A freak winter storm has taken Texas by surprise. For a solid week, snow and sleet have blasted the entire state, driving temperatures into the single digits.Read The Post

Surviving the Storm (a doll photostory).

Today was supposed to be a crafty topic (something fantastic, I assure you). However, an unfortunate incident at the end of May set us back a few days. Actually, more like a week. What happened? A storm, friends. A storm from the depths of hell.Read The Post

Tink's Day Out (feature image).

Hi guys–Tinkerbell here today!   Long-time followers of this blog probably remember the good ol‘ days when I wrote more often.  You know, posted stuff like a Tsum Tsum review or simple photostory. Read The Post

Featured Image

Hello, everyone!  Tinkerbell here today! This past week has been super hectic for Amanda and her sister.  They’ve been out of town every day, mostly going to appointments.  So, I will be writing this post for her.Read The Post