8 Blogging Rules You Should Ignore.

Am I in some kind of a time warp? Has it really been a month since my last post? Well, that’s it. My blog is doomed—at least, that’s what conventional blogging wisdom would have you believe.Read The Post

Blog Updates: The Doll Directory.

Sorry, guys, but no craft post today.  Home renovations and farm chores zapped my energy levels, bringing my creative endeavors to a halt.  I know—BOO!Read The Post

Five tips for writing an about page for your doll blog.

Is it true that having a steller About Me page is critical for blogging success? Bloggers swear that, besides your home page, your About Me is the most visited area of your site.  In all honesty, though, my About Me page gets very few hits.  It’s definitely not the first thing you see when googling Pixie Dust Dolls.Read The Post

Thirty Instagram Hashtags For Toy Bloggers.

What is a hashtag besides a pound sign followed by a string of letters? Three years ago, I knew diddly squat about hashtags, but then I began blogging and opened an Instagram account to show off pics of my dolls and action figures.  Sadly, I knew nothing about the platform.  I’d post a picture, write a quick caption, add a generic hashtag (maybe two if I felt bold), and call it a day.  How embarrassing?!Read The Post

Eight Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog.

Launching this blog is one of the best decisions I’ve made.  Let’s face it: there’s not a lot of demand for professional doll reviewers or dressmakers.  Blogging, however, gives me the opportunity to pursue my 1:6 obsession and share what I learn with other doll lovers and crafters.Read The Post