A look at Toy Fair 2019.

Toy Fair 2019 just ended, and boy was it exciting!  Toy Fair is the most anticipated toy event of the year.  Attendees can connect with others, share ideas, and get sneak peeks at upcoming products.  It’s a collector’s paradise! (Not to mention the best place for doll and action figure bloggers to meet big brands and establish themselves in the toy community). Unfortunately, I cannot attend due to my problematic health🙁.  Still, that doesn’t keep me from following the major brands on social media and reporting what I see there to you!  So, let’s get started and see what’s in store for 2019! 2019 MarvelRead The Post

Doll News: Fall 2018.

I admit I’ve been a bit distracted with my Marvel figures and Avengers 4 “research”.  Hey, half the universe is a pile of ash!  Whispers that the future holds nothing but annihilation are everywhere!  There is no way I can go five months without digging for some nuggets of hope. But I think it’s time to take a break from the reviews and movie discussions to check out a few newly released dolls and upcoming Marvel Legends figures. The Nutcracker And The Four Realms: Disney’s reimagined version of the Nutcracker hits theaters on November 2nd, and the dolls are already showing up in stores (atRead The Post

Doll News: Upcoming Dolls For 2018

Get ready, friends, for a sneak peek at the dolly delights coming to us in 2018!     First, let me introduce you to Disney Store’s latest Animators’ doll: Elena of Avalor! That’s right!  Disney Store has added Elena to their Animators’ collection!  To be honest, I have never seen Elena’s show and don’t know much about her. She is wearing a ruffly, red dress and has a headband, belt, and shoes.  She is also holding a plush…jaguar?  Or maybe it’s a wolf?  I’m not sure who her friend is but, according to Disney Store’s description, his name is Zuzo. I love all the differentRead The Post

Doll News: 2017 Disney Animators' Dolls

Our favorite fairy tale tots are back!  The 2017 Disney Animator Doll Collection has just shown up online: Do my eyes deceive me or is that a Disney Animator FLYNN RYDER? It is and he’s so super cute!  Usually, I’m not interested in the boy Animator dolls, but I think Flynn is adorable!  The more I look at him, the more I think of all the cute crafts I could make for him…like a little satchel, maybe some archery stuff, and (of course) some “Flynn Ryder” books. *Sigh*…it’s never a good sign when I start getting craft ideas for dolls I don’t yet have. Right now FlynnRead The Post

Doll News: 2017 Disney Classic Dolls

July has been an exciting month for those of us who collect Disney related items!  The 2017 classic dolls were finally released online, the D23 Expo revealed a few changes made to Disney’s Designer Dolls, and we have a new Limited Edition Snow White collection being released at the beginning of August.  It’s all so exciting!!  I guess we’ll start by checking out the new Classic dolls. 2017 Disney Store Classic Dolls:   While most of the dolls appear to be the same as they were last year, there are a few differences worth noting.  For instance, we now have a version of Ariel in her wedding dress. Mulan also has a newRead The Post

Doll News: Film Collection Beauty And The Beast Dolls

Oh boy! Disney Store has finally released their collection of Live Action Beauty And The Beast dolls! If you’ve recently googled “live-action beauty and the beast dolls”, you’ve probably seen all the controversy about the JC Penney Belle looking too….masculine I guess?  In fact, I think the doll has been recalled due to everyone’s negative reaction.  Apparently, though, lots of collectors feel that Disney Store dolls and JC Penney dolls look very similar, and there was talk about the Disney Store Belle being terrible.  So, I was pretty anxious Sunday evening (yes, I am one of those crazies who stays up till 2:00 AM waiting for Disney to release their long-anticipated items) and was hoping that my loyalty to Disney wasn’t about toRead The Post