Let’s Make Miniature Bibles!

So, I am way behind with this year’s Easter post. Hey, at least I’m in the right month! Clearly, blogging on a set schedule isn’t for me, which is why I’m ignoring deadlines and posting holiday-themed crafts even if they’re a little late.

Now, without further ado, let’s get into today’s topic.

Last year we crocheted cute Easter baskets for our dolls. This year, though, we’re putting the focus back where it belongs: on Jesus Christ and his resurrection.

What are we making to celebrate this wonderful event?

Miniature Bibles!

Doll Craft: How to make miniature Bibles.

Tink Graphic 1.

I feel your pain, Tink. I can’t watch violent shows either without getting queasy.

Tink Graphic 2.

Ooo! That is a good idea (I may have to steal that from her).

Tink Graphic 3.

The Supplies:

Making miniature Bibles (supplies needed).

  1. Miniature Bibles and Pages Printable.
  2. One sheet of Cardstock paper.
  3. Glue.
  4. Scissors.
How To Make Miniature Bibles:

The Cover:

  • Print out our Miniature Bibles and Bible Pages on regular computer paper. Click the link in the list above or go to our Printables and Freebies page to find the printable.

One page has four Bible covers in different colors (green, red, navy, and black) along with the first and last pages of each Bible. The other has six strips of pages with the New Testament books.

These Bibles are just the New Testament. I wanted to include the Old Testament too but ran out of time. Creating printables is fun but tedious. However, I may still make a version with all 66 books. After all, a doll can’t have too many Bible’s, right?
  • There are four templates on the page with the Bible covers (one for each Bible). Cut around the templates and glue them to cardstock.

Glue Bible template to cardstock.

  • Next, cut out the Bible covers and their matching first and last pages. Set aside the pages–we’ll get back to them later.

Cut out Bible covers.

  • Using a pointy tool, gently score the lines on the Bible’s tabs and spine. This will give you straight, crisp edges that fold easily.

Score lines on miniature Bibles.

Fold scored lines.

  • Grab the templates, cut out all the rectangles, then glue them to the inside (white side) of the covers. Make sure to leave a little space between the pieces!
  • Fold over and glue down all the tabs.

Glue cardstock to Bible covers.

This is my favorite way to create miniature hardback books. The cardstock strengthens the book, making it less likely to rip. Also, since the cover is stiff, it’s easier for the doll to hold the book.

  • Set the cover aside to dry while you work on the pages.

The Pages:

  • Cut out the strips of pages from the Bible Pages printable.

Cut out Bible pages.

If you want to make all four Bibles, you will need to print four of the Bible Pages printable.
  • Score down the lines on each page, then fold the pages accordion-style.

Score and fold Bible pages.

Tink with folded pages.

Now we can start gluing the pages together.

  • Take the Bible’s front page (the one you set aside earlier) and attach the side with “The New Testament” printed on it to the front of the strip. Leave the colored section free–we will glue this to the inside of the cover.

Glue front page to first page strip.

  • Cover the strip with glue then fold the pages so that the backsides (white sides) are together. For example, the back of Matthew’s second page gets glued to Mark’s first page. This is one way to create book pages with writing on both sides.

Glue page backs together.

Remember: Leave the last page of each strip free! We need that to add the next set of pages.
  • Take the second strip of pages, and glue the first page of that strip to the last page of the one you just finished.

Glue second page strip to first page strip.

  • Continue gluing the backs of the pages together (leaving the end page loose for the next strip) until you reach the final set of pages.

Gluing miniature Bible pages.

  • Take the back page (with the map and colored section) and glue the map part to the back of the final page.

Glue on last page.

  • Clamp the pages down with a clothespin or paperclip and let dry.

Let Bible pages dry.


Dolls watching movie image.

Putting the miniature Bible together.

  • Once the pages are dry, smear a generous amount of glue down the back or “spine.”  (I’m using Tacky Glue).
  • Rub more glue over the inside of the Bible cover.

Rub glue on Bible cover and pages.

  • Now, firmly push the pages into the Bible cover’s spine.
  • Lay the colored sections on the inside front and back of the cover to finish gluing the pages in place. This gives the inside of the Bible a seamless look.

Press the pages into Bible cover.

  • Finally, clamp the Bible one last time and set it aside to dry.

Clamp Bible and let dry.

The Finished Product:

Tink holding miniature Bible.

Of course they are real verses, Tink! You didn’t think I’d give you a Bible full of gibberish, did you?

Every page has passages from The New Testament, and the map at the very back is a tiny map of Jerusalem during Jesus’s time.

Miniature Bible (inside).

Miniature Bibles for dolls.

Well, friends, Tink and I hope you all enjoyed this craft as well as seeing how our miniverse celebrated Easter.

Now it’s your turn!

Do you love printable doll crafts? I know I do! Let me know if you’d like to see more printable projects, such as books, tablets, computers, or anything else you can think of!


  1. Thank you for the tutorial and printables! I hope you had a nice Easter. I had Mr. BTEG and the Dancer at home, and a wonderful holiday meal, so much to be thankful for.

    1. Author

      We had a great Easter (thank you for asking😊). It sounds like you did too! I’m happy you enjoyed the post. Doing a faith-oriented craft was a lot of fun, and I’m thrilled that our dolls now have some tiny Bibles.

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOO ok maybe i got a little 2 excited when i saw the title. i get the whole hard to find the right time to blog. thats why all i have on my blog is one post so far. i mean i’v been busy trying to to repeat the grade i might post soon though i’m trying to make pompom dogs. (thats what i call them idk what the acaluly are) yea i’m prolby going to make these to be honest bc printables are my fav thing. like a week ago i printed out caption marvle comic that you made for one of my ever afters.
    well stay safe


    1. Author

      I love hearing you got excited about this post. I wasn’t sure how everyone would react, but it seems like miniature Bibles were a hit😁. I know they are in my miniverse! If everyone loves printables, I can definitely post more. I’m designing a lot of books right now, but I think I have an iPad printable that’s ready to go.

      1. that make me happy i love printables i just posted some on my blog and well alot of them turned out to be fairy theamed (thats what i get for watching tinkerbell whell makeing printables.)

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