Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Yes, I know.  Our “Happy Thanksgiving” post is late.  This post was supposed to go up on Thanksgiving Day, however, it got delayed due to me having a terrible migraine….ugh?.

So here is our slightly late, but still happy, Happy Thanksgiving post!

I’m pleased to report that our dolls had a wonderful Thanksgiving party.  Elsa, Anna, and Cinderella put their trunks together to make one large space so that everyone could gather and mingle.

Image Of Our Doll Collection Celebrating Thanksgiving

Drisella baked a lovely turkey for their Thanksgiving meal and some chocolate chip cookies for dessert (apparently the pie didn’t turn out so great):
Image Of Miniature Doll Food: Turkey And Cookies





The dolls enjoyed chatting and catching each other up on the latest….

Doll Photo Story: Dolls Talking About Upcoming Movies

Since I was laid-up on the couch, Tinkerbell took it upon herself to fix Tinker Bell and Elsa (the Disney Animator Dolls) a Thanksgiving meal:

Doll Photo Story: Tinkerbell Takes Turkey Sandwiches To Animator Dolls

Doll Photo Story: Animator Dolls And Tink Eating SandwichesSo, thanks to Tink, the toddlers had some tasty, turkey sandwiches.

And now it’s time to shop!!Doll Photo Story: Anastasia Grabs Her Wallet For Black Friday Shopping
Anastasia and Anna may be willing to brave the streets, but there’s no way I’m going out on a crazy day like today.Doll Photo Story: Tink Shopping On Computer
In teh end, we had a great Thanksgiving here (in spite of having a migraine) and hope our readers had an awesome holiday also!