A Little Winter Miracle

Snow?  What is snow?  Where I live, the closest thing we have to snow comes in a glass globe.  Each year as Christmas draws nigh, and we start watching our favorite holiday shows, I wonder to myself what it’s like to throw a snowball, build a snowman, or make a snow angel.  “But,” I tell myself, “it would take a miracle for it snow here.”

One Miracle Coming Up!


Image Of Snow In FieldYes, last Friday we had an early Christmas miracle!  Actual snow!  I seriously couldn’t believe these little flakes were falling right in front my eyes!  I admit it’s far from the blanket of white that covers the ground in Home Alone or The Santa Clause, but it stayed long enough to make things feel wintery, so I’ll take it!

That first photo was taken the evening the snow began to fall, but these next few are ones I took the following morning:Image Of Field With Small Mound Of Snow

I was surprised the snow didn’t melt during the night.  I figured there was no way it would last until morning (don’t you love my optimistic attitude!).  But it did last and gave me a chance to snap a picture I’ve always wanted:

Image Of Elsa Classic Doll With Snow
Elsa holding a snowball!

It’s silly I know, but I have always wanted to get a picture of my Classic Elsa doll somewhere in the vicinity of snow.Image Of Elsa Doll Holding A SnowballI only got a couple of photos though because I quickly discovered something about snow…it’s cold!

Our winters are (usually) mild enough that you can spend most of the time in shorts and a t-shirt, so I wasn’t really prepared for the chill that accompanied these white flurries. I think the neighbors had a good laugh watching me pose Elsa and take pictures wearing clothes much more suited to summer—all while my horses galloped around trying to decide whether this strange white stuff was manna from heaven or fire and brimstone.

Image Of Horses Running

However, I soon retreated the warm indoors and the horses settled down to eat hay, so the comedy show ended?
Image Of Horses Sniffing Snow Covered Hay Bale
The snow melted about an hour later and hasn’t returned, but now I can say that I’ve encountered this chilly powder at least once in my life…and I have the pics to prove it!

Image Of Elsa Holding Snowball With Icy Swirl Frame


  1. Thanks. It was a pretty cool experience (no pun intended?).
    Here in South Texas snow falls once in a blue moon. In fact, I think the only other time I've seen snow was back in 1993…however I was too young to remember it. I can't even imagine what a blizzard would be like!

  2. I've lived with heavy snow during the winter months all my life, called lake-effect snow. Fortunately, we live on the west side of Cleveland; the heavier snowfalls are more on the east side, and of course up to Buffalo. I even have vague memories of the Blizzard of '77. I'm glad that you and Elsa got to enjoy a little snowfall. Maybe Heat Miser and Snow Miser made another deal?

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