Doll Review: Cedar Wood From Ever After High

Woo-hoo! We are back and wishing everyone a happy New Year! Now, let’s talk about dolls!  While I have seen “Ever After High” dolls in stores and browsed through other collector’s online reviews, I have yet to own one myself…until now!Read The Post

Doll Craft: Christmas Hats And Collars For Tsum Tsums

We are so excited!  Christmas Day is almost here!!  We have our dolls nicely outfitted in their new Christmas wear. But what about the Tsum Tsums?  We can’t forget them, can we?Read The Post

Have you ever made something that you were extremely proud of, then had a stroke of bad luck that almost ruined your beautiful handiwork?  Well, this very thing happened to me just last week.Read The Post