Introducing Belle And The Prince—Platinum Edition:

In our last post, I hinted that something exciting was coming up and left this image as a clue:

Image of red rose with cream background.

Well, now it’s time for the full reveal!

After four months of waiting, Sister and I finally managed to snag this GORGEOUS doll set!  These dolls are currently Disney Store’s only version depicting Belle and The Prince after the curse is removed.

Live Action Belle And Prince Platinum Doll Set

The set was released on March 17th, the same day as the live action movie.  They had a global edition size of 500 (200 in the US and 300 in Europe) and originally retailed for $750.

Of course, with just 200 available in the US, the dolls sold out quickly.  Now the only way to get this gorgeous couple is through places like eBay, where they sell for double their original price.  So, you can imagine my shock when Sister found this set for only £500 GBP (about $700 USD)!
Disney Belle And Prince Platinum Doll Set

A Platinum Belle and Prince for less than $1,000! It seemed too good to be true! The auction still had a day left before ending.  We knew it was likely that more bids would come in, causing this set to sell for more than we could afford, but decided to go ahead and place a bid anyway.  It wasn’t a shock when we were outbid a few hours later.  We placed one last bid and waited.  Time ticked by…no notifications came saying we’d been outbid again.  Then my phone went off:


Message: “Congratulations! You’re the winner of this auction!”

We had won the auction for £560 GBP ($740 USD)! 

Image of Tink: Oh my pixie dust! We won!

At first, there was only shock.  Then the excitement kicked in as Sister and I realized that, after all this time of admiring their pictures online, we were going to have a Belle and Prince Platinum Set of our own!

Because they were coming from the UK, it took about two weeks for the dolls to arrive.  In the meantime, I read all sorts of horror stories about eBay’s Global Shipping Program and items being lost or damaged during shipping?  The package containing our precious cargo reached our doorstep safely though and without any damage?

So, without any further ado, we would like to introduce our

Live Action Belle And Prince Platinum Dolls:

A Review Of Disney's Beauty And The Beast Platinum Doll Set

Belle and The Prince came in this large box:

Box Front

Box Sides

Box Back

The box itself is pretty much a display case.  It is ornately decorated on all sides with a gold filigree pattern, red roses, and sketches of the castle staff.

On the back is a description:Description Of Platinum DollsIt reads:

The Disney Store is proud to present the worldwide limited edition Belle and Prince doll set.  With carefully crafted details, these intricately designed dolls capture the resplendent romance between Belle and the Prince after the curse is lifted.  Beginning with Belle’s celebration gown, flower printing combined with floral applique embellishes her bodice and skirt.  Sparkling gems reflect splendor and sophistication, while her hair piece along with floral print shoes adds fanciful finishing touches.  The Prince exudes grandeur in a damask pattern coat.  A chiffon cravat and studded metal buttons add elegance, while his metallic embroidered vest enchants.  The Belle and Prince doll set bring life to the celebrated romance between these two iconic characters.  Beautifully designed by Disney Store artists, this limited edition doll set is a must-have for collectors and fans alike.

The logo on the front is actually a magnetic flap which holds the box closed:

Box Logo
And when you open the flap you see:

Live Action Beauty And The Beast Platinum Doll Set

Belle and The Prince!

Belle and The Prince come with their hands clasped together in a dancing position.  The inside is decorated with red roses against a white background.

Also (full disclosure here), by the time I took these pictures Belle and The Prince had already been unboxed and admired several times.  So if they appear to be posed differently, or things look out-of-place (such as their certificates being in view), it’s because this isn’t their first adventure outside?Alright, let’s bring out the dolls!


Platinum Belle Doll With Rose Background

Belle is absolutely gorgeous!  Her face is perfect!  I don’t think anyone could say that this doll does not look as beautiful as Emma Watson.

Live Action Beauty And The Beast Belle Doll Review

Platinum Belle wears soft colored makeup with just a hint of blush on her cheeks.  Her freckles are lighter than the freckles on the Film Collection dolls.  Her lips are light pink.  She also has brown eyes, rooted eyelashes, and light brown eyebrows.Belle’s hair is styled into a braided bun and topped with a crown of white flowers:

Platinum Belle's Face And Hairstyle
She is wearing a white wedding dress or, as it is also called, her “celebration” gown:

Platinum Belle Celebration Dress

The dress is sewn from white silk and organza fabric and is covered with peachy pink flowers in the front and back.  There are also clusters of pink tulle flowers sewn to various sections of the bodice and skirt.Then, to make this the ultimate fairy tale vestment, the gown is bedazzled with little jewels:

Celebration Dress Skirt

Just look at all those glittering gems!

The skirt has three layers.  The top is this thoroughly adorned, white organza:

Bottom Of Celebration Dress
Beneath the organza is a simple, white, silk skirt:

White Underskirt
The third and final layer is a white, mesh petticoat:

White Petticoat Beneath Skirt
To complete the fairy tale look, Belle wears these lovely, rococo style shoes:

Belle's Celebration Shoes

A pair of fancy footwear indeed!

Belle is about 16-inches tall:

Disney 2017 Platinum Belle Doll

I forgot to take pictures demonstrating Belle’s pose-ability?  However, our YouTube review shows how very well articulated she is (there will be a link to the video at the end of this post).  She can move her head, shoulders, elbows, and wrists.  She can also move her legs, bend her knees, and rotate her ankles.

Just to give you an idea of how tall the limited edition dolls are, here is a picture of Platinum Belle standing next to Village Belle:

Platinum Belle And Film Collection Belle Dolls

The Prince:Beauty And The Beast Live Action Prince Doll Review


I’ve seen YouTube videos showing how detailed The Prince is, but it wasn’t until I saw him in person that I realized what an amazing job Disney’s designers did when creating this doll.

First of all, he has a handsome face that, in my opinion, looks exactly like Dan Stevens who portrays The Prince in the live action movie.

Disney Beauty And The Beast Platinum Prince Doll

The Prince has a natural looking skin tone with just a teensy bit of blush on his cheeks, bright blue eyes, and blonde/brown eyebrows.His hair blondish/brown:The Prince Side Profile And Hairstyle

This is the exact same hairstyle that he dons at the end of the movie.  It is styled into two large curls on both sides of his head, and a ponytail (tied with a light blue ribbon) in the back.

The Prince wears a light blue suit that consists of several pieces:

Beauty And The Beast Live Action Prince Doll Review

The first is this long, light blue, overcoat, which is embossed with a damask pattern and adorned with silver studs and embroidery.  The embroidery and studs run along the front edges of the coat and around the cuffs.  He also wears a white chiffon cravat (collar).

The Prince’s vest is powder blue with gray, faux leather edges.  It is also bedecked with silver embroidery and embellishments.

The Prince's Celebration Outfit

Finally, hidden beneath his overcoat and vest is a white, silk shirt.

Live Action Beauty And The Beast Prince Celebration Outfit

Each piece (the coat, vest, and shirt) is separate and can be taken off should one choose to do so.  However, as of right now I have no intention of doing such a thing!

The coat has a damask pattern that continues all the way around the back:  It is also pleated in the back.

Back Of Prince's Celebration Outfit

Both the overcoat and vest have a couple of embroidered, faux pockets:

Jacket Pockets
The Prince has blue rings painted onto his fingers:

Rings Painted On The Prince's Fingers
His silk trousers are light gray and stop just below his knees:

The Prince's Grey Trousers
Under his trousers are a pair of stretchy, white stockings:

The Prince's White Stockings

And these are not painted on.  They are the real deal!

To complete his regal raiment, The Prince dons a pair of fashionable, 18th century, heeled shoes:

The Prince's Celebration Shoes

His shoes are light gray, and each one has a blue bow with a silver buckle painted on the front.


The Prince stands about 18-inches tall:

Disney Live Action Beauty And The Beast Prince Doll Review

He has an incredible amount of articulation (again I forgot to get pictures of this, but it is all shown in the YouTube review).  The Prince can turn his head, move his arms at the shoulders, bend his elbows, and rotate his wrists.  He is also jointed at the hip, knees, and ankles.

Of course, I couldn’t help but snap a picture of Village Belle next to The Prince (she’s waited so long to meet him after all?).

Platinum Beauty And The Beast Prince Doll With Film Collection Belle
Both Belle and The Prince come with doll stands and Certificates Of Authenticity:

Certificates Of Authenticity And Doll Stands

There is not much more I can say other than the Belle and Prince Platinum Set is stunning.  Expensive?  Yes.  But, honestly, worth the cost.  It’s clear that a lot of work went into crafting these special dolls and we could not be more excited to add them to our collection.

However, we now have a new dilemma…in whose collection will these lovelies be displayed?  Mine or hers?

Live Action Beauty And The Beast Belle And Prince Doll Set
Disney Store Live Action Platinum Edition Belle With Pink Background
Platinum Edition Belle And Prince Dolls With Ballroom Background
Thank you for reading our grand review of Disney’s Live Action Belle And Prince Platinum Doll Set!  Feel free to share this post, follow us on social media, or subscribe to our blog feed.

Stay tuned because we’ve got more reviews and doll news coming soon!


  1. Thank you! We've been collecting Disney dolls for years, but this is our first Platinum Set. Yes, the artists did an amazing job on Belle and made her look gorgeous! The amount of detail on both dolls is incredible. They were worth every penny!

  2. Awesome Review!:) and the dolls are beautiful, and I love belle's hair.


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