Tink’s Tales: The Storm

Today was supposed to be a crafty topic (something fantastic, I assure you). However, an unfortunate incident at the end of May set us back a few days. Actually, more like a week.

What happened? A storm, friends. A storm from the depths of hell.

Tink's Tales: Surviving the Storm (a doll photostory).

I was sitting on the couch in the big Farmhouse (yes, the Magnolia Farmhouse!), creating more printable crafts for our dollhouses. Amanda and I share a Photoshop account, so collaborating on projects is easy. My task that day was locating clip art for a doll book we are working on.

I’d just found the perfect image when the room darkened. Had it been later in the evening, I would’ve thought nothing of it, but it was only 6:30–way too early for the sun to set.

Since there’s a window across from our dolly neighborhood, I could see what was happening outside. The sky had filled with dark clouds.

The Storm (photostory graphic 1).

Fawn wasn’t the only one rushing out the door. Amanda and Sister also made a mad dash outside to rescue their horses. I, however, stayed right where I was: in the Farmhouse, comfy and dry. By the time the rain started, everyone was back inside. Fawn was lucky she didn’t get wet!

The rain fell hard and fast. Thunder rumbled in the distance.

@pixiedustdolls.com (photostory graphic 2)

Then something hard hit the window. SMACK!

@pixiedustdolls (photostory graphic 3).

A few seconds later: SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! It was hail–big hail.

@pixiedustdolls (photostory graphic 4).

I’ve read it’s safe to use a laptop during a storm (as long as it isn’t plugged in). Still, I put mine away. Better safe than sorry.

The sound of icy balls pelting the roof hurt my ears.

@pixiedustdolls (photostory graphic 5).

In the next room, the girls and their mother fretted about the car. Or was it the windows? Whatever it was, it didn’t interest me. My stuff is safe and sound in the dollhouse, which is safe and sound inside the peoples’ house (one of the many perks of being a doll–double the protection!).

At least, that’s what I thought…

@pixiedustdolls (photostory graphic 6).

@pixiedustdolls (photostory graphic 6).

At this point, the storm was fully upon us. Thunder, hail, and wind raged outside. Flashes of lightning lit up the house. I’m not sure what the humans were doing. I could hardly hear myself think much less eavesdrop on their whereabouts!

Chloe wiggled as I hugged her closer. She didn’t understand why we were hiding under a blanket–or in the bathtub. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to push images from Twister out of my head. I should’ve never watched that movie!

It was a good thirty to forty minutes before the hail stopped. The wind died down soon after. As the thunder faded into the distance, I climbed out of the tub.

A human voice called out from down the hall: “Guys, we have a problem.”

I peeked around the corner just in time to see Sister run into her room, a huge bundle of towels under her arm.

@pixiedustdolls (photostory image 8).

Apparently, the roof had leaked and water was seeping under the baseboards in several rooms. The family spent the rest of the evening cleaning floors with mops and a wet-vac.

Thankfully, all of my stuff was fine. Well, most of it…

Dismanted Treehouse.

Okay, okay–that was a cruel joke! No, my Treehouse didn’t get blown away. It’s been dismantled by a diabolic being, also known as my girl.

After seeing too many cute pics on Instagram, she’s decided to beautify the Treehouse with some wallpaper and stained floors. I appreciate the thought, but good grief, this lady works at a snail’s pace!

Alright, I’ll stop ranting now and get back to the story (because I’m sure you’re dying to hear what happened next).

The Next Morning:

It was pitch black by the time the storm ended, so we had to wait until morning before seeing the havoc it wrecked outside. Here’s a quick glimpse of what we found:

Thankfully, the barn roof didn’t collapse, and the animals inside were all okay. A little shaken from the storm, yes, but no one was hurt.

The pretty trees on our property, however, were not so fortunate. Every single one is now leaf-less. I’m gonna miss those leaves, especially since they shaded our room from the Texas heat. I wonder if they’ll grow back before summer ends? I’ll have to ask Rosetta about that.

Well, I suppose I better bid you all adieu and sign off for now. We should have some more craft posts coming up soon (like the book I mentioned😉). I’m also thinking about doing a massive blind bag opening. I have a lot of unopened blind bags!

What would you rather see? A craft or blind bag haul?


Side note: It was later confirmed that a small tornado did indeed touch down near our house. How long it traveled, I have no idea. But we are very thankful that none of us or our animals were injured.


  1. I am glad that everyone and all of the animals were alright. I think I would have been hiding in the bathtub also, or maybe the closet.

    I don’t know what a blind bag haul is so I vote for that.

    1. Author

      We’ve never encountered a tornado on the ground, so there was about ten seconds of mayhem before we (my mother, sister, and me) piled into the bathtub. My father was driving home when it hit, so he missed most of the action.

      Blind bag hauls are always fun! I’ve posted a few, but they’re probably buried in the archives. You should be able to find them, though, using the search box in the sidebar.

  2. We literally just had hail here about a half an hour ago, accompanied by a big storm. Fortunately, a tornado doesn’t seem to have come along with this storm. There will be some branches, and probably even trees, down in places, though. I’m glad that you all are alright. Post whatever you can; I’m sure Tink will be nagging you until you finish her treehouse.

    1. Author

      Yikes, that doesn’t sound like fun. It seems like a lot of people are having rough weather lately. I heard Tropical Storm Cristobal brought quite a bit of damage to Louisana, Mississippi, and even Florida. I’m glad y’all didn’t get any tornadoes. Usually, we don’t either which is why this storm was particularly scary.

      You can bet on Tink nagging for her Treehouse😆! Poor thing just wishes I would quit giving her homes then demolishing them. But I think she’s going to be elated when she sees the finished product (it’s gonna be a masterpiece😉).

  3. Wow i just love reading tinks stories so fun! and i have the same llittle blue couch in my dolhouce. we got a lot of rain yesterday very scary. but that was all,

    1. Author

      Tink will be thrilled to hear you love her stories–she sure loves telling them!

      Yes, that couch is one of my more recent acquisitions. It’s going in the Farmhouse, which will also get a makeover after I finish the Treehouse and possibly Rosetta’s Greenhouse.

  4. That must have been a very scary experience. It’s unfortunate that the tree fell onto your barn, but luckily anyone was hurt and the animals were safe. I’d rather see a craft post, but probably a blind bag opening will be a lot easier and quiquer.
    Take care.

    1. Author

      Yes, it was frightening for sure. As soon as it was safe, I took a flashlight outside and checked the animals. Other than being a little spooked, everyone rode out the storm just fine (even the baby chicks).

      I had a feeling a craft post would be high on the list😉. They’re the best! Who knows? Maybe I can whip out both!

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