Let’s Open Real Littles Shoes For Our Barbies!

My dolls’ wardrobe is slowly improving. Fiona’s medieval-style dress is done, Bianca has a new outfit, and I even managed to whip up a cute shirt for Petra.

However, the shoe situation around here is still lacking.

Yeah, shoemaking is more my sister’s forte than mine; thus, my dolls have been stuck with whatever Barbie shoes I have on hand.

That’s changing right now, though, because we’re about to open nine pairs of

Real Littles Micro Sneakers!
Unboxing Real Littles Micro Sneakers for Barbies.

My dolls need something more exciting than black heels to go with their new clothing, so I bought several packs of Real Littles shoes (via eBay and Amazon) to spiff up their footwear. I’m particularly after sneakers, and I’ve heard Real Littles make excellent doll-sized sneakers and tennis shoes.

And, since I like living dangerously, all the shoes I purchased are blind bags.

Was this a good idea? Should I have bought already opened packs instead of risking getting colors I don’t like or (even worse) doubles?

I have no idea! But it’s too late to turn back now, so let’s jump in and open these shoes.

Enjoy The Show!


  1. Very cute new Littles- esp the skates!!
    How do you go about asking for (and pricing) the display boxes?
    I’ve seen you have one of the Mini Fashion DBs but didn’t see how you got it.

    1. Author

      Thank you—I’m happy you enjoyed the video😀. Opening all these little shoes was a lot of fun! I agree, the skates are pretty darn cool. I wasn’t sure I’d like them at first, but they definitely won me over once I saw them up close.

      This is actually my first time buying a display box, and I bought it on eBay, so I’m not exactly sure how to go about buying one in a store. I think you’re allowed take the display and bags to the cashier, but I would ask an employee before doing so. Also, the display I purchased wasn’t complete. A complete set has 12 bags and this one only had 5. It was within my budget, though, which is why I opted for it (entire sets can be pricey).

      As far as a Mini Fashion display, I don’t have one. My Mini Fashions came from Amazon. They were $19.99 for a 2 pack. I’d love to get a Mini Fashion Display; unfortunately, the stores around here are always out of stock😒. Everyone loves Mini Fashions!

  2. This was such fun to watch! I loved the winged shoes and the pastel sneakers–it was so cute how they matched Jackie’s shirt! It was meant to be, I suppose. 😉

    1. Author

      I’m glad you liked the video😁. I know it’s choppy in spots. And I still can’t believe I missed the catalogs😳. Ah, well, live and learn (and always check the bottom of the box).

      Yes, these shoes turned out better—and cuter—than I expected. The winged ones are probably my favorites (I’m such a sucker for fantasy-themed stuff), but I also adore the pastel sneakers and sparkly kicks. They’ll go perfectly with my dolls’ outfits. I’d still like to get my hands on the mermaid platforms, but finding those hasn’t been easy. They must be pretty popular.

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