Crafts Under Construction

Where have all the craft posts gone?  Well, with the house under construction, my ability to craft is limited.

Craft Room Under Construction
Yep, it’s a little hard to sew when your work space looks like this!

Still, I can only go so long without doing a doll-related craft.  So today I thought I’d show you some of the things I’m slowly working on.

Craft Under Construction 1–The Ever After High Castle:

Yes, the Ever After High Castle still exists, but it’s being re-repainted.  I thought giving the castle a Rococo vibe (with creams, blues, and pinks) would look great, but I’m not so sure anymore.  After painting the peaks and spires baby pink, I snapped them on and stepped back to admire the almost finished castle.

However, instead of having the satisfaction of a good job well done, my reaction was, “Huh, something’s not right.”

The Ever After High Castle With Pink Accents.

I wanted richness but ended up with a clash of pastels.  Time to stop and reassess my design.  While my current plan wasn’t working, I was struggling to come up with a new one.

Then it hit me–Asgard!  Asgard has that rich, old-world style I’m trying to capture.

Image Of Asgard.

Gold is the primary color but there are other elements like cream stones, light marble, red tapestry, and the brilliant hues in the Bifrost.

The Colors Of Asgard.

So I’m back to work repainting the castle.  I’ve already changed the peaks and spires from pink to gold and re-papered the inside walls with a cracked-white scrapbook paper.

The Ever After High Castle With Gold Peaks.

I originally thought papering each room with a different pattern would add character, but the papers I chose were too busy–particularly the ones on the upper floors.  I toned things down by using a grungy white paper in three of the rooms (Raven’s, Ashlynn Ella’s, and the cafeteria) and a light gold in the last room (the library).

My next step is to cover the remaining pink elements with gold and fix the floors.

Repainting The Ever After High Castle.

The castle still has a ton of potential.  The first repaint was just too pastel.  I’m hoping that this new, light gold scheme will take it from so-so to over-the-top wow.

Craft Under Construction 2–A Marvel Legends House:

I need a good place to set up my Marvel figures for display and picture-taking, but I don’t want the typical action figure diorama with alleyways and garbage bins.  I want something different–something classier.  I want a Marvel-inspired “house” that is inexpensive, easy to store, and with rooms tailored to the characters who live there.  Clearly, this doesn’t exist outside of my imagination and is something I’ll have to build myself.

I watched a YouTube tutorial showing how to build a Barbie-sized house using a cardboard box and the result was gorgeous–it even has lights inside!

You can see the video I’m referring to here on YouTube: Modern DIY Dollhouse

I happened to have a large cardboard box on hand (something that doesn’t happen very often) and have already begun turning it into the perfect mansion for my Legends figures.

Image Of Cardboard Box.

Besides creating a garage for Tony’s Iron Man suits, I haven’t gotten very far.  I’m still working on the layout and deciding which rooms to include (kitchen? gym? balcony?).  I have a ton of ideas, though, and am really excited to see how this turns out.

Craft Under Construction 3–Another Custom Doll:

I think it’s time to give you a sneak peek at my latest custom doll project.

Barbie Fashionista Number 82

This is Barbie Fashionista number 82 (aka Chic in Chambray).  Isn’t she a beauty!  Her uniqueness caught my attention and inspired me to transform her into someone special.  I don’t want to outright give it away, but here are a few teaser pics.

Custom Doll Teaser Image.

Her outfit is almost complete (I’m aiming to finish it by next week).  After that, I just need to tweak her hair and lips, and she’ll be ready for the spotlight!  Don’t worry, there will be a post showing her makeover from start to finish?.

As you can see, doll crafts haven’t come to a complete halt.  They’re just a little slow.

Now it’s your turn!

I have the gift of gab.  I can talk about a variety of subjects.  Since starting this blog I’ve reviewed dolls and action figures, unboxed blind bags, talked about upcoming movies, and more.  Obviously, I can’t be confined to one topic; however, I want to make sure I’m veering too far off-topic during this crafting lull.

So, I set up a new poll.  This time I’d like to know which non-DIY posts you enjoy most.  Your votes will help me in many ways, like deciding which direction to go when I don’t have a toy to review or craft to create.

The votes are in! See the results below!
Update (3-9-2020): I have since switched poll plugins and, in doing so, deleted the graph showing the results. Therefore, I have written out the questions and results so you can still view them.

I am interested in the following topics:

  1. Doll and toy reviews: 2 votes.
  2. Craft tutorials for 18-inch dolls: 1 vote.
  3. Craft tutorials for 12″ dolls: 2 votes.
  4. Doll collecting tips: 1 vote.
  5. Doll customizing: 2 votes.
  6. Doll hair tutorials: 1 vote.
  7. Toy photography tips: 2 votes.


  1. I voted anonymously, because I was having difficulty logging in to vote under my account.

    I love Fun and Craft’s videos! Seems like your house needs at least a living room type area, where they can sit around and drink, and try to lift hammers and such. 😉

    1. Author

      I know! Fun and Craft has some awesome tutorials! I recently made one of her doll TVs (the one with fairy lights behind it) and it turned out perfect!

      The house definitely needs a living room for get-togethers. I’m also shooting for a kitchen, bathroom, and a couple of bedrooms. I’ll need to add another box to the top to get all that, but I think the extra rooms are worth it. They’ll be fun to decorate and make great backgrounds.

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