Plastic Canvas Fashion Doll Travel Trunk–Designed For Cinderella

Plastic Canvas Doll Travel Trunk

If you’ve visited our Pinterest board, you’ve probably seen the Plastic Canvas Fashion Doll Travel Trunk I created for Cinderella back in 2015.

Plastic Canvas Fashion Doll Travel Trunk @fairytaledollcrafts
I made it following this plastic canvas pattern by Annie’s Attic:

Plastic Canvas Travel Trunk Pattern.

This was the first doll case I had created and at the time I thought it was pretty good, but looking back on it there were a couple of mistakes I made that have really started to bug me.

First off, you really can’t read the words. It’s supposed to say “Have courage and be kind” (a quote from the movie) but the words are barely legible.  The other thing is that instead of inserting poster board between the outer and inner layers (like the pattern tells you to do) I inserted foam board which made the case way too bulky. I bet I’m probably the only person who reads a pattern and mistakes foam board for poster board!

But the interior of the case was so pretty, and I didn’t want to ruin it, so I just left it alone till now, but have recently decided it’s time to renovate it–make the words readable and remove that stupid foam board!

However, before I show you how I fixed those mistakes (and without hurting the interior), Cinderella would like to take you on a super quick tour through her house.  She loves it even with its flaws–so sweet 🙂

Cinderella Barbie Doll TrunkHello, all! Cinderella here!

Welcome to my house…er…case.  I guess it’s a bit like a mobile home when you really think about it?  The first thing you may notice is that we changed the yarn colors from pink (which is what the original pattern calls for) to light blue and gray.  I, personally, love this change.  Not that I have anything against pink, but I am not sure I would be able to sleep at night with all those bright colors.  The right side of my case/home has a closet with drawers, a place for my daybed, and a place for me.
Plastic Canvas Doll Case Left SideThe left side has a window; with a dark blue curtain stitched around it and a little table and a plant stitched underneath it.  Instead of a mirror, Amanda (our human guardian) put a picture of her horses in the window.  I like this because they remind me of my father’s horse.
Plastic Canvas Barbie Doll PursesThe Travel Trunk pattern includes directions for making a few extra accessories, such as these cute tote bags!

Hold on just a moment…
Cinderella Doll Wearing Peach Dress…sorry about that.

I adore my ball gown, but it’s a little hard to sit at a table while wearing it.  This is a dress that Amanda made for me and, while I do not want to hurt her feelings, it is way too short!  I have no idea why she thought I would look good in a “flapper” style dress! 

Enough with dresses though….back to more important things:
Plastic Canvas Doll Jewelry BoxBesides the tote bags, the Travel Trunk has patterns for making a jewelry box, a mirror frame, and a table and chair.  This is what the finished jewelry box looks like.  My name is embroidered on the box and I keep a few little trinkets in it–like this butterfly pinwheel.  It is similar to the one little Ella had in the movie.  We made it by gluing a couple of tiny, polymer clay butterflies to a bobby pin.
Plastic Canvas Barbie Doll AccessoriesHowever, this picture is my favorite accessory!

Instead of putting reflective tape or shiny paper in the mirror frame, we put a picture of Ella’s mother in it, changing it from a mirror to a treasured keepsake.  This particular picture came from one of the Cinderella books published around the same time as the 2015 movie. It makes me smile every time I look at it 🙂 

Oh, dear!  Fairy Godmother has come for a visit.
Cinderella And Fairy Godmother Dolls
“Good grief!  What are you wearing!”

Cinderella Doll Image*facepalm*

Plastic Canvas Barbie Doll Case And FurnitureWhew! I’m back in my beautiful ball gown.  Fairy Godmother has taken it upon herself to discuss the too-short flapper dress with Amanda–and also to dispose of the dress!

Here is one last picture of the interior of my home/case.

I know it’s not as elaborate as other doll dwellings, but I love it and all its little details.  

Thanks for humoring me through my tour!

I hope you enjoyed Cinderella’s case tour.

So. I mentioned that her case recently had an overhaul and here it is:
Plastic Canvas Barbie Doll Case @fairytaledollcraftsAs you can see the words are now much easier to read.  The poster board has also been removed from between the inner and outer sections.

To do this I simply removed the overcast stitches that secured the case front to the case top, bottom and one side–I left the hinged side alone because I didn’t want to re-hinge the case.  This way I was able to fix my mistakes while doing the least amount of damage.
Making Plastic Canvas Doll CaseOnce I had access inside the case, I removed the foam boards from between the outer and inner case layers.  I could have also switched out the picture at this time had I wanted to, but I didn’t.

Plastic Canvas Doll Carry CaseNow I was able to work on the words.  I removed the stitches of the words that were too small then re-stitched them using a different, clearer pattern.  Since I wanted to remove as few stitches as possible I worked in small sections.  Once it was finished, I re-attached the three sides of the front to the top, side, and bottom of the case before moving to the other side.

I did not replace the foam board with poster board.  Since making this original one,  I have made a few more cases and have found that poster board just isn’t necessary.  I think the only thing it does that is slightly beneficial is stiffen the fold-out floor a little.
Plastic Canvas Case FloorHere is what the fold-out floor looked like with the foam board still in it.  You can see I’ve removed the stitches along the top of the floor and am working on the side.  Once enough stitches were removed, I was able to slip the foam board out and re-stitched the floor edges back together.

And here is the final product!
Cinderella's Plastic Canvas Doll CaseIt’s so much better than the first one!  You can actually read the letters.

So, for those of you tinkering around with this plastic canvas pattern, if you end up with a few flaws (which if you’re like me and stray from the pattern you will!) it’s possible to still save it.  I’ve found plastic canvas tends to be forgiving and easy to customize, alter, fix, etc…

Thanks for reading and stay tuned because we’ve got more doll cases coming up soon!

Note: The customizations I have done are my own and NOT included in the original pattern. You can find this pattern (“Fashion Doll Travel Case”) here: click here to go to the Annie’s Attic site