Plastic Canvas Barbie Doll Travel Trunk–Frozen Edition!

We’re back with another Plastic Canvas post!  I know—didn’t I just write a plastic canvas post?  Yes I did.  However, I’d like to go into more detail about customizing the case instead of just going with whatever the pattern calls for. And what better example to use than our

Frozen Inspired Plastic Canvas Barbie Doll Case!

Plastic Canvas Doll Travel Trunk Inspired By Frozen

This case is a work of art if I do say so myself!  Like Cinderella’s case (which is shown off by Cinderella in the previous post: Cinderella’s Travel Case), it’s based on the Fashion Doll Travel Case pattern I purchased from Annie’s Craft Store.

Here is a list of the materials called for in the pattern:

  • Seven artist-size sheets (13.6″ X 22.6″) of 7-count stiff plastic canvas.
  • Two sheets of pink 7-count plastic canvas.
  • One sheet of white 7-count plastic canvas.
  • 36 1/2″ of one-inch wide nylon (to make the straps).
  • 2 3/4″ of white Velcro.
  • Six barrel beads for drawer pulls.
  • Six round beads for drawer pulls.
  • One 4 1/2″ by 6″ mirror.
  • White poster board.
  • #16 Tapestry needle.
  • Worsted weight yarn.

These are the changes I make to the list when creating a case for my dolls:

  • Changed the pink plastic canvas (for the drawers) to purple.
  • Replaced the barrel beads and round beads with beads I already had on hand.
  • Replaced the mirror with pretty cardstock.
  • Omitted the poster board between the walls.
  • Changed the yarn colors.

First, let’s talk about the most obvious change I made—the pictures of Anna and Elsa featured on the front and back of the case.  Finding a decent Frozen picture to stitch wasn’t easy! Most are either too big or too detailed.  I knew from the get-go that whatever images I chose needed to be simple and without a bunch of competing colors.

I think the patterns I ended up using were for a Perler bead craft? But, to tell you the truth, I did so many searches I’ve forgotten exactly how I found them! I’m pretty sure, though, I found them on Pinterest.

Of course, the patterns didn’t fit perfectly and needed some tinkering before the pictures fit within the ribbon border.

To keep the case closed, strips of Velcro are sewn to white nylon, then tacked down with yarn between the outer and inner layers of the case. Later, when whipstitching the sides together, you’ll end up stitching through the nylon straps, thoroughly securing them to the case.

You can change the colors of Velcro and nylon to match the yarn colors you’re using. Since my case is white, I went ahead and used white nylon and Velcro.

I know, I know–I said didn’t want to add any words. But you can’t have a Frozen-inspired craft without a nod to Elsa’s famous song! Besides, I thought this was a neat way to dress up the fold-out floor. 

The fold-out floor is the only area where I used poster board. If I’d left it out, you wouldn’t be able to see the words because they’d be up against a dark purple background (the front side of the floor). I used a cross-stitch pattern to make the letter, and the snowflakes I stitched free-handed.

The inner walls look quite a bit different from the original pattern; however, the only thing I changed here was the yarn colors. The stitches are exactly the same.

For the bedroom side I used:

  • Lavender for the background.
  • Dark purple for the leaves.
  • Mint green for the flower buds.

And on the opposite side I used:

  • Maroon for the wide stripes.
  • Cream for the thin stripes.
  • Dark purple and mint green for the flowers.

Both inner floors and the fold-out floor are stitched with dark purple yarn, and the ceiling is stitched in cream.

Another pop of fun I added is this snowflake “chandelier”. This is a Christmas charm I found at Hobby Lobby and attached to the ceiling using silver embroidery floss. I chose embroidery floss because plain thread snaps too easily, and the last thing I want is a chandelier crashing to the ground!

The pattern calls for two different types of beads (barrel and round) for the drawer pulls. I didn’t have those beads (and didn’t feel like driving to Hobby Lobby to buy them), so I picked out some pretty snowflake buttons from my stash of random knickknacks. I think they are perfect drawer pulls for Elsa!

The pattern also has you slip a mirror between the back walls for the window, but I decided to use a piece of winter-themed scrapbook paper instead.

Actually, this paper is from a pack of Frozen scrapbook paper. It’s a picture of the ice forest Anna and Kristoff walk through while trying to find Elsa’s castle.

Since I wanted this travel case to hold two dolls, I didn’t make the daybed or table like I did for Cinderella. If I’d made the daybed, there wouldn’t be room for Anna.

Now my girls have a lovely home to rest in–or should I say mobile home. (It is a travel case, after all😄). When it’s time to go, just fold up the floor (which is held in place with a piece of Velcro) and head out the door!

And that is how I created this Frozen-Inspired Fashion Doll Travel Case! 

Now, how about trying to make a few unique plastic canvas accessories for your own dolls (it’s ridiculously easy)!

Although this particular pattern is no longer available, there are several others that are just as cute! Check out the links below to see what I mean!


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