5 Gifts To Give Doll Collectors (And Their Dolls) This Christmas

Christmas Is Right Around The Corner!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already started your holiday shopping…

As Well As Making A Christmas List Of Your Own

So, Tinkerbell and I decided this was the perfect time to write a gift guide for doll collectors.

Because There's No Shame In Buying A Few Trinkets For Your Dolls!

We’ve compiled a list of five items that we feel are sure to please any doll lover and their doll!

5 Gifts To Give Doll Collectors This Christmas

Gift Idea Number 1:


Never underestimate the power of a good sticker book!  Stickers are an awesome gift for doll lovers, especially those who enjoy crafting for their dolls.  They work great for decorating dollhouses and some can be used to make dollhouse miniatures.

Image Of Planner Stickers

Gift Idea Number 2:

Small charms are excellent accessories for Barbie dolls, and the variety of charms available is endless!

Image Of Charms

You can get camera charms, typewriter charms, gumball machine charms, etc… I particularly like these tiny dishes.  They make the cutest miniature chinaware!

Gift Idea Number 3:

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are everywhere this time of year and can make unique additions to the dollhouse. Do your doll’s like to sew?  This sewing machine ornament (pictured above) is just the right scale for a mini doll. How about some sweet Christmas treats?  Hobby Lobby has dozens of food-related ornaments (pictured below) perfectly sized for 18-inch dolls.

Image Of Christmas Ornaments

Gift Idea Number 4:

Doll Clothes!

I don’t know a single doll collector who doesn’t love getting a new outfit for their doll’s wardrobe!

Image Of Doll Clothes

Hobby Lobby has a variety of 18-inch doll clothes that can be purchased for less than ten dollars (especially if you use a coupon), while Wal-Mart stocks little packs of Barbie clothes for about $4.99 each.

Gift Idea Number 5:

Something Made By You!
I am of the opinion though that the best gifts are handmade.  You can make cute, doll-sized knick-knacks using material you already have at home, and whatever you make can be customized to your doll’s personality.

Image Of DIY Doll Books

These Beauty And The Beast themed books were made using printables from our Printables Page, paper, scissors, and glue.You Can See How We Made These Books By Following The Link Below

How To Make Disney Themed Books For Your Dolls

Well, that’s the end of our list!  I know it was short, but I hope it gave you a few gift ideas for the doll lover (and dolls) in your family!


  1. Thanks! I got the idea to write a gift guide after googling "gifts for doll collectors" and coming up with nothing but the newest Barbies. My favorite item from this list are the charms! They look so realistic and don't cost nearly as much as miniature dishes sold for dollhouses.

  2. Great idea for a post. I liked how your gift ideas can easily be adapted to dolls of different scales. Enjoy the holiday season.
    Signed, Treesa

  3. Oooh…these are awesome gift ideas (for collectors and their dolls).

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