the scoops.

This would be an excellent showpiece in our bakery, but I have a feeling this dessert is taken.

I see Tink is keeping her loot safe in her pink trolley. I think I’ll set mine on a counter I made for the bakery.

We’ve only opened one capsule and have already found four of my must-have foodies—the soda, coffee, and a sundae. Fingers crossed the other capsules are just as good🤞.

Foodie Mini Brand Capsule 2:

Here we have another Collector’s Guide and 5 more bags.

We’ve already browsed the guide, so let’s set it aside and focus on the bags.

Bag 1:

In this bag is:

It’s the Cherry Limeade from Sonic!

The cherry limeade is smaller than our Route 44 Coke. It’s only 1 3/4″ tall.

Other than height, the cups look identical.

The limeade cup is filled with icy red juice and a couple of lime wedges.

Ack! There’s a bright green paint splat marring our beautiful drink!

Let me fix that right quick with some paint.

There! It’s like it never happened!

Tink better be careful with her thievery. She’s running out of room in that teeny cart of hers!

Bag 2:

Our next mini foodie is…

The Carl’s Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger.

I believe this is a triple-meat burger. It has bacon, a meat patty, cheese, a second meat patty, and a sauce of some kind. The burger is partly wrapped with a Carl’s Jr-printed sticker.

Don’t worry—this burger won’t go to waste. The guys around here are more than ready for some beef!

Bag 3:

Our third bag from capsule 2 has:

An Itsu Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl.

I don’t know what type of restaurant Itsu is, but I’m assuming it’s Asian-inspired takeout.

The container is black and white. It has the restaurant’s logo and name of our bowl on the front. On the back is a lengthy description of the company.

It’s a shame we can’t see the chicken and rice inside. Nevertheless, it’s a neat piece and will make our more health-conscious dolls very happy.

Let’s put the bowl on the counter and open our next bag.

Bag 4:

This is the Hard Rock Cafe Blue Bonanza.

I’m not familiar with Hard Rock Cafe and had to do some research to find out what this drink is. After looking at way too many pictures of their beverages, I decided it must be one of their cocktails.

Which one?

I’m not sure. But I’ll take a guess and say it’s a classic Hurricane with blue curacao.

Our Blue Bonanza comes in a clear, hurricane-style glass.

It’s bright blue at the bottom and mottled at the top, giving the impression that the drink is “on the rocks.” The glass is garnished with a lemon wedge.

I was going to say we’d put it in the bakery, but I’ve never heard of a bakery serving cocktails.

I think we’ll save this for when we have an actual restaurant. And, of course, it doesn’t have to be a cocktail. We can always pretend it’s a friendly mocktail.

Bag 5:

We got the 6″ Meatball Sandwich from Subway! My Subway menu is slowly growing!

This sub is loaded with three marinara-covered meatballs topped with melting cheese.

The meatballs look fantastic. The cheese, however, is a tad dull. It needs brightening. A few dabs of creamy-yellow paint should do the trick.

Don’t fret, Tink. I’m sure we’ll find those cookies soon—possibly in the next capsule.

Foodie Mini Brand Capsule 3:

Bag 1:

In this bag we have:

Another Itsu meal—Chicken & Spring Onion Gyoza. I think these are similar to potstickers.

The gyozas are packaged in a lidded, pink and black tray. The lid is transparent (save for a thin label with the name of our dinner), so the gyozas are totally viewable.

Tink’s right. The gyozas are solid, which makes me think they could be removed and put on a plate. We’d have to pry off the lid to find out, though, and I don’t want to do that—not yet.

Bag 2:

This bag has:

A Subway juice to go with our Subway sandwiches!

Here is the juice compared to the Sonic sodas. It’s the smallest of the trio.

Yeeps! We better find those cookies; otherwise, I’ll have one disappointed fairy!

Bag 3:

In our next bag is:

The Hardee’s Original Angus Burger.

No way! We actually found a super rare foodie😲! I’m stunned.

The burger comes in a shiny, red and gold box. The box has a working lid, so we can close the burger inside if we want.

The Angus burger has more toppings than the Bacon Cheeseburger. Besides the bun, meat, and cheese, I see red onions, tomatoes, and lettuce.

I have terrible luck when it comes to finding rare Mini Brands, so I really didn’t expect to get one today. The only thing that could top this is a Frozen Moment.

Yes, Tink, everyone knows you want cookies😄. Now, how about showing us our next foodie?

Bag 4:

This bag had the Footlong Quarter Pound Coney from Sonic.

This little Coney looks incredible. The paintwork is sharp, and the chili and cheese shreds have dimension.

And I love its removable hot dog sleeve. That’s such a fun feature and adds to the realism.

Let’s slip the Coney back into the wrapper and put it with our other foodies.

Hmmm, the fairy has a point. But we’ll deal with counter space in a minute. Right now, I want to see what’s in our last bag.

Bag 5:

This is the White Castle Cheese Slider.

The slider is boxed in a plastic White Castle carton. Half the sandwich sticks out of the top, and the other half is glued inside.

From what I can tell, this sandwich has cheese, pickles, an egg, and a sausage patty.

There is just enough space on my counter for the slider, but that’s it. So, I’m bringing in a backup table to hold our final foodies.

Here is an Ever After High table I repainted. It’s from the Beanstalk Bakery Playset—and, yes, the table is made from books.

The books were originally purple and red (a hideous combination if you ask me), but I changed them to various shades of pink for a whimsier appearance.

Honestly, I’m just having fun with book spines and colors and have no idea if the table will stay. It all depends on how it looks in photos and if it fits the bakery’s vibe.

Now let’s open our last capsule!

Foodie Mini Brand Capsule 4:

Bag 1:

Yep, we found our third Subway sandwich. This is the 6-inch Tuna Sandwich.

Here it is next to our other subs:

I touched up the paint on the meatball sub. The cheese is now thicker and a shade yellower.

The Tuna sandwich has more layers than the SOCT and Meatball Marinara. There’s a pile of chunky pink tuna meat, a few tomato slices, and some lettuce.

Hold it, Tink—you are not feeding our foodies to your kittens! Now, hand it over and go grab our next bag.

Bag 2:

Poor Tink. She was really hoping for something sweet. But no. We got the Salmon Sashimi from Itsu.

The Sashimi is sealed in a tray, similar to our Gyoza. The tray’s lid is clear, so we can see our fishy vittles.

It looks like there are five salmon filets, a pile of peas, a fried wonton, and a packet of sauce.

Oh. Muki beans and pickled ginger, eh? That’s…interesting. Well, ingredients aside, this is a nice-looking entree. I especially like that everything is 3-D and not just a piece of printed paper.

I just realized something. We’ve opened 17 mini foodies and haven’t gotten any duplicates! Let’s see if our luckiness continues and open up bag number 18. (Watch this one be a double.)

Bag 3:

Oh my! We got the Strawberry Basil Lemonade!

This lemonade is part of the Hard Rock Cafe collection. It’s one of their non-alcoholic drinks.

This is the cutest lemonade I’ve ever seen! That mason jar cup is absolutely adorable!

The lemonade is bright red with some daubs of white near the top, resembling floating ice chunks. It’s topped off with a single strawberry.

We’ve almost opened all our mini foodies but still haven’t come across the soda machine or Tink’s cookies. Surely we’ll find one or the other in the last two bags.

Bag 4:

Actually, those are White Castle Chicken Rings. But I see why Tink got confused—they look a lot like onion rings.

The chicken rings are part of the Snacks and Sides category. They come in a blue and white White Castle carton.

Their grainy texture, deep orange color, and dark flecks make it look like they’ve been fried and seasoned.

Bag 5:

And our final foodie is:

Okay, so we got a giant box of TGI Friday’s Wings. Not our preferred choice, but we’ll take it anyway.

The chicken wings are packed in a red and white TGI Friday’s takeout box. This box also has a closeable lid.

The wings are bright orange, which makes me think they are buffalo-style wings. They come with a bowl of dipping sauce.

These chicken pieces are pretty big and, in my opinion, look more like drumsticks than drumettes. Still, my dolls aren’t about to complain about oversized wings. Not when they look this scrumptious.

Well, friends, we did it. We successfully opened four Foodie Mini Brand capsules.

I couldn’t be happier with our haul. These little dinners are so cute and will look great on our dolls’ tables.

And do you know what’s really mind-blowing? We didn’t get a single double! Not one! That’s uncanny.

The only bummer is that Tink didn’t get her cookies. I guess I’ll have to pick up a few more capsules next time I’m out shopping. I mean, we can’t have a sad fairy now, can we?

Maybe I’ll even snag a few Series 2 Foodie Mini Brands. That’s right, Zuru just released a second series of these collectible edibles! Rumor has it this new wave features Pizza Hut and Cinnabon.

You heard the fairy! Time to track down some cinnamon rolls!


  1. Great post! It’s amazing that you got no doubles at all! The dolls, the minis, and the bakery all look adorable.

    1. Author

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! And that you think the bakery is cute😁. It needs more decorating, for sure, but I’m still stuck on tables and chairs (the EAH table isn’t meshing as well as I’d hoped).

      I know—not getting any doubles is amazing. I still can’t believe it! I wonder if it had something to do with buying them at different stores?

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