An Off Topic Craft–How To Make A Catnip Mouse

I have some exciting news to share today!  Just this month one of our rescued cats had a litter kittens!


That’s right!  Five of the tiniest kitties you’ll ever see!


You see, besides being a typical do-it-yourself kind of family, we are also major cat lovers!  In fact, I can’t remember a time when we didn’t have at least one cat in our household; and any feline that’s ever crossed our threshold has been a rescue.

This Mama Cat was no different:


When we first spotted her wandering through our yard she was starving, malnourished, and wormy.  It was a pitiful sight.


However, after few bags of cat food and a trip to the vet, she’s right as rain and has successfully delivered these sweet little kitties!


So, I thought it would be fun to go off topic today and create something special for us “crazy cat ladies” and our feline companions!

How to make catnip filled toys for your cats!

I am going to use recycled socks to make catnip filled mice (this is a great way to recycle those old socks who’ve lost their match ?).

Supplies needed:

  1. A Sock
  2. Needle and thread
  3. Yarn
  4. Embroidery floss
  5. Felt
  6. Stuffing (pillow fluff, batting, etc…)

Recycled materials for DIY cat toy.


  1. Catnip

  2. Squeaker

Squeaker and catnip for DIY cat toy.

  • Begin by cutting a small oval from the sock:

Cut oval from sock to make cat toy.

  • With right sides together, sew down both long sides and one short side of the oval (soon to be mouse):

Sew three sides of sock.

  • Then flip it right side out:

Flip sock right side out.

At this point, you can start stuffing the mouse and filling it with goodies like catnip, squeakers, paper to make a crinkly sound, etc… Since catnip tends to cling to everything it touches, I made a small “bag” to contain it and eliminate the mess.

  • Make the catnip bag by cutting a small square from the sock:
  • Take a strand of embroidery floss and, using a large needle, lace it around the section of sock you just cut out.  Leave the ends of the floss long and loose for tying up the bag:Making a bag to hold the catnip.
  • Now pour some catnip into the center, and pull the embroidery floss to gather the edges of the bag and enclose the catnip.
  • Then tie a knot around the bag and snip off the ends of the floss:Make a bag for catnip before putting inside cat toy.

There!  The catnip is secure in its own little bag and no longer a threat to my clothes or carpet.  Putting the catnip in a bag before placing it inside the mouse not only makes adding the catnip easier, it also adds an extra layer of security in case one of the cats tears a hole in the mouse.  Now let’s begin stuffing this mouse!

  • Add a small amount of fluff:Add stuffing to cat toy.
  • Followed by the catnip bag:Add catnip to toy mouse.
  • And, for some additional fun, a squeaker:Squeaker for DIY cat toy.

Before sewing up the backside, let’s give this mouse a tail using a cat’s favorite material…YARN! Multi-colored yarn.My cats LOVE yarn so giving this mouse a long yarn tail was a no-brainer.

  • To make the tail, cut several strands of yarn and braid them together:Strands of yarn.
  • Push part of the braided strands inside then stitch up the opening, making sure to catch the strands of yarn as you sew past them:Sew yarn to back of mouse to make a tail.

DIY cat toy with tail (still need to embroider on a face).

Now we have a plump, fuzzy ball with a lot of colorful yarn at one end.  Let’s make this toy look “mousier” by giving it a simple face.Make your own cat toys!

  • Use black embroidery floss to add eyes:Use embroidery floss to sew eyes on mouse.
  • Cut semi-circles of felt for ears:Cut felt to make ears for cat toy.
  • Sew the ears to the top of the mouse, right above the eyes:Making a simple cat toy using a sock.
  • Finally, sew on a little nose using more embroidery floss:DIY cat toy

Now you have an adorable toy perfectly suited for your feline friends!  Let’s see how the cats like it…

Image6Bagheera certain seems intrigued!

Cats playing with homemade toys.

Kittens batting DIY mouse.

I know this was completely out the realm of dolls; however, cats (and animals in general) are a large part of my life so I thought it would be fun to toss in a craft inspired by them.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this off-topic post and have fun making your kitties some one-of-a-kind sock mice!


  1. Awesome craft idea!:) Your cats are adorable.

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