Disney Shopkins Blind Box Haul!

Get ready for a blind box mega haul because today we’ve got five–that’s right FIVE Disney Shopkins blind boxes to unwrap!

Blind Box Heaven

I am really hoping that today is my lucky day and I’ll get some of Cinderella’s home decor.

Let's Open Up The Boxes And See What We Get!

Oh boy!  It’s the first box and we’ve already found some of Cinderella’s items! I’ve got a good feeling about this batch of blind boxes ?

In this box we have a Collector’s Book, a purple tile, and a bag with our mystery items.

Opening Disney Shopkins Blind Boxes

Inside Bag Number One Is A Cup.

The cup is light blue with a magenta colored pumpkin painted on it.

Blind Box Item: A Cup.

Blind Box Bag Number Two: Alarm Clock

Isn’t that cute! The alarm clock is light blue with pink and yellow accents on one side.

Blind Box Alarm Clock

And would you look at that! The time is set to midnight!  Or maybe it’s noon?  No, it must be midnight.

Blind Box Bag Number Three: A Tissue Box

The tissues are white (as tissues should be) and are separate from the holder.

Blind Box Tissues And Tissue Holder

The tissue holder is pink and has a sticker with Cinderella’s silhouette on it.  There is a hole at the top of the holder for the tissues to peek through.

Four More Blind Boxes To Open!

Tink’s right.  We better get moving otherwise this review will take all day!

Inside box number two is…More Belle Decor. Phooey!

Tink!  How can you say that?  Belle has lots of cute things!

She Doesn't Have Knitting Needles. Those Are What I'm After!

Okay, so we know this box won’t have the knitting needles, but let’s see what it does have.

There is another Collector’s Guide, a purple tile, and a sealed bag with our mystery items.Oh, look! A Menu!

The menu is purple and yellow.  It has “Cheese Tray” written on the front and is decorated with images of cheese wheels.Blind Box Menu

I think I know which secrets this blind box holds.

Disney Shopkins Belle's Decor: Cheeses And Cheese ServerThe cheese board is pinkish-purple and shaped like The Beast’s magic mirror.  The cheese server is yellow and is holding a small slice of cheese.

Disney Shopkins Belle's Kitchen Decor: Cheese.

Then we have a wheel of white cheese, a chunk of yellow cheese, and some grapes.  The cheeses and the grapes are all one piece and fit nicely on the cheese board.

Okay, we’ve opened two boxes and found items from Cinderella’s bedroom and Belle’s kitchen.

Disney Shopkins Blind Box Review

Time To Open Box Number Three!

So, we’ve got another Belle box, and inside this box is the familiar Collector’s Guide, purple tile, and yellow bag.

Would You Mind If We Skipped Ahead To The Goodies?

Sure thing, Tink.  Inside this bag we found…

Disney Shopkins Blind Box Belle's Kitchen Decor: Toast And Butter Dish.

A slice of toast, a piece of bread, and a butter dish.  The toast has a pat of butter molded to the top and, if you look real close, you can see a rose etched in the center of it.  The slice of bread has a light center speckled with brown dots. Then we have a pink and purple butter dish with a red rose molded to the top.

And Look! There's Butter Inside The Butter Dish!

Wow!  There really is butter in the butter dish!  How cute!

Let's Get On With Opening These Last Two Boxes.

Inside this box is…Disney Shopkins Blind Box Cinderella's Decor: Knitting Supplies.

Hold on a second, Tink! Give me a chance to show your trinkets off before you go hiding them.  As you see, this box contained Cinderella’s knitting supplies.

She has a box to hold her crafty things.Disney Shopkins Blind Box Item: Knitting Box.The box is light blue and has pink handles molded on the sides. On the front is a sticker showing skeins of yarn, and on the back is a patch of yellow pumpkins.

Then we have Tink’s favorite item, these darling knitting needles!  The knitting needles are stuck inside a ball of pink yarn, and the ends of the needles are molded to look like glass slippers.  So super cute!

Disney Shopkins Blind Box Items: Knitting Needles And Scissors.

The final item in Cinderella’s craft box are these tiny blue scissors.

Wow, we’ve opened four blind boxes and found Cinderella’s bedroom decor, cheese from Belle’s kitchen, bread and toast from Belle’s kitchen, and Cinderella’s knitting box.

Disney Shopkins Blind Box Catalog

Disney Shopkins Blind Box Items

Let’s see what box number five is hiding…

Inside This Box Is Minnie Mouse's Home Decor!

We haven’t gotten any Minnie Mouse items yet so this will be fun.  Inside is…

A Collector's Guide, A Blue Tile, And Yellow Bag Of Fun!

Neat!  We found the egg carton, egg holder, and eggs from Minnie Mouse’s kitchen!

Disney Shopkins Blind Box Minnie Mouse Items: Eggs.

The egg holder is shaped to look like Minnie Mouse ears.  It is bright blue and has a pink bow molded between the ears.  Next, we see Minnie’s pink egg carton.  On the front of the carton is a sticker that says “eggs” and at the top is a blue bow.  Besides being cute, the egg carton is also functional!  The lid pops open so you can put stuff (like eggs) inside.  Speaking of eggs, check out those adorable eggs!

I know, I know.  I am so overusing the word “adorable”, but seriously…the eggs are adorable.  They are white, have red bows molded on one side, and are so tiny!

Which Makes Them Perfect For A Fairy!

That was the last box so I guess that’s the end of our blind box haul.

Unboxing And Review Of Disney Shopkins Blind Boxes

You know what’s amazing though?  We didn’t get any doubles!  That’s some pretty good luck if you ask me.

And If You Ask Me, Good Luck Was Finding Those Knitting Supplies!

Tink and I hope you had fun unboxing these blind boxes with us!  We sure had fun opening them and sharing it with you.


  1. This is an awesome and cute review, Paradise Pink & Tink!:)
    I’m sure Tinker Bell will have fun with her new knitting supplies.

    1. Author

      Thank you. Yes, Tink is thrilled to finally have some fairy sized crafting supplies!

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