A Fairy Photo Story–Tinkerbell’s Day At Home

Tinkerbell's Day At Home (Title Image)

Hello, everyone!  Tinkerbell here today!

Tinkerbell waving.

This past week has been super hectic for Amanda and her sister.  They’ve been out of town every day, mostly going to appointments.  So, I will be writing this post for her.

Usually, I get to be her traveling companion, but yesterday she decided to take those silly tsum tsums!

Tsum Tsums: Road Trip!

Well, two of them at least.

Tsum Tsums: We're allready!

Spoiled tsum tsums!

I should be the one going on a road trip!  Hmm, what should I do to get my mind off this injustice? 

Tinkerbell walking to camper.

Maybe some of my fairy friends would like to play or build something or…I don’t know…anything! Maybe Vidia would like to fly around the house.  She’s usually up for a good race.

Tinkerbell inside doll camper.


Tinkerbell, Chloe, and Marina dolls.

Fine. But Marina and Chloe had better not lose them. Do you have any idea how long it took to get those marbles?  They were under Sister’s (Manda’s sister–not mine.) bed.  I had to roll them to our camper which is all the way across the house….all while avoiding the cat! Let’s just say it wasn’t easy.

Ah ha!  There’s Vidia!
Tinkerbell and Vidia dolls.

Jingles! Let’s see…who else might be available?

Anastasia and Rosetta dolls.

That’s okay.  Jewelry organizing really isn’t my thing.

Fawn and Doe are preoccupied riding Phillipe and Maximus:

Fairies with Tsum Tsums.

Silvermist is busy “walking” Dory:

Silvermist and Dory.

Really Sil?

Oh well, there’s one fairy who I know will be ready for some fun!

Periwinkle and Elsa.

Well, she would have been if Elsa hadn’t invited her to go ice skating on the kitchen countertops.  Boy, if only Manda and her sister knew half of the crazy things that go on around here when they’re away.

Wait!  There’s Cinderella…

Tinkerbells' Day At Home Photostory Graphic.


Tinkerbell Photostory Graphic.

Great.  She’s crying.  Now I feel really bad. Hmmm…I’m not necessarily ready to subject myself to the whims of a toddler, but maybe there’s something I can do to make her feel better.

I got it!
Tink with thought bubble: A coloring book!

I’ve watched Manda create a few coloring pages on her computer. Surely whipping up a mini version can’t be that difficult?  

First, I’ve got to find her computer…now, where did she leave it?

Found it!
Tinkerbell typing at computer.
And check this out…Finding Dory coloring pages!  Little Tink will love this.  Now I’ve just got to resize and print out these pages, along with a front and back cover.

Cut them out:
Tinkerbell doll cutting out pages.

Glue the pages together:
Tinkerbell doll with glue.

And let the glue dry:
Tinkerbell with doll-sized coloring book

Good.  The glue is dry.  This book is looking pretty nice if I do say so myself.

Tinkerbell holding coloring book.

I think it’s ready for Tinker Bell to color. 

In case you were wondering, I did not misspell my name at the beginning of this post.  Since there are two of us “Tinker Bells” here, I spell my name as “Tinkerbell” while toddler Tink spells hers as “Tinker Bell”.  This keeps Mandy from getting us confused.    

Anyways, back to the book.  Time to see what she thinks of it!

I think she likes it!

Tinkerbell Photostory Graphic.

Aww…how sweet.

Here’s a link if you’d like to print out a Finding Dory coloring book for your own dolls: Finding Dory Coloring Book For Dolls (PDF)

Since it’s a “Giant” sized coloring book, it prints out a little bigger than usual doll sized coloring books. I hope you enjoyed our little photo story!

Fly with you later!


Later that afternoon:
Tsum Tsums: We're so tired.


  1. Thank you! Tink seemed to enjoy writing her own post and doing a little dolly DIY? Thanks for the link too…the dolloween party sounds like fun! I'm working on a couple of costumes now and plan to post them as soon as they're finished.

  2. If I had to sum up this post in one word it would be: Adorable!
    Signed, Treesa

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