A freak winter storm has taken Texas by surprise. For a solid week, snow and sleet have blasted the entire state, driving temperatures into the single digits.Read The Post

Who has the best printable gift bags?

I warned y’all my Christmas crafting wasn’t finished😉. Squeezing all those holiday projects into 30 days is just too hard! So, we’re going to forget about dates and deadlines and have fun making a few seasonal miniatures for our dolls regardless of the month. Hey, if Hobby Lobby can celebrate Christmas in July, so can we! What post-Christmas craft are we working on today? Printable Gift Bags!Read The Post

Our Homemade Christmas Feature Image.

I know this post is late, and I doubt I need to explain why. The weeks leading up to January 6th were tense, and the big day itself was…revealing, to say the least. I’m no political insider, but I have a hunch that things are about to get spicy. Today, however, I’d like to do something besides flip back and forth between Twitter, Parler, and Gab, so I’m going to give y’all a peek at our homemade Christmas haul.Read The Post

It’s that time of year, folks! Time to break out the red and green lights, twinkling yard ornaments, and the box of Christmas tree bulbs. At least, it used to be. Instead of Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, all we hear now are politicians’ cries to cancel Christmas altogether!Read The Post

Unboxing Cave Club Dino Baby Crystals.

Grrr…I just suffered a tremendous craft fail😡. For the last several days, I’ve been working on a fold-out sofa for a doll room I made but never furnished. Since I’m somewhat under the weather and don’t have the energy to pull out and put away a ton of craft supplies, I decided to try a crocheted sofa. I know crocheting doll furniture sounds weird; however, the pictures on the pattern looked great. Unfortunately, the directions were not.Read The Post

Doll Craft: How to sew fabric pumpkins for the dollhouse.

Last year I didn’t make a single Fall craft. Heck, I barely eked out a Christmas craft! The holidays simply flew by too fast. Well, that’s not happening this time around because today we are making mini fabric pumpkins for our dollhouses!Read The Post