Plastic Canvas Barbie Doll Travel Case–“Tangled” Themed

You’re probably thinking this is another post by Amanda, but guess again!  This time it’s Sister (aka: Amanda’s sister) here to share a few dolly delights!

Like my older sis, I enjoy making lots of doll crafts, and some of my favorite things to make are plastic canvas doll cases.  This case is a case I made for my Rapunzel doll:Plastic Canvas Doll Case Inspired By RapunzelHowever, I never really use and have decided to sell it.  But, before it sells, Rapunzel wanted to take you on a little tour and show it off.

The floor is all yours Rapunzel!

Hi, everyone!  I’m so excited to do this!Image Of Rapunzel Doll (Disney Classic)I saw that Cinderella wrote a post for this blog, and it was so cool that I’ve wanted to do one myself!  Image of Rapunzel Doll (Excited)And now I’m actually doing it! 

Okay…so this is the front of the case:Plastic Canvas Doll Travel Case Inspired By Tangled (Front)There is a stitched picture of me on the front so that everyone knows that “Rapunzel” lives here.

 On the back is a picture of the golden flower–I really like this and think it adds a touch of whimsy.Plastic Canvas Doll Travel Case Inspired By Tangled (Back) The top has handles so the case can be easily transported–and that’s a big deal when you’ve been in the same place for eighteen years!Doll Travel Case Top And Handles

On the side are buckles and latches.  These velcro shut to keep out the ruffians, thugs, poison ivy, snakes, plagues….you get the idea.Buckles On Side Of Doll Travel Case Here is the inside:Disney Tangled Themed Plastic Canvas Doll Case For Barbie Dolls.All of the colors are Tangled inspired. 

My side of the room is purple with little, golden flowers stitched on the walls:Rapunzel's Side Of The Travel Case The floor and ceiling are cream colored to keep the room from becoming overly dark and feeling boxy.Floor And Ceiling Of Plastic Canvas CaseThe three top drawers the dresser are stitched with purple and gold yarn to represent the colors of Corona.Plastic Canvas Closet (With Drawers) Inside Doll CaseAnd the drawers have cute Tangled themed buttons for knobs!      

Now the other side of the room belongs to Eugene, and he was very specific about how he wanted it to look.Rapunzel And Flynn Ryder Dolls With Plastic Canvas CaseOh, come on! It’s the first room I’ve ever had!

Flynn Ryder And Rapunzel With Tangled Themed Doll CaseI couldn’t have it looking all “princessy”!

This side is stitched to look like blue and brown paneling:Image Of Flynn Ryder Showing His Side Of The Travel Case Side Of Doll Case Stitched With Brown And Blue YarnNo guy would feel self-conscience staying in a room like this! 

The dresser drawers are stitched with blue and brown yarn to match the walls:Bottom Drawers Of Closet Stitched With Brown And Blue YarnThis way no one gets confused about whose drawer is whose. 

And look!  He has cute “Tangled” drawer pulls like mine! 

Yeah….let’s move on.

The floor folds up for traveling:Plastic Canvas Doll Case With Fold Up Floor And folds down when the case is open:Plastic Canvas Doll Case With Floor Folded Down

The floor is stitched with very soft yarn.Close Up Look At Plastic Canvas Case FloorPerfect for a doll (like me) who prefers going barefoot! 

On this side is a very large space that we use as extra storage….Open Area On Left Side Of Doll Case…and as a place for Maximus. 

It has red and gold stripes:Plastic Canvas Doll Travel Case Made With Red And Gold YarnAnd since Max is such a fan of apples, there is an apple border stitched at the top.

Maximus Standing Inside Doll Travel CaseI just love being able to keep my horse in the house!Flynn Ryder And Rapunzel Dolls Talking While Maximus Leaves His Side Of The CaseYeah…except for when he rolls in the mud and tracks hoof prints everywhere!   

Oh, and we can’t forget the furniture! 

There are two pieces of furniture that go with the case:Plastic Canvas Doll Travel Case AccessoriesA changing screen and a little bench. 

The changing screen is purple, pink, and gold:Plastic Canvas Doll Changing ScreenIt can be folded down for easy storing. 

The chair is also purple, pink, and gold:Plastic Canvas Doll Bench And when you open the lid there is more space for storing things! 

Oh, look! My guitar…I’ve been looking for this!

Rapunzel Sees Her Guitar In The Corner Of Case*TWANG*

Rapunzel Doll Holding Plastic Canvas GuitarOh, blondie! That thing should have stayed hidden!Rapunzel Looking At Plastic Canvas GuitarI guess I need to take it over to Tink’s and have her fix it.Flynn Ryder Doll Talking To RapunzelOh no!  No, no…Flynn Ryder Doll Talking…the last time we went over there I had to listen to Gaston sing about his glory days for hours!Rapunzel Doll Talking To FlynnBut I really need to get this fixed though so it can go along with the rest of the case.Flynn Doll Replying To RapunzelAlright, I’ll take you!Flynn Walking Away To Make Phone CallJust let me give Kit a call first.  At least then I’ll have some back up in case Gaston breaks into a spontaneous melody. Rapunzel Doll Standing In Front Of Plastic Canvas Travel CaseThank you for joining me on this tour! I hope you got some amazing craft ideas from this little travel case!Flynn Doll Comes Back And Is Talking

BYE!!Rapunzel, Flynn, And Maximus Dolls Saying Good-Bye


  1. Thanks! The plastic canvas crafts are fun…time consuming but lots of fun?

  2. Amazing! I got to your blog from AmericanGirlFan's and I'm glad I did. This looks like it was a ton of work, but it paid off. Nice job

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