Doll Craft: How to sew fabric pumpkins for the dollhouse.

Last year I didn’t make a single Fall craft. Heck, I barely eked out a Christmas craft! The holidays simply flew by too fast. Well, that’s not happening this time around because today we are making mini fabric pumpkins for our dollhouses!Read The Post

8 Blogging Rules You Should Ignore.

Am I in some kind of a time warp? Has it really been a month since my last post? Well, that’s it. My blog is doomed—at least, that’s what conventional blogging wisdom would have you believe.Read The Post

Dollhouse Decorating Part 2 Feature Image.

Welcome to Part 2 of our Dollhouse Decorating series! Today we’re heading back inside Tink’s Treehouse to install the window trim, baseboards, and crown molding.Read The Post

Doll Review: Cave Club by Mattel.

Hello, friends! Today we are taking a look at Mattel’s new doll line: Cave Club! The Cave Club is a brand-new series consisting of six prehistoric friends: Tella, Emberly, Fernessa, Roaralai, Slate, and Rockelle.Read The Post

Jurassic World Blind Bag Review (Feature Image).

Have I mentioned how much I love blind bags? I’m sure I have! Not only are they fun to open (because everyone loves a good surprise!), but most are great doll-sized accessories. Shopkins and 5 Surprise Mini Brands look great in Barbie’s kitchen, while mini Breyers, Calico Critters, and Disney Doorables make super cute toys for larger dolls.Read The Post