Frozen 2 Dolls Are Here!

Get your wallets ready because Frozen 2 merch is officially here!

Today we're checking out the new Frozen 2 dolls at shopDisney and Walmart!

On October 4th, Disney launched a “Frozen Fan Fest” both in stores and online, and with this fan fest came a hoard of Frozen 2 dolls, plushies, and more.

The festivities weren’t limited to just Disney Stores either.  No sir, major retailers worldwide (like Walmart, Target, and Claire’s) also celebrated by filling their shelves with all kinds of Frozen 2 goodies, including products exclusive to each store.

Want an Elsa or Anna themed hoodie?  No problem!  Frozen 2 clothes are in stock for both kids and adults.  There’s also a plethora of mugs, jewelry, pins, and cookware.  Yep, even cookware.

But we’re not interested in clothes or kitchen utensils today.  We want to see the dolls.  So, let’s head straight for the online toy aisle and check out the new releases!

Frozen 2 Classic Dolls from shopDisney:

Anna and Elsa Doll Set:

Frozen 2 Anna and Elsa Classic Doll Set from the Disney Store.

Like the Frozen Fever and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure dolls, Disney’s Frozen 2 Classic Anna and Elsa come in a set.  It looks like both Anna and Elsa have new face molds.  I believe these are the outfits they wear at the beginning of the movie (aka their “prologue” dresses).

Here is what shopDisney’s has to say about these dolls:

  • Anna is wearing a glittering gold gown with a purple sash and short jacket.  Her accessories are a pair of earrings, a fascinator, and shoes.
  • Elsa has on a purple satin gown with glitter accents, and her accessories are a necklace, a belt, and shoes.
  • Both dolls have textured, styled, and braided hair.

This set is available now at shopDisney for $34.95 plus shipping.

Frozen 2 Classic Kristoff Doll:

Frozen 2 Classic Kristoff doll from shopDisney.

Here is Kristoff looking very autumn-y.  From what I can tell, it doesn’t look like he has changed at all (well, other than his outfit).  He appears to have the same face and expression as the Kristoff dolls released for Frozen, Frozen Fever, and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.

His shopDisney description says:

  • He is wearing a deluxe layered costume with faux suede accents, furry trim, and a printed sash.
  • He has molded Sherpa boots.
  • His hair is sculpted.
  • He is fully poseable (I’m assuming that means he has jointed elbows and click knees).

Kristoff retails for $14.95 plus shipping if bought alone.

Tip: You can usually get Disney Classic dolls for only $12 each if you buy two or more.
Frozen 2 Singing Dolls from shopDisney:

Along with their Classic dolls, Disney also made singing versions of Anna and Elsa.  These dolls look identical to the Classic ones, except they sing a verse or two from a song in the movie.

Frozen 2 Singing Elsa:

Disney's Frozen 2 Singing Elsa doll (sings Into The Unknown).

Singing Elsa is wearing a blue and purple ombre dress and a pair of boots.  I believe this is her “traveling” outfit.

According to shopDisney, she has:

  • A satin costume with glittering underskirt and shimmering organza cape (sounds sparkly?!).
  • A pair of molded boots.
  • Styled, braided hair.
  • She is fully poseable.
  • Sings Into The Unknown when you twirl her wrist.
Have you heard Into The Unknown?  You know you can, right?  Here is a special look from Disney featuring the new song:

Singing Elsa costs $19.95 plus shipping.

Frozen 2 Singing Anna:

Disney's Frozen 2 Singing Anna Doll (sings The Next Right Thing)..

Singing Anna also comes wearing her traveling outfit.  Her magical details are:

  • A satin robe and dress with metallic trim.
  • Molded boots.
  • Styled hair.
  • She is fully poseable.
  • Twirl her hand to hear her sing The Next Right Thing.

Singing Anna costs $19.95 plus shipping.

Frozen 2 Plush Toys from shopDisney:

Disney Frozen 2 Plush Toys.

No Frozen movie would be complete without our favorite reindeer and snowman, so you can look forward to plenty of new Sven and Olaf plushies.  There are also soft dolls of Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff in their Frozen 2 attire.

The most intriguing plush toys here, though, are the ones we’ve yet to meet: the Nokk and Salamander.

The Nokk is my favorite (but I’m sure you already guessed that?).

Disney Frozen 2 Plush Nokk.


Who is the Nokk?

The Nokk is a wild, watery stallion who lives in the Dark Sea.  In the trailers, we see him challenging Elsa and knocking her underwater as she tries to cross the sea.

Why?  Because his mission is to guard the secrets of the enchanted forest and Elsa could be a threat.  However, a recent clip shows Elsa creating an ice bridle and riding the mysterious beast across the water.  Does this mean they come to a truce?  I can’t wait to find out!

Since the Nokk is shown in every Frozen 2 trailer, I’m guessing he plays a significant role in Elsa’s journey.

Suffice to say, this mythical equine is high on my wishlist?.

Frozen 2 Limited Edition Dolls:
Frozen 2 Limited Edition dolls (
Image obtained via

Instagram has been buzzing with pictures of the soon-to-be-released Limited Edition Frozen 2 dolls.

This time Anna and Elsa are 16 inches tall (like most LE dolls).  They are wearing their travel dresses, but, of course, the dresses are much more ornate since they are Limited Edition.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m drooling over these pretties.  Don’t they look amazing?  Everyone agrees that Anna is drop-dead gorgeous.  Opinions are a little more divided on Elsa, but I think she is stunning.

Disney has not posted any official information; however, Instagrammers are saying the dolls will retail for $129.99 each, and the edition sizes are around 6,800 (Elsa) and 6,300 (Anna).

There is some discrepancy about the release date, but shopDisney’s UK website states the dolls will be available on November 26th.

In addition to these LE dolls, there are is also talk that we are getting a set of Frozen 2 dolls exclusive to Saks Fifth Avenue.

I don’t know anything about the Saks dolls other than they are rumored to be coming later this year and will depict Anna in her cream outfit and Elsa in her purple dress (and will, no doubt, be very expensive).

(10/15/2019 @ 5:30PM) — Update on the Saks Fifth Avenue Limited Edition Frozen 2 dolls:

Limited Edition Frozen 2 dolls at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Okay, so the Saks Frozen 2 dolls were viewable and could be pre-ordered earlier today.  Unfortunately, they are now listed as sold out and not showing with Saks’ other Frozen 2 products.  Thankfully, I managed to get screenshots of the dolls before they disappeared.

Screenshot of Saks Fifth Avenue Frozen 2 Dolls.

The website had the dolls listed for $395.00 each.  Both Anna and Elsa have an edition size of 1,000.

Having trouble finding Anna and Elsa on Saks’ website?  Try searching for them using their style codes:

  • Elsa: 0400010973676.
  • Anna: 0400010973678
Frozen 2 Dolls from Hasbro:

While I think that shopDisney’s dolls have the best-looking faces and outfits, there’s no denying that Hasbro’s line-up has a lot more variety.  And, in truth, their expressions aren’t half bad.

Here is a small sampling of Hasbro’s Frozen 2 dolls:

Frozen 2 Fashion Dolls from Hasbro.

Starting at the top left, we have:

  1. Elsa (Frozen 2 Elsa Fashion Doll With Long Blonde Hair and Blue Outfit).
  2. Anna (Frozen 2 Anna Fashion Doll With Long Red Hair and Outfit).
  3. Prologue Elsa (Frozen 2 Arendelle Fashions Elsa Fashion Doll With 2 Outfits).
  4. Prologue Anna (Frozen 2 Arendelle Fashions Anna Fashion Doll With 2 Outfits).
  5. Kristoff (Frozen 2 Kristoff Fashion Doll With Brown Outfit).
  6. Mattias (Frozen 2 Mattias Fashion Doll).
  7. Anna and Kristoff Set (Frozen 2 Anna and Kristoff Fashion Dolls 2-pack).

All of these dolls are available on Target’s website.  Their prices range between $14.99 (for a single doll) to $29.99 (for the two-pack).

Elsa and the Nokk Playset:

Frozen 2 Elsa and the Nokk playset from Hasbro.

Here we have Elsa and the oh-so-enchanting Nokk.  This time Elsa is barefoot and wearing a sheer, icy blue dress.  It also looks like her hair is pulled back in a ponytail instead of a braid.

Forgive me, but I can’t help pointing out that the Nokk here is way out of proportion.  He looks more like a little pony than a fierce steed.  Anyhow, I suppose we can always pretend he’s a yearling and not yet full-grown, right?

Right now, the Elsa and Nokk set costs about $29.99 at Target.

Sledding Adventures Playset:

Frozen 2 Sledding Adventures Playset from Hasbro.

The Frozen 2 Sledding Adventure set comes with three dolls (Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff), Olaf, Sven, and a wagon.  The wagon seats two dolls and attaches to Sven’s harness.

This playset is priced at $79.99, making it the most expensive set I’ve seen so far.

Anna and Elsa 2-pack:

Frozen 2 Anna and Elsa Doll Set from Hasbro.

Here is another two-pack with Anna and Elsa as they appear at the start of the movie before trekking into the unknown.

This set is a Target exclusive and retails for $29.99.

Arendelle Royal Family Set:

Frozen 2 Arendelle Royal Family Playsey (Target Exclusive).

Queen Iduna and King Agnar in doll form?  Count me in!  And if that wasn’t good enough, this set also comes with Anna and Elsa as toddlers.  I’m very partial to Disney Store dolls, but, in this case, I think Hasbro has the cutest versions of little Anna and Elsa.  In fact, I may have to pick up these dollies the next time I’m in town.

The Arendelle Royal Family Set is also a Target exclusive and is priced at $39.99.

Forest Exploration Playset:

Frozen 2 Forest Exploration Playset (Walmart Exclusive).

Here we have another large Frozen 2 playset, called the Forest Exploration set.  It includes Anna and Elsa plus two new characters: Honeymaren and Ryder.

Who are Honeymaren and Ryder?

Honeymaren and Ryder are Northuldra siblings who live in the Enchanted Forest.  Honeymaren is described as being bold, brave, and having a reverence for nature.  Ryder is said to love reindeer as much as Kristoff and yearns to explore the world outside the Enchanted Forest.

This doll set is a Walmart exclusive and costs around $40.

Anna, Elsa, and Olaf Deluxe Fashion Doll Set:

Frozen 2 Anna and Elsa Deluxe set (Amazon Exlusive).

The last Frozen 2 dolls we are looking at today are the deluxe Anna and Elsa dolls from Amazon.  The dolls come in a set along with Olaf.  According to the description on Amazon, Anna and Elsa have nine points of articulation.  It also looks like they have rooted eyelashes.

These dolls seem to be a step up from Hasbro’s other Frozen 2 dolls.  They remind me of the Disney Princess Style Series.

The set is an Amazon exclusive and has a price tag of $59.99.

Well, that’s it for today, folks.  Now it’s time for me to head out to the mailbox because I believe a special package just arrived.  Any guesses what’s inside??


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