Beauty And The Beast Tsum Tsum Plush Set—A Special Review!

Today we have a special review featuring the newly released

Beauty And The Beast Tsum Tsum Plush Set!

Review Of Beauty And The Beast Mini Tsum Tsum Plush Set With Tote.
We finally have our favorite Beauty And The Beast characters in their HUMAN FORM!!  This set was actually a surprise release for the live action Beauty And The Beast movie.  Usually, Disney Store will post info about upcoming tsum tsums, but not for these guys.  They simply appeared at on March 17th.
The description of the set reads:
  • Set includes Sultan the footstool ‘Tsum Tsum plush tote, plus eight mini Tsum Tsums.
  • Characters include Belle, Beast/Prince, Cogsworth, Lumiere, Fifi, Mrs. Potts and Chip in their human forms, and Sultan as a dog.
  • Embroidered details.
  • Soft, squeezable fill with beans in belly.
  • Fuzzy plush texturing.
  • Self-stick fabric flap on case.
  • Mini tsum tsums fit snugly inside.
  • Top carry handles.
  • Part of our Disney ”Tsum Tsum” Plush Collection, each sold separately.
  • “Sultan” plush tote dimensions are: 4″ high by 8″ wide by 16″ long.
  • Each mini tsum tsum is 3 1/2″ long.

Let’s have a closer look at these cuties!

Belle:Belle Mini Tsum Tsum In Blue Dress?”I want much more than this provincial life!”?

 Belle is wearing her blue village dress and has a white ribbon around her waist.Belle Mini Tsum Tsum Side View

The Prince:The Prince Mini Tsum Tsum?”Belle, it’s me”?

After all this time I finally got the Prince!  Or at least the tsum tsum version of him?  The Prince is dressed in his ballroom outfit.  His “hair” is pulled back in a ponytail, and he has a small bang hanging down over one eye.
The Prince Mini Tsum Tsum Side View

Lumiere:Lumiere Mini Tsum Tsum (Human Form)?”Be our guest!”?

 Lumiere is absolutely adorable!  He has a brown and yellow outfit (the same one he’s seen wearing at the end of the original film) and a candelabra embroidered on his coat to help distinguish him from Cogsworth.
Lumiere Mini Tsum Tsum Side View

Cogsworth:Cogsworth Mini Tsum Tsum (Human Form)⌚”As I always say, ‘If it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it.'”⌚

 I just love Cogsworth little grin and cute mustache!  Cogsworth’s outfit is mostly brown with gold trim, and, like the candelabra on Lumiere’s coat, Cogsworth has a pocket watch embroidered on his left side.Cogsworth Mini Tsum Tsum Side View
Mrs. Potts:Mrs. Potts Mini Tsum Tsum (Human Form)
?”Things will turn out alright in the end, you’ll see.”?

Mrs. Potts is wearing a pink dress, with a white ribbon around her body.  She also has a purple and yellow cap that sort of resembles a flower.Mrs. Potts Mini Tsum Tsum Side View

Chip:Chip Mini Tsum Tsum (Human Form)
 “Do I still have to sleep in the cupboard?”
Chip is so cute!  He has a big smile on his face and is wearing a simple, tan and blue outfit.  Since it’s pretty obvious who they are, neither Chip or Mrs. Potts have symbols embroidered on their outfits.
Chip Mini Tsum Tsum (Human Form)
Fifi Mini Tsum Tsum (Human Form)
“I’ve been burnt by you before”–(Fifi to Lumiere)
Fifi is Lumiere’s feather duster girlfriend and (in my opinion) one of the most under appreciated Disney characters, so I was thrilled to see her included in this set.  Fifi has a white, ruffled cap and wears a black and brown dress that has a feather duster embroidered on it.
Fifi Mini Tsum Tsum Side View

Sultan:Sultan Mini Tsum Tsum (Dog Form)“Woof, Woof!”

Then there’s Sultan!  He is no longer a footstool and can resume the life of a normal dog!  Sultan is light cream-colored, has a tan muzzle, brown ears and tail, and one big, brown spot on his back.Sultan Mini Tsum Tsum Side View

Lastly, we have the tote that the tsum tsums come in, which is Sultan as a footstool:
Tote For Tsum Tsum Plush Set.The tote is bright red and yellow and is very soft.  It has plush, brown “legs” on the bottom, a plush “head” on one side, and plush “tail” on the other.  However, since both ends look exactly the same, I’ve not been able to distinguish which is which!
Top And Bottom Of Tote

The bag has two handles on the flap and closes using velcro:Tote Bag For Beauty And The Beast Plush Tsum Tsum Set

I can honestly say that I am totally in love with this set!
Beauty And The Beast Tsum Tsum Set With Characters In Their Human Form
Having all the characters in their human form is awesome, and I’m thrilled to add them to my (rapidly growing) tsum tsum collection!All Of My Beauty And The Beast Tsum Tsums
And doesn’t Snow Belle look super cute with the Prince?
Winter Belle Tsum Tsum With The Prince Tsum Tsum
 I wonder what the rest of our dolls thought about the new additions?
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Yikes!  I guess I need to be more specific when talking about a “Prince” around here!

Well, friends, I hope you enjoyed this peek at the Beauty And The Beast Tsum Tsum Plush Set.  If you did, please feel free to like and share this post!


  1. poor Belle…
    by the way that was a awesome review!:) and if your looking for a prince for Belle there is a set by Hasbro ( it's called the royal celebration set)


  2. Thank you! I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested in a tsum tsum video, but this set is so cute I couldn't resist trying! Yes, I've seen the Hasbro set and am about to publish a review on it.

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