Doll Craft: DIY Doll Books.

Welcome to Pixie Dust Doll’s official guide to making doll books! Books are the ultimate dollhouse decorations. They make the scene so much more interesting and lifelike. They can also hint to your doll’s personality. Does she like mind-bending mysteries? Or maybe she’s a romantic who enjoys happily-ever-after endings?Read The Post

Just because social gatherings are a no-go doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate America’s freedom. We’ll just do it online!Read The Post

Dollhouse Decorating: Tink's Treehouse Part 1

As you saw in our last post, Tink’s Treehouse is being seriously redecorated (something she is not happy about). Don’t get me wrong–the Treehouse is adorable just the way it comes. Still, I think I can make it cuter, cozier, and a tad whimsier. So, I’ve disassembled the entire thing and am in the process of turning it into the ultimate fairy abode.Read The Post

Surviving the Storm (a doll photostory).

Today was supposed to be a crafty topic (something fantastic, I assure you). However, an unfortunate incident at the end of May set us back a few days. Actually, more like a week. What happened? A storm, friends. A storm from the depths of hell.Read The Post

It’s challenging to find active doll bloggers, especially as more and more switch to platforms like Instagram. Because of this, my reading list has been somewhat blank lately. However, thanks to Barb (My Little Doll Corner) and MonsterCrafts, I have a slew of fresh doll blogs to read! Both ladies recently shared lists of their favorite, active doll blogs and invited others to do the same–which is exactly what I’m about to do!Read The Post

Every doll needs an iPad–at least mine think so😉. Whether it’s a computer, tablet, or phone, my dolly residents want the latest and greatest tech and want it to look like the real deal. Apparently, they’ve inherited my nerdy side! So today we are granting their wish by making miniature iPads.Read The Post