Tinkerbell’s Tsum Tsum Review: Winter Belle And The Beast!

Exciting things are happening around here!  The start of the new year is always a busy time for us, but this year has been especially crazy.  Why is that?

Well, for starters, my mare is soon to have a foal!  This will be a first for both of us–she’s never had a foal and I’ve never had a mare with a foal.  The whole family is extremely excited! We’re all working to ensure her stall and pasture are in tip-top shape.  According to my calendar, she is due in about 5 weeks.

Another thing I’m prepping for is—CHICK SEASON?

Yes, chick season is right around the corner which means our local feed store will get a shipment of sweet, chirping baby chicks.  Usually, I must resist the urge to buy one…or two….or even six.  But not this time! Nope, this year I’m going to allow myself to get a few chicks and replenish our flock.  However, the hutch I raise them in is in desperate need of repair.  So, I need to fix and clean it before the chickies start showing up—which is usually sometime in March. Between foals, chicks, and (of course) the upcoming Beauty And The Beast movie, March is going to be quite an exciting month!

Since I’ve been a bit preoccupied with my farm pets, Tinkerbell has offered to write the next review post for me–she’s such a thoughtful fairy!  I hope you enjoy:

That’s right folks.  I, Tinkerbell, get to write a review!

Tinkerbell Doll With Speech Bubble

For the record, I’m highly honored by this privilege and intend to do the best review a fairy can do!

Doll Photo Story: Periwinkle Informs Tink That She Is Reviewing Tsum Tsums
Doll Photo Story: Tink Sets Up Backdrop And Camera To Review Tsum TsumsThanks to Peri, the backdrop is now in place and I am ready to start reviewing!   

Today we will be looking at the Winter Belle And Beast Tsum Tsum set.  Apparently, these tsum tsums are special.  They are part of a collection that’s only available to those signed up for Disney’s monthly Tsum Tsum Subscription Boxes.  Basically, you pay $25 a month and each month Disney Store sends you an exclusive set of tsum tsums.  However, you don’t have control over which tsum tsums you receive and this is why Mandy has never signed up.  So, in order to get these tsum tsums, she had to buy them off eBay.

Here is the front of the box and….
Winter Belle And Beast Tsum Tsum Subscription Box

Now, where was I…?  Oh yes!

Here you can see all sides of the Tsum Tsum subscription box:
Front, Back, And Sides Of Tsum Tsum BoxAt the front is a plastic window that you can peek in see the tsum tsums inside. On the right and left sides are a bunch of colorful polka dots and a logo saying Disney Tsum Tsum. On the back is a short description explaining what a tsum tsum actually is.  The description reads:

Originally from Japan, these Tsum Tsum stackable plush come in your favorite Disney characters. Collect them all to build a tower of cute, cuddly friends.

Opening The Winter Belle And Beast Tsum Tsum Subscription Box

The box is easy to open.  In fact, I set it aside for Mandy to use later on in one of her crafts—maybe she’ll use it to make something special for me!  Anyway, here is Belle and Beast almost out of their box.  They are not attached to the box and slide out easily.  

Plastic Ties Attaching Belle To The Beast

Now that they’re out though, I can see that Belle is attached to the Beast with two plastic tabs.  A collector might leave her like this, but I know Mandy and she is going to want Belle free and able to roam about!

Tinkerbell Doll Cutting Plastic Tabs On Tsum Tsums

Here are Belle and Beast free from all boxes and tabs:
Winter Belle And Beast Tsum TsumsAwww…they look kind of sweet.  But don’t worry! I’m not falling for any of their cute tricks! 

They come in their winter outfits; the ones they wear while singing “Something There”.Winter Belle Tsum Tsum

Belle is a mini tsum tsum.  Mini tsum tsums are about 3 1/2″ long and are Paradise Pink’s favorite size.  In fact, all of her tsum tsums are minis.  Belle skin is light peach, and her facial features (including her eyes) are embroidered on. She is wearing her pink dress and cape.  Actually, the cape is more maroon than pink.  Both Belle’s cap and the collar of her cape are trimmed with white fluff.

Winter Beast Tsum TsumThe Beast’s fur is mostly light tan, with copper-colored accents around his eyes and reaching up to the top of his head.  He has dark brown horns and ears.  His blue eyes are embroidered on, as are his little, white fangs. Even though he is bigger than Belle, the Beast is considered a “small” tsum tsum.  Small tsums tsums are only available in Tsum Tsum Subscription packages and are about 7.5″ long.

Winter Beast Tsum Tsum Side View

The Beast has a white top, black “pants”, and a royal blue cape.  As you can see, a tsum tsum’s “clothes” do not come off.  They are part of the tsum tsum.
Well, my friends, I guess that “tsums” up our Winter Belle and Beast tsum tsum review!Tinkerbell Doll Standing With Tsum Tsums

Doll Photo Story: Tsum Tsums Running In To Meet Winter Belle And Beast

Doll Photo Story: Tinkerbell Saying Good-bye

Yep, this review is definitely over. 

Be sure to check back soon because we’re is expecting a super exciting package in the mail.  It should’ve been here already, but I guess there was some kind of shipping delay?


  1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the review. And thanks for the congrats! We're all thrilled about the foal and I couldn't keep my excitement in any longer?

  2. wonderful review!:) I like when tink said whoa you can talk? , it was very funny..

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