Disney Film Collection Beauty And The Beast Dolls–Village Belle


Images Of The Beauty And The Beast Film Collection Dolls

Finally, a beautiful package containing the Beauty And The Beast Film Collection Dolls has made its way to our front door!These dolls are so detailed that it’s impossible to cover everything in just one post.  So, instead, we’re going to do a series of reviews!  A video review and three written reviews!!  Obviously, this is one of our written reviews?  But, at the bottom of this post will be a link to our video.

Alright, we’ve waited long enough…let’s finally have a look at these lovelies!

Village Belle from the Beauty And The Beast Film Collection Doll Series!

Disney Film Collection Doll: Village Belle
Village Belle comes in a set along with Gaston. She is articulated in the elbow, wrist, knee, ankle, and (of course) the head.

Belle comes wearing her peasant dress (the one she wears at the beginning of the film), however, the live action version of this dress has a bit more detail than the original movie.Review Of Disney Film Collection Doll Village Belle

Her dress consists of:

  • A denim blue vest (not denim fabric) that has a texture like burlap. The vest has a red and white lacing on the left side and a small bow at each shoulder. It is not attached to the shirt and can be taken off separately.
  • A white shirt. The shirt is mostly a soft, satiny material with a patch of red, country printed fabric at the front. It also has a small bit of lace running along the neckline.
  • Both the vest and shirt close in the back using a small strip of Velcro.

Belle's Peasant Dress From The Live Action MovieThe skirt has several layers.

  • First, there are two towels and an apron that lay on top of Belle’s skirts and tie around her waist.
  • Then there is Belle’s denim colored top skirt. When I first took her out of the box, the bottom hem on the right side of Belle’s skirt was pulled up and tacked with small stitches at the waistband.  This is because, in the live action movie, Belle tucks her skirts into her apron so she can walk around town without them getting in her way. However, I am not crazy about this look, so I snipped the stitches and let the skirt hang loose.
  • Beneath the denim colored top skirt, Belle wears a blue striped underskirt lined with a pretty, cherry print fabric.

Then we have Belle’s pantaloons:Belle's Peasant Outfit: Pants

The very last layer of Belle’s peasant outfit are these cute pantaloons!  They are white and printed with what looks to be a blue wheat sheaf pattern.

Like the shirt and vest, skirts and pants use Velcro closures in the back. The top skirt and underskirt are stitched together and come off as one piece.  But her pants and can be taken off (or left on) apart from the skirts. The Back Of Belle's Peasant Outfit
Now we have the shoes:Image Of Belle's Brown Shoes Aren’t they adorable! They look just like little paddock boots! Instead of black flats, Belle now wears brown boots.  The boots are nicely detailed and go well with her village attire.

When you take off her boots, you’ll find that Belle is also wearing a pair of socks:Village Belle's Tan Colored Doll Socks

The socks are sewn from tan-colored, knit fabric and slip over Belle’s feet. Call me strange, but I think these tiny doll socks are just too cute! I’m totally going to copy them and make some for my other dolls!

Village Belle’s hair is styled into a pretty braid and tied in the back with a light blue ribbon:Village Belle Doll HairstylePart of me thinks it looks like a fishtail braid, but I guess it could also be a french braid…my knowledge of braids is obviously lacking!  Her hair is very stiff at the ends (similar to Lady Tremaine’s) so, unless you wash it, I don’t think it will be easy to restyle.

Finally, we have a close up of Belle’s face:Disney Film Collection Village Belle Doll ReviewI’m sorry, but I don’t believe this doll is ugly.  Yes, I have seen the negative reviews.  However, if you remember back to 2015, collectors didn’t exactly roll out the red carpet for the Cinderella Film Collection dolls either.  But now many of them agree that Cinderella is one of Disney’s most beautiful dolls.

That is why I take the nasty things said about the Film Collection Beauty And The Beast dolls with a grain of salt.  And now that I have Belle, and can see her up close, I just don’t think she looks bad.  I actually like her freckles (probably because I have freckles) and don’t want to remove them.  I have seen where some have complained about her head being molded differently, or that she doesn’t have the perfect hairline….seriously though, who does?  Isn’t being the perfect doll what got Barbie into trouble?

I’m sure you didn’t come here just to read my philosophies though!  Let’s wrap up this review with a few more pictures of Village Belle!Image Of Village Belle Doll With Book

Image Of Gaston Doll Giving Belle Flowers

And my personal favorite:Live Action Dolls: Belle And Cinderella

We hope you enjoyed this look at Village Belle.  Next week’s post will feature Ballroom Belle and The Beast!