How To Make Books For Your Dolls

Can you believe it! The live action “Beauty And The Beast” movie will be available on DVD in just a few days!!  And we are going to celebrate by making some “Beauty And The Beast” themed books for our dolls.

DIY Beauty And The Beast Books Themed Books For Barbie Dolls
Image of Belle doll holding a blank book
Yes, Belle definitely needs something more substantial to read! 

How To Make Books For Your Dolls:

Supplies needed:

  • Printables—see image below
  • Cardstock or paperboard (like a cereal box)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Mod Podge

This printable has two book options: a reading book and a coloring book:

Beauty and The Beast Book Printable.To print out the printable, click on the image and it will open in a new window.  Once it opens, right click on the image and choose to either save it to your computer or print it out.  And you can use regular computer paper for this craft—no need for anything fancy.

For this tutorial, I am going to make the coloring book.
Image of doll book printable
  • Once you’ve printed it, cut out the book cover and strips of pages.

Cut book cover and strips of pages from printable.

  • Using scissors, gently score along tabs and spine of the cover, making sure not to cut through the paper.Score tabs and spine on book cover.
  • Bend the cover at the tabs and spine.Make a crease along the tabs and spine of book cover.
  • Cut two squares of stiff cardstock or paperboard (cereal box) that will fit inside the front and back of the book cover, and one long skinny piece to fit inside the spine.Glue paperboard to book cover.
  • Glue the paperboard pieces to the cover, leaving a little space between each so that the book will open and close.Image of cover with paperboard pieces glued to front, back, and spine.
  • Glue the tabs down and set the cover aside to dry.Glue tabs over paperboard and set cover aside
  • Gently score the lines on each strip of pages.Score lines between pages on page strips.
  • Then fold the pages along the lines.Fold page strips along scored lines.
  • Take the first strip of pages and apply glue to the middle pages only—do not glue the first or last page.Apply glue to back of pages excluding the page at each end.
  • Refold the pages, gluing the white sides of the middle pages together.  This will give you a book with images on each side of the page.Glue middle pages together to have pages with images on both sides.

In order to have a nice full book though, we’ll need to add a few more pages. 

  • To attach the next strip of pages, add glue to the last page of the strip you just finished folding and gluing, then stick the first page from the second strip to the last page of the first strip.Attach second strip of pages to first page by gluing the end pages together
  • Apply glue to back of the second sheet of pages (middle ones only), then fold and glue the white sides together leaving the very last page free.Glue the middle pages of second page strip together.

Image of first and second page strips glued together.

Now let’s attach the pages to the cover!

  • Apply a generous amount of glue to the front and back pages, cover, and spine of the book.Apply glue to book cover and first and last pages of page strips.
  • Then press the front page to one side of the cover, the last page to opposite side, and push the pages into the spine.Press pages into book cover.
  •  Set the book aside and let it dry.  I like to use a clothespin to clamp it closed and make sure everything adheres.Set book aside and allow glue to dry.
  • Finally, add a little Mod Podge to the top and bottom of the book’s spine where the pages connect.  This will make sure the pages are well attached and do not come loose.Apply mod podge to book cover to preserve it.

And you’re finished!

Beauty And The Beast Themed Doll Book

Now Belle has a lovely, new book with working pages and real pictures to get lost in!

Belle doll holding new book

Belle and Beast dolls looking at DIY doll books

And an awesome coloring book for the doll who’s a bit more artistically inclined:Cedar Wood looking at doll book

I hope you enjoyed this craft and have lots of fun making a library full of books for own dolls!

Bell with quote: What a novel idea!


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