Review Of Disney’s Film Collection Gaston Doll PLUS The Castle Friends Collection By Hasbro

It’s time for our final Beauty And The Beast doll review.  I’ve had so much fun photographing the dolls and writing the reviews that I’m kind of sad it’s over.  I suppose it’s time to get back to sewing and crafting though…I have several plastic canvas projects that need to be finished!

So, without any further ado, let’s see the last doll:

Gaston from the Beauty And The Beast Film Collection Doll Series!

Disney Film Collection Doll: GastonEveryone seems to agree that Gaston is the best-looking doll in the Beauty And The Beast Film Collection series and, I have to say, he is pretty handsome!

Gaston has sideways glancing eyes and a small mustache painted around his lips and chin.Beauty And The Beast Live Action Doll Review: GastonHis dark brown hair is molded into a ponytail.  He can turn his head from side to side and bend his elbows and wrists; however, he does not have articulated knees. His knee joints are the bend and snap kind that you find on the Disney Classic Prince dolls.

Disney Film Collection Gaston Doll: Front And Back ViewGaston’s clothing and accessories include:

  1. A red jacket

  2. A brown vest

  3. A white, collared shirt

  4. A pair of brown trousers

  5. Black boots

  6. A belt with a holster and small pistol

 Front And Back Of Gaston's Red Jacket Gaston’s  is bright red and has small gold beads adorning the neckline, cuffs, and pockets.  When I removed Gaston from the box, there was a small stitch holding the left and right sides of his jacket together. I ended up cutting this thread so I would be able to take the jacket off. The jacket is sewn from a suede-like material and lined on the inside with a satiny fabric.  It does not have any snaps or closures.

Under the red jacket, Gaston wears a tan suede vest:Gaston Doll With Jacket RemovedThe vest has a row of gold studs in the front plus a couple of faux pockets.  It is lined with dark brown satin and secures in the back with Velcro.
Image Of Front And Back Of Vest
Now that his jacket and vest are off, we can see Gaston’s white shirt:
Image Of Gaston Doll Wearing White Shirt The shirt feels like white cotton and has a ruffled collar (or “cravat”) in the front.  It also has ruffled cuffs at the end of each sleeve and Velcros closed in the back.

Image Of Brown Doll Pants Gaston wears brown pants that are made from the same soft, suede-like material as his vest, except that his pants are dark brown while his vest is tan.  Each pant leg has five small studs running down the outside and a large cuff at the bottom.

For shoes, Gaston wears tall, black riding boots:Front And Side View Of Gaston's BootsThe boots are made to look like leather and have gold spurs.  When he is wearing the boots Gaston can stand on his own without support.

Finally, we have Gaston’s accessories: his holster and pistol:
Image Of Gaston's AccessoriesThe holster is attached to a belt, which wraps around Gaston’s waist, and comes with a small pistol.  The pistol can be taken out of the holster and (like everything else in the collection) looks very realistic.

I’ve spent a lot of time admiring and testing out every element of Gaston’s clothing and am quite impressed with all of it.  A Review Of Beauty And The Beast Doll: GastonEverything feels very well made and looks like a miniature version of the real thing.  I love that each piece is its own and can be taken off separately. None of the pieces are permanently attached to each other or to Gaston.

Image Of Gaston Doll With Cartoon Village BackgroundUntil now, Kit and Flynn Ryder were the only male dolls Sister and I had, so we are really excited to add Gaston and the Beast to our collection!

And if Belle still isn’t interested in him, I think I know a couple of dolls who will be:Image Of Film Collection Dolls: Gaston, Anastasia, And Drisella
Here are our “Film Collection boys” altogether:Film Collection Dolls: Gaston, Kit, And The Beast
Well, I guess that’s it for our Beauty And The Beast reviews….or is it??

Castle Friends Figurine: Lumiere

Of course not! Our collection wouldn’t be complete without Lumiere, Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts!A Review Of Beauty And The Beast Castle Friends Figurines By HasbroThis is the Castle Friends Collection made by Hasbro.  While I’m not crazy about Hasbro’s Live Action Beauty And The Beast dolls, these figurines are incredible!  They look exactly like the characters in the upcoming movie!

Let’s take a closer look at each one!

Lumiere:Castle Friends Figurine: Lumiere

Although Lumiere is a candelabra, there are hints that he was once human.  You might notice that his brass resembles clothing and shoes–probably whatever he was wearing when the Enchantress cursed them.

Castle Friends Figurines: CogsworthPoor Cogsworth!  One minute he’s a respected majordomo and the next he’s a clock!  Cogsworth appears to be made of brass also and the only thing revealing his human identity is his face.

Mrs. Potts:
Castle Friends Figurine: Mrs. PottsMrs. Potts is quite elegant.  She looks like a piece from an expensive, china tea set!  Mrs. Potts is painted with turquoise and gold accents and her face can be seen clearly on the front.

Chip:Castle Friends Figurine: ChipChip (Mrs. Potts young, teacup son) is the same turquoise and gold color as his teapot mother.  He has a small nick at the top, hence the name “Chip”.

Castle Friends Figurine: Plumette Plumette is a feather duster.  We don’t know much about her except that when the Enchantress cursed the Beast and his staff, the maids were turned into feather dusters.  So I think it’s safe to assume that Plumette was once a maid.  I also believe (based on the original “Beauty And The Beast” and “Belle’s Magical World”) that Plumette will be Lumiere’s girlfriend.

Now we have an entire collection of live action Beauty And The Beast dolls (minus a Prince?) AND a set of castle staff figurines!

This calls for a photo shoot….LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION!

Image Of Film Collection Belle And Lumiere Figurine
Belle searching for her father in The Beast’s castle.
Film Collection Belle Doll And Hasbro Figurines
Meeting Cogsworth And Lumiere
Belle Doll Holding Chip Figurine
“Wanna see me do a trick?”–Chip
Lumiere Figurine With Table Background
Be our guest!

Doll Photo Story With Belle And Cinderella

We hope you enjoyed reading our take on the Beauty And The Beast Film Collection Dolls.  We love hearing from our readers so please feel free to leave a comment and share this post!