A Quick Update Plus A New Feature

Sorry, guys, but no craft post today.  Home renovations and farm chores zapped my energy levels, bringing my creative endeavors to a halt. 

I know—BOO!

As I’ve mentioned before, I have limited stamina. Not being able to finish a task because I dared to unload hay or lifted a box of tile at Home Depot is upsetting, and having to lie down after a trip to Walmart is embarrassing. But these things happen more frequently than I’ll ever admit.

Still, I don’t want to go another week without posting, so I decided this was a good time to introduce a new feature to Pixie Dust Dolls—one I’m pretty excited about:

The Doll Directory.

What Is The Doll Directory?

Blogs are my go-to reading sources on days when I can’t get out of bed (well, blogs and Pinterest😉), and, of course, blogs that involve dolls are my favorites.  Reading craft tutorials or cute stories is relaxing. It’s also a great way to spark ideas for future projects.

After randomly googling “doll blogs” the other day, I asked myself, “Why not create a page on Pixie Dust Dolls where friends can share their sites?”

Thus, The Doll Directory was born!

The Doll Directory: A place that makes finding doll and other toy related sites easy.

The page is somewhat blank right now, but my goal is to grow it into a catalog for doll and toy lovers to browse, find new content, and connect with other collectors.

So, if you’d like some free advertising for your doll blog, go check out The Doll Directory and see how to get your site added! Just click the link in our menu.

You know, just talking about dolls, blogging, and whatnot gave me a little adrenaline surge. Maybe I’ll head into the living room and fiddle with that second set of shelves I’m making for our doll grocery store?

Oh dear! She’s tempting me with Spider-Man! Okay, but tomorrow I’m working on those shelves no matter what.

Don’t say that phrase! I’m still trying to forget that movie even exists.

(However, while most of Endgame is a waste of film, Spider-Man: Far From Home is fantastic! I loved every minute of it.)


    1. Author

      Tink is about 5 inches tall, not counting her wings. If you include her wings, she’s closer to 6 1/2 to 7 inches tall.

  1. Having a mental illness, I can totally relate to the lack of energy thing. I have forced myself to temper my expectations, but I still don’t like it one bit!

    The Doll Directory is a good idea. It’s been a long time since someone has done one of those, so it was definitely needed.

    1. Author

      I know. It’s so frustrating when you want to do something (blog, craft, or whatever) but your body says no. I’m learning to slow down and work on things in “baby steps,” but it’s not easy.

      However, I suppose those down days were kind of a good thing because that’s when the notion of a Doll Directory started to come together. Speaking of which, I’m glad you like the idea. I once found a small list of doll blogs, but most of them were gone or very outdated. So, I thought it might be time to start a new list?.

    1. Author

      Thanks! Yes, the couch is pretty cute. It’s another plastic canvas craft.

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