Doll News From January 2018

Get ready, friends, for a sneak peek at the dolly delights coming to us in 2018!

Upcoming Dolls For 2018

First, let me introduce you to Disney Store’s latest Animators’ doll:

Elena of Avalor!

Disney Animtors' Doll Elena Of Avalor
Image obtained via
That’s right!  Disney Store has added Elena to their Animators’ collection!  To be honest, I have never seen Elena’s show and don’t know much about her.
She is wearing a ruffly, red dress and has a headband, belt, and shoes.  She is also holding a plush…jaguar?  Or maybe it’s a wolf?  I’m not sure who her friend is but, according to Disney Store’s description, his name is Zuzo.
I love all the different characters Disney is adding to their Animators’ collection and think Elena is super cute!  Although I still want my next Animators’ doll to be Flynn Ryder, I’m starting to think Elsa may need another sister to help her keep Tinker Bell in line?

Elena is available at Disney Store for $26.95 (plus shipping of course).

*Correction, Mr. Google just informed me that Zuzo is neither a jaguar nor a wolf.  He is a spirit fox who guides Elena through the human and spirit worlds.

Pocahontas Tsum Tsums And Limited Edition Doll:

Get ready Pocahontas fans because Disney is about to release a new series of tsum tsums AND a limited edition doll honoring this Native America princess!  I know, know…I get way too worked up when Disney unveils something new; but seriously, Pocahontas is exciting!

Disney has announced that they are releasing a 17-inch limited edition Pocahontas doll in early March; however, they are pretty secretive about their upcoming releases, so I don’t have any images that I can share.  All I know is that we are getting a limited edition Pocahontas doll this year.

But, I can give you a glimpse at the upcoming tsum tsum set:

Coming Soon: Pocahontas Mini Tsum Tsums
Image obtained via UK Disney Store

It looks to me like this is a set of five mini tsum tsums and includes:

  1. Pocahontas
  2. John Smith
  3. Percy
  4. Flit
  5. Meeko

They will be released in the UK on February 13th, but a date for the US has not been announced yet.

Ever After High Sweet Treats Doll Line

New Ever After High Dolls 2018: Sweet Treats Collection

Isn’t this a surprising turn of events!  I felt sure the Back-To-School line would be Ever After High’s swan song, but I was obviously wrong.  Images have emerged showing a new series of dolls called Sweets Treats.

Ever After High Sweet Treats Dolls 2018

It looks like this line will feature:

  1. Apple White
  2. Raven Queen
  3. Madeline Hatter
  4. C.A Cupid
  5. Darling Charming
  6. Holly O’Hair
  7. Bunny Blanc
I hate to say this, but I’m not overly enthusiastic about this series.  I know that’s a terrible thing to say, especially when Ever After High is already hanging by a thread, but the dolls look very unoriginal and, quite frankly, CHEAP!  But, before you start throwing stones, let me explain my frustrations:

Recycled Items:

It looks the elements in this series are all recycled from previous dolls and playsets.

Apple White is the only articulated doll:

That’s right.  If the promo pictures are correct then Apple White will be the only doll with knee joints.  This makes zero sense to me.  Part of what made Monster High and Ever After High so popular was their awesome articulation!  Why spoil a great product by changing one of its core features?  A lot of people were already upset because of the new face-ups.  Losing knee joints will only reinforce the idea that the rebooted dolls are lesser quality than the originals.

However, these promo pics were just released so maybe there’s a chance the dolls are better quality than the what the images show.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.
Now, for some miscellaneous doll news:

Upcoming Live Action Dolls


Disney Live Action Movie Posters 2018

Right now, the movie we are most excited to see is The Nutcracker And The Four Realms!
The Nutcracker And The Four Realms Promotional Image

Sister and I love The Nutcracker ballet!  We watch it every Christmas and Sister frequently plays her Tchaikovsky soundtrack.  Not only that, we are both Janeites.  We read Jane Austen’s books, watched the movies, and joke about finding Mr. Darcy.  So you can imagine our reaction when we learned that Kiera Knightley is playing the Sugar Plum Princess!  It’s like a totally awesome mash-up of the Nutcracker and Pride and Prejudice!

Needless to say, we are pretty excited about The Nutcracker And The Four Realms film and any dolls that might come with it!  I also heard that Mattel has plans to release dolls for all three of these movies, so maybe this means that Mattel is on their way to getting the Disney Princesses back?

As far as I know, there aren’t any confirmed release dates, but A Wrinkle In Time is coming out in April so I imagine it won’t be too long before we start seeing some live action dolls.

Heart Divider

Of all the doll news we covered today, I think I’m most excited about Pocahontas.  I tend to be nostalgic and remember my mother taking me to see the movie when it first debuted in 1995.  Also, for many years my favorite doll was the Sun Colors Pocahontas by Mattel and I have lots of happy memories of her.

But I’ve already talked enough and complained enough?.  Now it’s your turn!  Who are you most excited (or not excited) to see from this lineup?


  1. An Elena of Avalor Disney animator doll, awesome!:) I love her TV show, so I’m excited that they made a Disney animator doll of her, I wonder… do you think this might mean she is going to be part of the Disney princess line?
    I am not quite sure what to think of the new Ever After High dolls, one thing I like is that their smiling,
    and that Mattel hasn’t decided to stop the line altogether and is still making dolls of them.
    But I don’t like that in the new doll line ups that there is no story surrounding them other then they are making (or eating) sweets since the older dolls had a story surrounding them (such as Epic Winter, and The Dragon Games). Also I don’t like the cheapness of the clothes but I hope this means Mattel is planning on continuing the line.
    Oooh…I can’t wait to see the dolls that they make for these movies,
    I wish they had made dolls for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie (instead they made action figures that looked nothing like the characters).
    Also I love Pride and Prejudice too!:) And Elizabeth Bennet is awesome, and I can’t wait to see how
    Kiera Knightley will play the Sugar Plum Princess.

    1. Author

      Well, Disney has made a Classic, a singing, a limited edition, and now an Animators’ doll of Elena
      so they might include her with the other Disney Princesses…especially if she were to get a full length movie. Disney has plenty of flaws but they seem to listen to their customers, so I think if Elena’s fans want her included with the other princesses they’ll make it happen.

      I couldn’t agree more about Ever After High. I’m glad to see the line isn’t totally dead, but not happy with the cheap design.

      I was totally going to get Pirates Of The Caribbean dolls had they made them! In fact, there were a bunch of rumors last year that we might get a limited edition Jack Sparrow! Unfortunately, those turned out to be just that…rumors?. We are super excited about the Nutcracker dolls though, and
      I feel certain one of us (either me or Sister) will end up making “Elizabeth Bennet” dresses for our Sugar Plum Fairy!

      1. Mattel’s ‘Barbie Collector’ line did release doll versions of Captain Jack Sparrow and Angelica when an earlier Pirates Of The Caribbean movie, On Stranger Tides, was released. From pictures I’ve seen, they seemed to be nice dolls. However my sister was disappointed when they came out because Captain Jack Sparrow didn’t come with his trademark hat and coat and pistol.

        1. Author

          Yes, I have seen the Stranger Tides dolls and think they look pretty cool, however, I didn’t enjoy Stranger Tides as much as The Curse Of The Black Pearl so I wasn’t super enthusiastic about the dolls. I wish they had made dolls from the original movie because I would totally have gotten Elizabeth Swann!

          1. I did think I saw something like dolls for Dead Men Tell No Tales. (That weren’t the action figures). They looked like limited edition dolls except the only characters that they appeared to have made were Jack Sparrow and Barbossa. (And there were no dolls of Henry Turner or Carina Smith).
            I looked back again, but I couldn’t find them, perhaps Disney decided since some of the critics thought the movie was bad (I thought it was a decent Pirates of The Caribbean movie.) That they wouldn’t release dolls for it and instead sell cheaply made action figures.

          2. Author

            Yes, I was kind of surprised Disney released those (ugly) figures instead of dolls…especially when fans were hoping for a limited-edition Jack Sparrow. Except for the ones put out by Hot Toys, I don’t remember seeing any dolls for Dead Men Tell No Tales; however, I was also preoccupied with finding a live action Beauty and The Beast Prince when the movie came out and could have easily missed them.

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