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July has been an exciting month for those of us who collect Disney related items!  The 2017 classic dolls were finally released online, the D23 Expo revealed a few changes made to Disney’s Designer Dolls, and we have a new Limited Edition Snow White collection being released at the beginning of August. 

It’s all so exciting!  I guess we’ll start by checking out the new Classic dolls.

2017 Disney Store Classic Dolls:
Image of Disney Classic Dolls 2017
All images obtained via shopDisney.com


Disney Classic Prince Dolls 2017
All images obtained via shopDisney.com

While most of the dolls appear to be the same as they were last year, there are a few differences worth noting.  For instance, we now have a version of Ariel in her wedding dress.

Disney Store Classic Ariel Doll In Wedding Dress (2017 version).
Mulan also has a new outfit:

Disney Store Classic Mulan Doll (2017).


As does Hans:

Disney Store Classic Hans (2017).
The 2017 boxes are also much simpler.  I’m okay with this though since I always de-box my classic dolls.  I will admit, Hans in his coronation outfit is highly tempting!  I really can’t afford to purchase any more dolls this year (you’ll see why in a future post!) but I think I may have to finagle a way to get this Hans—I mean, Gaston really needs another villain to hang out with, don’t you think?

Alright, now let’s talk about the new Designer Collection!

In 2011, Disney started releasing a series of limited edition 11.5″ dolls called The Disney Designer Collection.  They are released annually and usually feature the Disney princesses.  However, at this year’s D23 Expo, Disney announced they are taking a turn and expanding the collection to include characters we haven’t seen before.

The following excerpt comes from the D23 website and explains the upcoming changes:

Disney Designer Collection:

Formerly known as the Disney Fairytale Designer Collection, the Disney Designer Collection takes the classic assortment beyond the fairytale to tell the iconic stories of Disney’s legacy of film history and introduces three series: Fairytale Series, Folktale Series, and Pixar Animation Studios Series. Three of the new Limited Edition dolls will be available for purchase:

  • Fairytale Series: Pinocchio (limited to an edition size of 1,023)
  • Folktale Series: Mulan (limited to an edition size of 523)
  • Pixar Animation Studios Series: The Incredibles (limited to an edition size of 1,023)

D23 Expo attendees can also preview and pre-purchase a set of the five limited edition dolls releasing at Disney Store locations and DisneyStore.com September–November (each limited to an edition size of 6,000):

  • Fairytale Series: The Little Mermaid, Tangled, Robin Hood
  • Folktale Series: Moana, One Hundred and One Dalmatians

So now the Designer Collection dolls will have three themes:

  • Disney Designer Fairytale Series
  • Disney Designer Folktale Series
  • Disney Designer Pixar Animation Series

Those who attended the D23 Expo were able to pre-purchase some of the doll sets (there are LOTS of pictures on Instagram), but the rest of us will have to wait until the fall for them to be released.  Each set will retail for $129.95 and it looks like these are the release dates:

  • One Hundred & One Dalmatians—LE: 6,000

In stores: 9/21/2017
Online: 9/22/2017

  • Tangled—LE: 6,000

In stores: 10/5/2017
Online: 10/6/2017

  • Robin Hood—LE: 6,000 

In stores: 10/19/2017
Online: 10/20/2017

  • Moana—LE: 6,000

In stores: 11/2/2017
Online: 11/3/2017

  • The Little Mermaid—LE: 6,000

In stores: 11/16/2017
Online: 11/17/2017

Pinocchio (which includes a beautiful version of the Blue Fairy), Mulan, and The Incredibles, were only available for those attending the expo.  Anyone interested in buying one of these sets will have to do so through places like eBay.

The last bit of doll news I have to share is the announcement of the upcoming LE Snow White dolls.  In honor of Snow White’s 80th anniversary, Disney is releasing a whole new set of limited edition 17″ dolls.

Snow White And Prince Platinum Set:
Image via RadioDisneyClub


  • Limited Edition Size: 650.
  • Price: $750.
Evil Queen:
Image via RadioDisneyClub


  • Limited Edition Size: 4,000.
  • Price: $119.95.
Limited Edition Snow White:
Image via RadioDisneyClub


  • Limited Edition Size: 6,500.
  • Price: $119.95.
Limited Edition Prince:
Image via RadioDisneyClub
  • Limited Edition Size: 3,000
  • Price: $119.95

These dolls will be available in stores on August 1st, 2017 and online August 2nd, 2017.

From what I’ve seen on social media, this collection looks incredibly well done.  The details on the Evil Queen are amazing!  Although I’m not a fan of Snow White (no offense to those who are?), I do love looking at all the pretty pictures and getting a few costume design ideas.

So, if you collect Disney dolls then get ready because several new ones are about to be released!



  1. I completely agree. Pink really isn't Mulan's style and am glad they gave her a different dress. I'm pretty excited for the new dolls too–I love their medieval style!

  2. these dolls are amazing, I like how they changed Mulan she looks more like the character then she did before. The Limited edition dolls are neat too… I like the waviness of snow white's hair and the costumes they are very old fashioned.

    excited for the new releases!:)

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