A Blind Box Surprise!

I was checking out the toy aisle the other day, seeing if there was anything new, when I saw these…

Disney Shopkins Blind Boxes!

These blind boxes are part of the “Shopkins Happy Places Disney Collection” (at least I think that’s what they’re called).  I found them at Wal-Mart for about $3.97 per box.

A Reivew Of Disney Shopkins Happy Places Blind Box

I have been waiting FOREVER for our local Wal-Mart to stock these, mostly because I love, love blind boxes but also because these are Disney themed!  It’s a match made in heaven!  According to the description, there is one tile plus three surprises hidden inside.

On the back of the box is a picture of a few of the items.  It looks like they are inspired by Cinderella, Belle, and Minnie Mouse.

Wait! Where's The Tinker Bell Decor?
Cinderella’s decor looks pretty neat—is that a knitting needle I see?  Oooo, and a pair of scissors?

Image Showing Other Happy Places Collections

Oh, I hope we get Cinderella’s things!  Let’s get it open and see what’s inside!

It looks Like We Have Belle's Decor.

Darn it!  Oh well, that’s the risk with blind boxes—getting what you want is never a guarantee.

Okay, so here are all the pieces out of the box:

Inside Is A Collectors Guide, Menu, Tile, And Blind Bag
First, let’s take a look at the collector’s guide. Here is the part of the catalog showing Belle’s Home Decor:

Image Of Blind Box Cataloge Showing Belle Items

It looks like Belle’s decor has:

  1. A book
  2. A plate
  3. A fork and holder
  4. Toast
  5. Toast on a plate
  6. A butter dish
  7. A fruit bowl
  8. A group of apples
  9. An apple
  10. A teapot
  11. A dish
  12. A teapot
  13. A candy jar
  14. A candy stand
  15. Rose candies
  16. A cheese board
  17. Cheese
  18. A cheese server

Cinderella’s Home Decor includes:

Image Of Blind Box Cataloge Showing Cinderella Items

  1. A bag
  2. A purse
  3. A compact
  4. An alarm clock
  5. Tissues
  6. A cup
  7. A basket
  8. A ball of yarn (I want this!)
  9. A pair of scissors
  10. A book holder
  11. A notebook
  12. A Pen
  13. A mirror
  14. A hairdryer (Anastasia would love this!)
  15. A comb
  16. A pencil sharpener
  17.  A Pencil holder
  18. A pencil

Minnie Mouse’s items are:

Image Of Blind Box Cataloge Showing Minnie Mouse Items

  1. Pie
  2. A slice of pie
  3. A cake server
  4. Egg carton
  5. Egg holder
  6. Eggs
  7. A cake
  8. Cake stand
  9. A cake decorator (looks like a bag of icing)
  10. A loaf of bread
  11. A bread box
  12. A butter pan
  13. A teapot
  14. A teacup
  15. A teaspoon
  16. A toaster
  17. A plate
  18. Toast
  19. A cookie jar
  20. A plate of cookies
  21. Tongs
  22. A lolly jar
  23. A lolly bowl
  24. Some lollies (I’m assuming these are lollipops?)

Then we have some special, limited edition home decor which are:

Image Of Blind Box Cataloge Showing Limited Edition Items

  1. A fruit basket
  2. A television that is playing Cinderella
  3. Pie
  4. A smoothie
  5. An MP3 Dock
  6. A Throw Pillow
  7. A stack of books
  8. A jug with a gold rose on it
  9. A tiny shelf with books and a “Bippity Boppity” sign

The menu (it could also be a place card, I guess?) is pretty small.

Image Of Sweet Treats Menu From Blind Box

It has a purplish background, is decorated with red roses in the corners, and has “Sweet Treats” written in the center.

It's The Pefect Size For A Tiny Fairy!

I believe this little tile is to expand your Shopkin’s house:

Image Of Purple Tile From Blind Box

Unfortunately, I don’t collect Shopkins, so I don’t really have a use for it.

However It Does Make A Nice Podium

Alright, enough delay!  Let’s open up the bags and see what’s inside!  The bag containing the mystery items is divided into three sections with each section holding an item:

Image Of Yellow Blind Bag

Inside Bag Number One Is Two Pieces Of Candy

Well, they may not be the pieces I was hoping for, but the candies are kind of cute.

Image Of Pink Candy Pieces
Each candy is shaped like a blooming rose.  They are molded together and painted pink all around.

They're The Perfect Size For A Mini Doll!
I think I know which pieces are in this blind box:

Image Of Happy Places Decor: Candy Themed Items

So, let’s go ahead and open up the next bag and see if I’m right:

In Bag Number Two Is A Candy Stand With More Candy.
The candy stand is yellow and has three more rose candies molded onto it:

Image Of Candy Stand

We’re down to the last bag (and I’m pretty sure I can guess what it is?).

Inside Bag Number Three Is The Candy Jar
The candy jar is “glass” colored (translucent blue), has a purple ‘B’ stamped on the front, and is shaped like a teapot:

Image Of Candy Jar

The lid is removable…

So It's Able To Hold The Loose Pieces Of Candy

Image Of Candy Jar From Shopkins Happy Places Blind Box

Even though this wasn’t the set I had originally hoped to get, for $4.00 these tiny trinkets are pretty cute!

Image Of Candy Decor From Disney Shopkins Happy Places Blind Box

The pieces are nicely detailed and the perfect size for mini and Barbie dolls.  They will make excellent accent pieces in my Ever After High castle (which I’m still in the process of repainting).

Tinkerbell Doll With Quote: Hey, I Thought These Treats Were Mine!

Well, Tinkerbell and I hope you enjoyed opening this blind box with us…

And Have A Merry Christmas!

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