Doll News–Live Action Beauty And The Beast Dolls At Toys R Us

Live Action Beauty And The Beast dolls are now available at Toys R Us!
The dolls released so far are made by Hasbro (no actual Disney Store dolls) and were all found at

Let’s take a look!

Disney Beauty And The Beast Grand Romance Playset:

Beauty And The Beast Grand Romance PlaysetThis set contains both Belle and the Beast and is described as a “deluxe duo”.

It comes with:

  • Belle doll

  • Beast figure

  • Belle’s dress, shoes, necklace, and hairpiece.

Belle and the Beast are dressed in their ballroom attire.  The box has a picture of their live-action counterparts dancing on the front.  The website description refers to the Beast as a “figure” and not a doll.  I’m not sure what this means?  Maybe he is made more like an action figure than a Barbie doll?  Regardless, both Belle and the Beast look amazing!

Disney Beauty And The Beast Enchanting Melodies Belle Doll:

Beauty And The Beast Enchanting Melodies Belle DollLike the previous doll, this Belle is wearing her beautiful, yellow ball gown.  However, she is called the Enchanting Melodies Belle because…SHE SINGS!  Yes, when you press her stomach Belle sings “Something There”—so now we know at least one of the songs that will be in the live-action movie?

The Enchanting Melodies Belle comes with:

  • Removable ball gown

  • Removable necklace

  • Pair of shoes

  • Instruction

  • Three A76 Batteries

Disney Beauty And The Beast Enchanting Ball Gown Belle:

Beauty And The Beast Ball Gown Belle By Hasbro

This doll is the Enchanting Ball Gown Belle.  While she is still wearing her iconic yellow dress, it is slightly different from the previous two dolls. Less glittery than Enchanting Melodies Belle, but a still more ornate than Grand Romance Playset Belle.

This doll comes with:

  • Golden Ball Gown

  • Hairpiece

  • Necklace

  • Pair of shoes

If you’re looking to get a Belle inspired by the new movie, and vocal qualities aren’t a big deal, then this doll is perfect!

Disney Beauty And The Beast Belle Village Dress Doll:

Hasbro Village Belle DollOooh!  We’ve got a different dress!  This Belle comes in the blue dress that she is seen wearing at the beginning of the original Beauty And The Beast movie.  Unlike the original Belle though, it appears as though Emma Watson’s Belle will don boots (instead of flats) as she strolls through the village.

Disney Beauty And The Beast Belle Blue Dress Doll With Horse:

Hasbro Toddler Belle Doll With HorseYay!  Another Belle in her village dress!  This is a 15″ toddler doll (not a Disney Animator doll), and, apparently, is articulated so she can “ride” Philippe.

The set comes with:

  • Belle doll

  • Dress and shoes

  • Horse figure (Philippe)

Okay, I promise to not be overly critical, but the scale between these two is totally off!  I mean seriously, I’m not even sure if poor Philippe would qualify as a pony….I’m thinking maybe a miniature horse if he’s lucky.  Also, is it just me or has he suddenly changed coat colors?  Wasn’t Philippe a roan Belgian?

Something like this:

Image Of Belgian Horse






Or even this:

Phillipe Tsum Tsum







Oh well.  Although I can get over Philippe’s sudden change of appearance (I realize he will be dapple gray in the movie as well), and while an articulated Belle sounds pretty cool, I’m still not sure I’ll be rushing out to buy this set.  That’s just my (very persnickety) opinion though.

Disney Beauty And The Beast Belle Red Dress/Cape Doll:

Hasbro Toddler Belle With Red DressFinally, we have this pretty doll.  Belle is bundled up in her red dress and cape.  She looks like the same doll featured in the set above, however, the description says she is 14″ instead of 15″.  Regardless of her size, she is totally adorable!

This doll comes with:

  • Red dress

  • Removable cape with hood

  • A pair of shoes

I have to say, I love the red dress!  I hope they release a 12″ Belle in this same outfit.

Out of all the dolls released so far, my favorite is the Village Dress Belle.  I just love the way she looks.  However, I’m committed to waiting for the Disney Store dolls to arrive before making any purchases.  I sure hope it’s soon!!