Cute Crocheted Easter Baskets For Barbie Dolls

Yikes!  I can’t believe it’s almost April!  That means Easter is right around the corner!

Tinkerbell talking: It's April 1st, to be exact.

Egads!  I totally forgot to make Easter crafts!

Tinkerbell talking: What if we made doll Easter baskets?

That’s a great idea, Tink!

Let's start crafting!

Easy tutorial for making some super sweet, crocheted Easter baskets for Barbie dolls!

Supplies needed:

  1. Crochet Thread (size 10).
  2. A small crocheted hook (5/1.90).
  3. Scissors.
  4. Scraps of fabric or ribbon to decorate your basket.

List of crochet terms used:

  • CH = chain stitch
  • SC = single crochet stitch
  • SL ST = slip stitch
  • DC = double crochet stitch
  • SC INC = single crochet increase (single crochet two stitches into the same stitch from the previous round).
  • DC CL = double crochet cluster stitch.
  • DC CL INC = double crochet cluster increase (DC CL twice into the same stitch from the previous round).
  • SK = skip a stitch

We will be crocheting in the round to make this basket, which means the first we need to do is create a center ring or “magic ring”.

Making the Magic Ring:

  1. Loop the yarn (or crochet thread) around your index finger twice.
  2. Insert the hook through the center of the loop (between your finger and the yarn).
  3. Yarn over and pull the yarn through the loop, then yarn over and pull through to make a chain stitch.
  4. Insert the hook back through the center of the ring, yarn over, and pull through (you should have two loops on your hook).
  5. Yarn over again and pull through to make a single crochet stitch.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have the required number of single crocheted stitches for your project.
  7. Close the center of the ring by pulling the tail of the yarn tight and slip stitching into the first stitch of the round.
The steps and instructions may seem complicated but, in reality, they are quite easy.
Crocheting is a lot of fun once you learn the basic stitches.

Crocheted Basket:

Start by making a magic ring with 7 single crochet stitches, then follow the instructions below to create your basket.

  • Round 1: CH 1.  SC 7.  Join with a slip stitch.  7 SC stitches.
  • Round 2: CH 1.  (SC INC 7) times.  SL ST to join.  14 SC stitches.
  • Round 3: CH 1.  (SC, SC INC) 7 times.  SL ST to join.  21 SC stitches.
  • Round 4: CH 1.  SC 1 (SC INC, SC 2) six times, then SC INC, SC 1.  SL ST to join.  28 SC stitches.
  • Round 5: CH 1.  (SC 3, SC INC) six times, then SC 4.  SL ST to join.  34 SC stitches.

Crocheted basket for Barbie doll.

*Note:  From now on skip a stitch each time you make a CH 1 stitch and work your DC CL into the next stitch.
  • Round 6: CH 3.  DC 2 into the first stitch.  (CH 1, DC CL) into the same stitch.  (CH 1, DC CL) three times followed by (DC CL INC).  Repeat that pattern three times.  (CH 1, DC CL) four times, then CH 1 and SL ST into the first stitch from the previous round to join.
  • Round 7: CH 3.  DC 2 into your first stitch.  (CH 1, DC CL, CH 1) twenty times.  SL ST into the first stitch from your previous round to join.
  • Round 8: Repeat round 7.
  • Round 9: CH 1.  (SC, CH 1, SK 1) to finish the edge of the basket.  SL ST to join.

Crocheted Easter baskets for dolls.

  • Cut the crochet thread and weave the end through the stitches to secure it.

Miniature crocheted basket.

We’ve made the bottom and sides of the basket but still need to give it a handle so our dolls can carry it.

Basket Handle:

  • CH 25.
  • Turn and SC 24 back down your chain.
  • Do not turn when you reach the end of the chain.  Instead, single crochet around the edge and continue crocheting up the opposite side with single crochet stitches.  SL ST to join.
  • Cut the thread and weave the end through your stitches.  You should have a narrow strip of single crochet stitches.
  • Sew the ends of the strip to the sides of the basket–one end on the right side and the other on the left side.

Miniature basket with crocheted handle.

You can also use ribbon, jute, or thin wire to create a handle.  I used a bit of gold jewelry wire and two white pom-poms to turn this green basket into the ultimate carryall for Tink to store her Easter-y things:

A tiny basket for Tinkerbell.

And this pink ribbon from my ribbon stash is perfect for the bright pink basket we created:

Pink crocheted doll basket with ribbon.

Now we can begin decorating and filling these baskets!  Let’s start by embellishing them with bits of fabric and lace.

Tinkerbell doll holding fabric and lace.

Glue a piece of fabric inside the basket to make a lining:

Brown crocheted doll basket with a fabric lining.

*Hint: Rub a small amount of fabric glue on the bottom and sides to stiffen the crochet thread and make the basket hold its shape.

Give your basket a fancy flair by attaching lace to the top edge:

Pink crocheted doll basket.

Finally, cut thin strips of colored paper and crumple them to create doll-sized Easter grass for your baskets.

Make miniature Easter grass using thin strips of paper.

Draw bunny shapes on brown craft foam then cut them out and paint them to make mini chocolate bunnies.

Make miniature chocolate bunnies out of craft foam.

Recycle advertisements to make miniature doll treats.

That’s right, Nina!  Cutting images from flyers is a great way to make small-scale goodies (and recycle your junk mail?)!

All you need to do is cut the pictures out and glue them to a cereal box and you’ve got realistic looking sweets for your dolls:

Doll Easter candy.

Not only does the cereal box add stability, it adds dimension so the pictures look like miniature versions of real products you’d find in the store.

Well, folks, that’s it!  That’s one way to crochet a simple basket (and fill it with snacks) for your Barbie or Ever After High dolls!

Tinkerbell doll with crocheted Easter basket.

I love how quickly and easily they came together.

Sweet, pink, crocheted basket for Barbie dolls!

Also, since crochet thread comes in a wide range of colors (including variegated), you can make the baskets to fit any occasion or theme.

Crochet picnic basket for dolls.

I hope you and your dolls have oodles of fun crocheting baskets and hunting for eggs this Easter!  Happy crafting!

Our doll's Easter egg hunt!

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  1. I hope you had a Happy Easter, Paradise Pink!:) The Easter baskets are so cute.

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