Craft Room Renovations And A New Disney Animator Doll

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted any craft projects lately, it’s because we’re in the midst of a major home renovation.  Over the last year or so, we’ve been slowly tearing down and remodeling each room in our house as time allowed.  Now we are ready to begin work in mine and sister’s bedrooms, aka our craft rooms?.

While I’m excited about redecorating my sad excuse for a workspace, this, unfortunately, means that several of the craft projects I had planned will have to wait until the reno is over?.

All is not lost though because I have some fun doll reviews planned for the next several posts! After that (depending on how long my room is out of commission) I may have to get creative and do something besides a review or craft project.  Any suggestions?  If a DIY tutorial wasn’t an option, what other topics might interest you?  You can let me know in the comment section or through the contact box on our Contact page.

Okay, so let’s get on with today’s review!  It’s no secret that Disney’s Animators’ Doll Collection has captured my heart.  What can I say?  Their adorable faces are too cute to resist!  And I guess I’m not the only one who can’t resist them because Sister recently informed me that she wanted a Disney Animators’ Doll Belle Doll for her upcoming birthday.

I wasn’t at all surprised by her request.  It was bound to happen.  No Beauty And The Beast collection would be complete without an Animators’ Belle.  Of course, (being the generous sibling that I am) I promptly placed the order, and Sister has kindly allowed me to borrow Belle for a couple of hours to do a review.

Disney Animator Belle Doll With Rose Background

So, everyone, meet

Belle from the 2017 Disney Animators’ Doll Collection:
Disney Animator Belle Doll Review

Little Belle is back in her blue and white village dress!  When the Animators’ Collection originally debuted, Belle came wearing her peasant dress.  However, after that first wave of dolls, Disney changed Belle’s dress to look more like her yellow ball gown:

Disney Animators Belle 2011 vs. 2013.

A lot of collectors loved her original outfit and weren’t too happy about this.  Besides the fact that they just didn’t like the dress, many said that the yellow version felt cheap and stained the doll’s body.

I tend to believe this is true since quick internet search provides plenty of pictures showing yellow stains where the dress touched the doll’s vinyl.  Plus, if you recall, both Elsa and Rapunzel had a good amount of staining from their clothing–there is a picture showing Elsa’s blue “birthmark” in this post: Disney Animator Doll Review–Elsa And Rapunzel.

Needless to say, people weren’t overly enthusiastic about the Animators’ Belle wearing the yellow dress and wanted Disney to switch back to her blue dress….so they did!

Disney Animator Belle Doll 2017

Everyone seems to agree that this Belle is as beautiful as the first edition.  From what I can tell, the dolls looks exactly the same, except that the first edition Belle had lace around her socks and this one doesn’t.

Staying true to the look of the Disney Animators’ Collection, Belle has an adorable face with big, expressive eyes.

Disney Animators Belle doll close view.

I just love how the creators have designed such distinct facial expressions for these dolls!  Belle looks both sweet and thoughtful.  Maybe even a little curious.  Her complexion is fair.  She does not have any freckles.  Her lips are pink, and she has brown, olive-colored eyes with painted eyelashes.

Cute Image Of Animator Belle

Did you know that each Animators’ doll has her own face mold?  Sure they share a similar style, but each character has a uniquely shaped face and skin tone.

Belle has rooted hair that is auburn brown.

Image showing Belle's hair.

It is soft, slightly curly (not as curly as Merida’s mind you), and comes tied in the back with a blue bow.

Disney Animators’ dolls stand around 16 inches tall:

Animator Belle Doll Looking Sweetly At Camera

They have five points of articulation (head, shoulders, and legs) and it is possible to get them to stand on their own if you balance them just right.

Although she is not fully articulated, Belle can hold a variety of poses.  She can move her shoulders up and down:

Disney Animator Doll Shoulder Articulation.

Tilt and turn her head:
Disney Animator Dolls can tilt their heads.
Disney Animators Dolls can turn their heads.
And rotate her legs to sit down:
Animator Belle Doll Sitting Down
Even though this isn’t the most “princessy” position, it does remind of how a young toddler might sit and play.

As I’ve already mentioned, Belle comes wearing her village outfit.

Disney Animator Belle's Village Dress.

The outfit consists of a dress with a pair of socks and shoes.

I’ll spare you from seeing any naked doll pictures, but (for those wondering about staining) am glad to report that Belle had ZERO stains!  Can you believe it?  None!  There was tissue wrapped around her torso, and I guess the tissue did its job because Belle’s vinyl is as clean as a whistle!

The dress is made to look like a blue pinafore over a white, long-sleeved shirt.

Front and back view of Belle's dress.

It is sewn from a poly satin material and is all one piece.  The dress closes in the back with a small strip of velcro. There is a white Peter Pan collar trimmed with white lace sewn to the neck edge.  White lace is also sewn around the bottom hem of the skirt.  Then the dress has a white ribbon and bow stitched to the waistline.

Alright, it’s time for a confession.  While taking pictures of Belle both in and out of the dress, I managed to rip the sleeve!

Ripped sleeve on dress.

It’s hard to see in the photo but, trust me, it’s there!

Ripped sleeve with arrow pointing to tear.

This is the first time I’ve had clothing from an Animators’ doll rip, so I’m not sure whether it was a fluke, a manifestation of cheap manufacturing, or simply a sign that I need to be more careful?.  Whatever the case, it needed to be fixed before Sister found out!

I quickly grabbed a needle and thread and stitched up the tear.

Fixing Belle's sleeve.

Apparently, it was Belle’s finger getting caught on the fraying seam allowance (where the sleeve meets the cuff) that caused it to rip.  Since it was left unfinished, I went ahead and sewed an overcast stitch around the seam allowance to neaten it up.  The image on the right shows a comparison of the sleeve after having the seam allowance finished versus the other sleeve where the edges are still raw.  You can see where the unfinished sleeve had started to fray.

Belle comes with a simple pair of shoes and socks that are very cute.

Disney Animator Belle's shoes and socks.

The shoes are black, Mary Jane style shoes.
Disney Animator Belle's shoes.
There are “rows of stitching” molded around the front edges and straps, and a small bow molded on the side of each shoe.
The socks are white and look like they’d be easy to replicate if one wanted to make their own doll socks.  Besides the hem at the top, there is only one line of stitching going from the top edge to the heel, then around the heel to the toe.
Disney Animator doll socks.

Belle’s last accessory is her “Chip” plushie.

Belle's Plush Chip.

Chip is sewn from a white, satin material.  His black eyes, tiny grin, and colorful accents are all embroidered on.  There is also plastic loop attached to his back so that Belle can hold him.

I’ve heard speculation that this year’s Animators’ Collection dolls are “chubbier” than previous versions.  This would be important information for those sewing clothes for their dolls so let’s test that theory and see if, in fact, the 2017 dolls are different.

Disney Animator Dolls: Belle And Tinker BellI will admit that from this angle Belle does look chubbier than Tink.  Her legs seem slightly thicker and it looks like her belly sticks out further.  But we won’t know for sure until we break out the measuring tape.

Here are the measurements of Belle’s arm, belly, and leg:

Disney Animator Belle measurements.

According to this, Belle’s arm is 6 cm around, her belly is about 20 cm, and her upper leg is close to 10.1 cm around.

Okay, now let’s check Tinker Bell.

Disney Animator Tinker Bell measurements.

Tinker Bell’s arm is 6 cm around and her belly is 20 cm around.  However, Tink’s upper leg measures right at 10 cm which is slightly smaller than Belle’s.  Is .1 cm enough to make a difference?  I seriously doubt it.  Patterns designed for earlier waves of Disney Animators’ dolls should fit the newest edition just fine.

Since I have her out though, let’s get a picture of little Tink and Belle together!

Disney Animator Dolls: Tinker Bell and Belle

Tinker Bell is super excited to have a new playmate!  Elsa plays with her a little, but she’s far too serious for my feisty fairy toddler!

Okay, let’s introduce Belle to the rest of the girls!

Disney Animator Dolls: Belle and Elsa

Here is Belle and her “cousin”, Elsa.  Elsa is like the big sister in our Animators’ Collection.  She tries to keep everyone in line and under control.  I swear she’s taller than the other dolls too.

Finally, Belle gets to meet her new sister, Rapunzel.

Disney Animator Dolls: Rapunzel And Belle

Rapunzel isn’t quite sure what to say (she’s kind of shy, you know).  I have a feeling though that she and Belle will have a lot in common.  We already know they both enjoy reading books!

And here is our little family all together:

Our Disney Animators' Doll Collection: Elsa, Tinker Bell, Rapunzel, And Belle
Our Disney Animators’ Doll Collection: Elsa, Tinker Bell, Rapunzel, And Belle
Aren’t they adorable!  I can’t wait until our remodel is over because then I can begin working on the My Girls Dollhouse!  Yes, nine months later and it is still sitting in its box waiting to be built.  That will come to an end though, and (when it does) we’re going to be designing rooms for these sweet girls.
Final thoughts on Belle from the Disney Animators’ Collection:
Animator Belle Doll With Map Background
  • Adorability:  There’s no doubt about it, Disney Animators’ Dolls are downright adorable!  The amount of personality given to each doll is beyond compare.  I love that these girls (and now a few boys) don’t stare off into space with a blank look.  Whether it’s Tinker Bell’s impish grin, Rapunzel’s cautious side glance, or Belle’s daydreamy expression, each doll has her own, charming, characteristics!
  • Outfit:  Had the dress not ripped, I would have given the outfit an A+.  The satin material has a nice feel, and the colors are vibrant.  However, the cuffs are tight, and Belle’s fingers can catch on the seam allowance causing it to rip when you slip her hands into the sleeves.  If all the 2017 Animators’ outfits are like this, I’m not convinced a three-year-old will be able to redress them over and over without tearing a seam at some point.
  • Price:  The dolls in the Disney Animators’ Collection are about $26.95 each (with shipping and handling it’s closer to $38).  However, Disney Store tends to run sales as the holidays get closer, and you can find them closer to $20 each.  For a doll with such unique features and details, I think that’s a fair price. 
  • Overall Impression:  I’m not a collector of toddler type dolls, except for Disney Animators’ Dolls.  Besides their Disney charm, they are good quality and have an endearing style that is fun to photograph.  The 2017 Animators’ Belle is perfect, and I am thrilled to see her in her village dress once again–even if the cuffs are little tight.
On that note, I will end this review with a few last pictures of our beautiful Belle!
Disney Animator Belle Doll With Pink Flower Background
 Disney Animator Belle Doll With Floral Background

I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of Belle wearing the live-action ball gown we made!

Disney Animator Belle Doll Wearing Yellow Ball Gown

Animator Belle Wearing Yellow Ball Gown With Ballroom BackgroundThis picture is my favorite!

Feel free to leave us a comment and share your thoughts about Disney Animator Belle!  Are you happy to see her back in her peasant outfit?


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