Tsumthing Special Arrived—A Look At The Mini Elliot Tsum Tsum

Meet the newest addition to my tsum tsum collection,

Elliot from the live-action Pete’s Dragon film!
Mini Elliot Dragon Tsum Tsum
Mini Elliot Tsum Tsum Review

Along with the highly anticipated Beauty And The Beast tsum tsums, the Disney Store released medium and mini Elliot tsum tsums for the live-action film, Pete’s Dragon.

These guys were pretty popular and sold out just a few hours after being released! Luckily, I managed to snag this mini version before they disappeared for good.

(When it comes to tsum tsums, Disney Store typically only restocks common characters).

But before I bombard you with adorable tsum tsum photos, why don’t we take a closer look itty-bitty Elliot.

Here is Elliot with his tags still on: 

He appears to have suffered no damages during his travels. The Pete’s Dragon tsum tsums are designed after the cartoon version of Elliot and not the newer, live-action one.

Our mini Elliot has a furry, lime green body with olive-colored spots. His wings are pink, and he has pink scales on his back and tail. He also has a cute tuft of pink fuzz on top of his head.

When you flip him over, you’ll see his teeny little tsum tsum feet and an unfinished game of tic-tac-toe on his belly. (I’m guessing the tic-tac-toe thing is from the cartoon?).

Mini Elliot Tsum Tsum from Pete's Dragon.

So that’s it for the review.  Hey, he’s a tsum tsum! He doesn’t have any jointed limbs or pose-ability features. His job is to look cute. 

Now, time for a dragon photo shoot!

Sister has Disney Store’s live-action version of Elliot. I added a few of quick photos of him just for fun.

This Elliot looks like the dragon in the film. His fur is dark green, and he doesn’t have pink fuzz or scales like tsum tsum Elliot has.

Mini Bagheerah and Elliot Tsum Tsums.
Elliot meeting Baggy (Bagheerah).
Pete's Dragon Mini Tsum Tsum Review.
The Tsum Tsum Squad!
Oh, look–a couple of fairy photo bombers 😄!
Mini Elliot Tsum Tsum Review.

Well, that’s all for today!  We hope you enjoyed meeting little Elliot. Be sure to stay tuned for more doll (and tsum tsum) fun😉!


  1. Yes, Disney Store released two versions of Elliot tsum tsums back in August; the same day they released their Beauty And The Beast tsum tsum collection. However, Elliot was so popular they sold out within a few hours of him being released.

  2. I had no idea they even made and Elliot Tsum Tsum! Tsum Tsum's aren't really my thing, I have too many other things I collect already, but Elliot is absolutely adorable.
    Signed, Treesa

  3. I guess that's why I didn't know about them, if they sold out so quickly.
    Signed, Treesa

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