Let’s Open Mini Fashions Series 2!

We’re finally opening Mini Fashions Series 2 by Zuru!

Unboxing 5 Surprise Mini Fashions-- pixiedustdolls.com

This second wave of Mini Fashions began trickling into stores last November. At least, they trickled into every store except those near me😒. I later learned that those Mini Fashions were accidentally released and shouldn’t have appeared until mid-December.

Anyhow, the fact remains that I wasn’t a lucky shopper who managed to snag one of those rogue Mini Fashion balls and had to wait until the actual release date to order them.

My prizes arrived a couple of days later and have been sitting on my table for the past few weeks while I finished the boutique.

Mission accomplished!

All it needs now is some mini merchandise.

So, what are we waiting for?

Let’s unpack Mini Fashions Series 2!

Let's open 5 Surprise Mini Fashions Series 2! www.pixiedustdolls.com.

I bought this Mini Fashion 2-pack from Amazon as soon as it was available. Seeing as the first series was such a hit in the doll community (and I imagine this one will be too), I wasn’t taking any chances of them going out of stock.

The set cost $19.99 ($21.34 with tax). Single Mini Fashion capsules are about $9.99 at Walmart (before tax), so there isn’t much of a price difference between ordering online or buying them in the store. I don’t know about you, but I prefer shopping at home over scrounging Walmart’s aisles.

Since Joy’s in charge of the boutique, I thought it only fair to let her join the fun and assist Tink and me with today’s unboxing.

Mini Fashions Ball 1:

Here are our Mini Fashion surprise balls:

The balls are bright pink and have tag-looking artwork printed on their plastic covers.

There’s a short blurb on each tag describing the series. The front one says Mini Fashion Series 2, and the heart-shaped graphic on the side tells us there are over a hundred brand-new fashion bags and accessories to find. That’s more than double what Series 1 had!

Tip: I recommend using a tool (like scissors or a cuticle pusher) for this part because the plastic covering these balls is ridiculously clingy.

Once unwrapped, the balls pop apart, revealing two pink baggies and a purse-shaped Collector’s Guide.

Mini Fashion Series 2 Collector’s Guide:

Wow, I’ve barely glanced at this catalog and already see several purses I’ve got to have! I particularly like the light blue satchel, pink crossbodies, and suitcases!

And check out those accessories! There are beauty products, jewelry boxes, headphones, hats, sunglasses, cellphones, wallets, and four dogs (though I’m not sure I’d classify pets as “accessories”).

Then we’ve got a few rare items, like a green jewelry box, two metallic purses, a shoe-shaped purse, and some scented knickknacks.

I agree with Tink. The cellphones and cameras are a must-have. I also wouldn’t mind getting more makeup, wallets, or jewelry. I never found the ring or wallets from Season 1.

But enough with the suspense. Let’s see our first Mini Fashions from Series 2!

This bag had:

  • A plastic cap.
  • Sunglasses.
  • A teddy bear charm.
  • A sticker.

The cap is khaki-colored. It has a gold Mini Fashion label on the front and molded stitches outlining the panels and visor.

It fits a Barbie so long as she isn’t sporting a high ponytail or voluminous hair. Joy, being recently rerooted, has both! Speaking of which, how do you like her new jet-black locks?

The flashy cat-eye sunglasses have white frames, dark lenses, and foldable arms.

Although our dolls can wear them, they are a tad narrower than last season’s, and the lenses are closer together. Poor Joy was going cross-eyed trying to look through them, so she decided to use them as a headband instead.

Our third accessory is a metal teddy bear charm.

This little charm feels pretty solid. It’s red with white flower motifs and has a gold clasp at the top for clipping it to your doll’s purse.

While I wish we’d found a cellphone or camera, the pieces we did get are very nice. The cap is perfect for the outdoorsy doll, the glasses will look great in our boutique, and the charm is hands-down cute.

Yep, this is the green handbag with the knotted handle.

Mini Fashions Series 2 Green Handbag--pixiedustdolls.com.

This faux leather handbag is bright green. It’s got a crisscross pattern embossed on it and a wide handle with a chunky, off-center knot.

I’m pretty sure this bag is based on Bottega Veneta’s Mini Jodie Bag. It has the same round silhouette and knotty handle, and the embossing resembles intrecciato weaving.

By the way, did you notice the zipper? Yes, this bag has a bonafide working zipper!

I’ve never had a doll purse that zips shut, so this is pretty exciting.

And don’t let this handbag’s small size fool you. It’s got plenty of room for all your doll’s miniature miscellany.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of space between the strap and the opening, so putting things in and grabbing the zipper is kind of a struggle.

The bag’s hard-to-reach compartment doesn’t bother me, though, as I rarely put things in my dolls’ purses. It just needs to look good being held by one of the girls or adorning the shelves of the boutique—which it does!

Mini Fashions Series 2 Review--pixiedustdolls.com

This folding jewelry rack is a Hobby Lobby fun find. It’s got rods and hooks for hanging necklaces and bracelets or, in this case, doll apparel!

Now that our first lot of Mini Fashions is out of the way, we can open our next ball.

Mini Fashions Ball 2:

Inside bag number 1 is:

Mini Fashions Series 2 Cream Tote--pixiedustdolls.com.

The cream and black tote!

Finding the inspiration for this bag wasn’t easy. You wouldn’t believe how many black and tan totes are out there! I ended up doing an image search—you know, that thing where you take a picture of something and Google tries to match it—before finding what appears to be its full-sized doppelganger: The Bicolor Cream Luggage Tote by Celine.

Like the Celine bag, our mini tote has a cream body with black trim and handles. The zippered pocket on the front, however, is fake.

Mini Fashions Versus Designer Brands--pixiedustdolls.com.

But I doubt our dolls will notice the nonfunctioning pocket because this tote’s wide interior is plenty big enough for all their essentials plus extra!

Of all the Mini Fashion handbags in my collection (including Series 1), this is one of my favorites. Its classy style will pair well with my dolls’ wardrobe, and I love that it can be carried multiple ways—either looped over the elbow or on the shoulder.

Mini Fashions Series 2 Tote Bag for Barbie Dolls---www.pixiedustdolls.com.

Okay, Tink and Joy, go ahead and open our last bag!

This time we got:

  • A magazine.
  • A teddy bear charm.
  • Mascara.
  • A sticker.

This little magazine is incredible!

It looks just like a shrunken-down version of one of those popular fashion mags you see in stores, albeit with content that’s 100% mini-oriented and kid-friendly.

Mini Fashion Series 2 Magazine--pixiedustdolls.com.

The cover is grayscale, and there are four flippable pages with color pictures and headlines showcasing some of the fashion bags in this collection. And, yes, all the text is legible!

Here is our tube of mascara:

I think mascara is new to the Mini Fashions cosmetic counter. It’s certainly new to mine!

The bottom of the tube is pink, and the cap is black. It has the letters MF stamped on the front, followed by a giant eyeball.

Sure, Joy, I can get rid of the creepy eye—after we finish the review.

Now let’s see if the mascara is openable.

Mini Fashion Series 2 Mascara--pixiedustdolls.com
It sure is!

Yay, the cap comes off, and inside is an eyelash wand and brush with tiny sculpted bristles.

Obviously, the mascara isn’t a perfect 1:6 scale. Neither are the lipsticks from Season 1.

At a distance, though, the size discrepancy is hardly perceptible, and I personally would rather have a nice selection of slightly oversized makeup than nothing at all. Thus, the mascara and lipstick stay!

Our very last surprise is another teddy bear charm. But I’m not complaining because it’s not a duplicate.

Mini Fashions Series 2 Charms--pixiedustdolls.com.

Our second bear is black with multicolored flowers. Besides the color, it’s identical to the red charm.

Do I think the charms are cute? Yes. Did I want to find two back-to-back? Not really. I’m after the electronics, maquillage, and bling. Heck, I’d take doubles, even triples, of those. They’re great shelf-fillers!

But, as I said, I’m not complaining because the charms are fun and will look great in our miniverse.

Final Thoughts:

My opinion about Mini Fashions hasn’t changed one iota since reviewing them back in 2022. I still think they’re the best 1:6 scale accessories on the market!

How do you like our setup?

They’re well-made, stylish, have working hardware, and can be found at most major stores. What’s not to love? Okay, okay, the makeup could be a tad bigger. Other than that, I can’t think of one thing to nitpick.

That being the case, how about we open the boutique’s doors and let the shopping commence!

Uh-oh, it looks like Joy has claimed the cream tote for herself. Why am I not surprised?

Good choice, Petra!

I’m glad Petra likes the green bag. Its quirky style is really growing on me.

Well, friends, that’s the end of today’s unboxing! I hope y’all enjoyed this glimpse at Mini Fashions Series 2. The dolls and I sure did!

And, yes, I did erase the all-seeing-eye off the mascara, per Joy’s request😉.

I know my posting schedule is still a bit slow. I swear I’m trying to speed it up, especially since I’ve got heaps of Mini Brands to unbox.

And there’s more than Mini Brands on the horizon. Rumor has it a new doll or two is moving into the neighborhood. Any guesses who they may be?

Here’s a little hint:

Color blocking!

Have fun guessing!

Have you read our review of Mini Fashions Series 1? If not, here’s a friendly link to the post: 5 Surprise Mini Fashions–Deluxe Fashion Accessories For Barbies!


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