Tsum Tsums On The Farm–A Quick Review And Photoshoot

What's up, everybody!

Your favorite fairy is back and I have four (that’s right FOUR!) tsum tsums to show off in today’s review!

And, to make things extra fun, I’ve decided to be adventurous and do today’s review…

We are doing today's review in the great outdoors!
Tinkerbell doll looking at bench: "This looks like a good spot."
Tinkerbell doll standing with mini tsum tsums.
Why do I even bother asking?

Okay, back to business!  The first tsum tsums we are going to review are:

Disney’s Bambi and Faline mini tsum tsums!
EEEEEEK!  These two are so cute!

The Bambi tsum tsums were released on March 21st.  The series featured two medium tsum tsums and seven mini tsum tsums. Even though they are all super adorable, Bambi and Faline are the only ones we purchased.

Here is Bambi:

Disney Bambi Mini Tsum Tsum

Like our other tsum tsums, Bambi is soft and plushie!  He has golden brown fur with a dark brown stripe running down his back and around his ears.  Six, pale spots are embroidered on his back (he’s still a fawn after all), and a sweet yellow butterfly is sewn to his tail.

Mini Bambi Tsum Tsum With Speech Bubble Now meet Faline:
Disney Mini Faline Tsum Tsum

Faline is also a fawn.  She is more of a peachy brown and has blue eyes.  She also has little spots embroidered down her back. 

Mini Faline Tsum Tsum With Speech Bubble
Image Of Tinkerbell Doll Talking To Tsum Tsums
Image Of Tinkerbell Doll With Speech Bubble
And now, my friends, get ready for two extra special tsum tsums!
 It’s “The Fox And The Hound” Tsum Tsum Subscription set!

Fox And The Hound Tsum Tsum Subscription Set ReviewAwww, look!  They’re hiding in their little tree stump!

Amanda loves both Bambi and The Fox And The Hound.

Even though she can't watch either without crying!

So, when she saw that the March 2017 Tsum Tsum Subscription featured Todd and Copper, she had to have them!

Alright, you two can come on out:

The Fox And The Hound Mini Tsum Tsums
 That’s better!

This is Todd:

Mini Fox And The Hound Tsum Tsum: Todd

He has reddish-orange fur with a bit of white on his muzzle and tail.  He also has brown tipped ears and little brown paws.

And here is Copper:

Mini Fox And The Hound Tsum Tsum: Copper

Copper is mostly tan with a few brown spots on his body and dark brown ears.  He also has round, “puppy dog” eyes which are pretty irresistible.

Todd and Copper come tucked away in this cute tree stump:

Plush stump that comes with tsum tsums.

The stump is made of a plush material.  The inside is dark brown and feels kind of like felt.  The outside has alternating light and dark brown stripes, I’m sure to resemble tree bark.  There is a hole in the large fabric leaf at the top.  It’s perfect for a fox or even…

A fairy! (Tinkerbell doll with speech bubble)
 Image of Bambi and Faline tsum tsums in grass.THE MEADOW!
Bambi and Faline tsum tsums on tree stump.
Todd and Copper tsum tsums in grass.
Todd and Copper tsum tsums with quote from The Fox And Hound
Tink with camera: Say Cheese!
Image of our mini tsum tsum collection!
Image of Tinkerbell doll and tsum tsums saying good-bye

I hope you enjoyed the review and tsum tsum photo shoot!

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