How To Make Markers For Your Dolls

Hello everybody!

You probably remember the photo story that Tinkerbell wrote a while ago (you can find it here) showing how she a Finding Dory Giant Coloring Book for Tinker Bell, my Disney Animator doll.  However, poor Tink failed to tell you how she made the crayons for the book!










Here are the little crayons that Tink made:Doll Crayons Made From Small Dowel In all honesty, they are pretty simple.   Nothing more than wooden dowels cut to size, then sanded, colored with a permanent marker, and wrapped with a little construction paper.  Part of me thinks they might even be a little too simple.

So, I recently updated the coloring box and made some dolly art supplies that are a bit more…realistic:

Doll Markers!

How To Make Markers For A Doll

I made these markers using a very small, wood dowel, paper, our marker label printables (which you can find here), and permanent markers.  What makes these markers special is that the lids are removable.  That’s right! You can pop the lid off when your doll is ready to color, then put it back on when she’s finished!

Tink and Elsa are loving their new colors!Animator Dolls With DIY Markers And Coloring Book

Here are the links for the marker printables:

Marker Label Printables

Marker Box Printable

And also for the “Finding Dory Giant Coloring Book”, just in case you’d like to print one for your dolls to color!

Finding Dory Coloring Book For Dolls (PDF)

Hope you and your dolls have lots of fun crafting and coloring!Tinker Bell Animator Doll With Doll Markers